Friday, February 4, 2011

This And That. (Alternate Title: My Importune Pal)

Sugar Shaker

This is a sugar shaker that resides in our home.


It was purchased in antique shop in England over fifty years ago.

(And no, I am not the one who purchased said shaker. Since I am only forty-eight.)

Actually, Steve’s parents bought it when they lived in England and have had it around their house all these years. During our visit to their home for Christmas, Vernie brought it out and asked if we would like to have it.

It’s quaint. It’s a conversation piece. Steve uses it every afternoon to add sugar to his “spot of tea.” And it matches the colors of our house.

What’s not to love?


Still practicing with the new camera and taking pictures of everything in sight. Such fun.



It’s especially fun when a certain little guy appears in the photo. A cute little guy. An endearing little guy.



Well, Snowy is endearing except for one thing. One little ol’ thing that I mentioned in an earlier post.

Sir Snowy has now become convinced that 4:30 am is the Happiest Time! of the Day. He also believes that 4:30 is the Perfect Time! of the Day for Mom to sit in her chair with him and do her Bible reading and blog writing.

So here’s the early morning scene at the Smith House.

I am sleeping. Soundly. At 4:30.

Suddenly, in the midst of my deliciously drowsy dreams, I hear a polite little, “scratch, scratch, scratch” on the bedroom door. I groan and mutter muttery things under my breath.

Thirty seconds pass.

“Scratch, scratch, scratch.”

Then a polite and helpful pause.

I can just picture Snowy putting his paw back down, post scratch, and then sitting sedately back on his haunches and waiting with great delight for what he knows will eventually happen should he just continue to practice his own patented brand of canine importunity. (Importunity is a word from the Bible that means “not giving up.” And since Snowy is a Pastor’s Dog, he tends to think in those terms. I think.)

Finally, when I realize that he’s really. not. going. to go away, I fling back the covers, stomp across the bedroom floor, and throw open the bedroom door with less than loving thoughts percolating in my heart.

And then I see this face.


Snowy catching a glimpse of me in all my early morning, disheveled crabbiness does nothing to dissuade him from the glory that is his life. As soon as he spots me, he goes into a veritable paroxysm of delight, flinging himself around the hallway, wagging his tail frantically, and panting and smiling with a tumultuous display of the happiest kind of joy.

And I know just what he’s thinking. “Mom decided to get up and spend time with me! I am so happy! I am so excited! Life is so grand!”

Yeah. It’s grand all right. If 4:30 a.m. can possibly be referred to as a grand hour.

And so Snowy and I have become early morning buds. I let him outside, feed him, and then the two of us just hang out in the peaceful, pre-dawn hours. (Although I do realize I could go back to bed after taking care of him, I figure 4:30 is right next door to 5:00 and 5:00 is actually a fairly reasonable getting up hour. And so I usually just stay up.)

And just because he really is pretty cute, I’ll close with a few more pictures of my importune pal.


_DSC0009 _DSC0010 _DSC0073

9 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

jenny said...

Hey Becky,
Just remember at 4:30 every morning how you would have LONGED to be awakened so early by your sweet Snowy had he died in December like the vets thought he would! What a beautiful silver lining in that particular cloud! God bless.

Miss Judy said...

A-w-w-w-w-w-w-w, he's just s-o-o-o-o-o adorable!! Really he is!! But 4:30 am??? AC-K-K-K-K!!! I'd give my hubby a little poke, me thinks! Actually, that's really what I do when our little Yorkie, Rowf (that's what he told me his name was when I asked him!), comes patting at my face. He sleeps with us, and my hubby likes to get up early. Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

What an honor it is for you to be the one Snowy chooses to spend one on one time with. Nothing beats Doggy Love!!! (no matter what time it is)

Ft Walton Beach FL

Nancybratt said...

As older as Toby gets(he's 9 months now), he has figured out that playing with my hair, nipping my ears, and licking my eyes at 6am. is the sharp thing to do. He just wants to get out of bed. And he will do this UNTIL I get up. After I get up he pounces around and then will have nothing to do with me. UNLESS I go back to bed. Then there is this scratching at the door. If I ignore, comes a louder scratch, and with that a bark. I let him back in hoping he will have emptied is bladder and will go back to sleep. Nope, he wants me up. So I feel for your Snowy situation. You are not alone. We have to love them tho, because they always look at us with such trust and adoration. Snowy loves you!!!!
God bless

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