Monday, February 21, 2011

An Even Dozen

Picture #1

Does this look child look sick to you?


She was actually several shades paler than this when she first got up this morning. (Her temp was 94.6 when she woke up which was pretty strange.) I took this picture after she’d had a few bites of an orange to get her blood sugar up.

She felt a little better after she’d eaten some oatmeal and since she’d been fever-free since Thursday night, she decided to try and go to school It only took about an hour for her to call home and ask to be picked back up. Yesterday morning, she also tried to go to church and only lasted a short while. We’re headed to the doctor in a few minutes to see what he has to say about our ailing Princess Groovy Chick.

Picture #2

A shot that Steve took on his (wife-less) marriage retreat last weekend. IMG_3072

Although I am sad that I missed the retreat itself, I am especially sorry to have missed out on all the photo ops. Steve said that porpoises swam and played just off the shoreline, a full moon rose over the ocean, the setting sun painted some beautiful pictures and several wild mustangs which roam in the area (and are usually a bit hard to spot) came right up to the house, then ran over the dunes and into the ocean.

My little photographer’s heart broke right in two when I heard about all that! (In the next day or two, I’ll post a few other pictures that he and another person took.)

The house our group stayed in was right in the same area where John Travolta and Dave Matthews have houses; also, an episode of Jon and Kate Plus Eight was filmed right there. So that’s pretty cool!

Pictures 3, 4 and 5

Changing gears a little, here are a few pictures that give some hints about a recipe I’ll be posting soon. It involves:

  • apples
  • a messy drawer
  • a stolen knife

    You won’t want to miss it.

_DSC0011 _DSC0019


Picture 6

I did manage to rise from my sick bed on Saturday night long enough to host our marriage retreat speakers for a meal. I just love me some entertaining!


Pictures 7 and 8

The bathroom project continues. We had to get all the junk cleared out of the way so that the guy could get in there today and start ripping out the (old, nasty) linoleum and start laying tile. (We found a Home Depot that was going out of business and were able to get all the tile for a wonderful discount. Hooray!)



Pictures 9, 10, and 11

A few views of what a Carolina blue sky looks like when seen through a basketball hoop . . .



. . . and through some trees.


Picture 12

Sarah, back when she was feeling a lot better than she is now. (Holding a certain Mr.You Know Who.)


And there you have it. An even dozen!

16 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Sarah said...

I really hope Sarah feels better soon! I can't wait to see this apple recipe.

Shannon said...

Ah, hope Sarah gets to feeling better soon!! No fun being sick.

TiffanyH said...

I hope that Sarah starts feeling better very soon! Hope the doc has something to help speed it along as well!! There have been some really nasty viruses going around here in Burlington too... :(

LizW said...

Hope you all are feeling better, but I would caution you to check as to whether either of you has the flu. Up in here in MN land, we have a lot of flu, and the medical people are asking us not to send kids to school if they are at all sick, and that adults not go to work if they are feeling crummy. Since today was a holiday or a snow day here, a lot of sick folks are able to be at home. Sharing the germs is just not a good idea!

MaryH said...

Hoping Sarah is feeling better or there is some good medicine that the doctor can give her to perk her up and put that rosy look to her cheeks again - feeling very badly for her - keep us posted, please. The area of the retreat looks wonderful - I am sorry you missed it because we missed out on some wonderful photos - enjoy the sea for me.

Catherine said...

She certainly does not look her usually sunny, perky self. I hope she is feeling better.

The Pennington Point said...

Poor, poor princess.

Can't wait to see the recipe, the paint, more pictures. Hooray!


Lisa from Georgia said...

So, if you put 13 pictures, would that be a photographers dozen??

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