Friday, February 25, 2011

Hugged In Absentia

As most of you probably remember, last week Steve went to a marriage retreat that our church organized; although my camera and I (sadly) did not make the trip due to sickness, someone else passed their shots on to me.

Since this is sort of an unusual destination (only four-wheel drive vehicles are allowed) I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the photos.

In case you’re wondering why a four-wheel drive is necessary? This gives you some idea.


Here is one of the “streets.”


This is actually one of the more organized areas; last year we did a tour and saw some places where dirt and sand roads just jutted out everywhere in a meandering maze of messiness. How in the world does Pizza Hut ever figure out where to deliver pizza?

This picture was taken further north of the house; the fence is the border between North Carolina and Virginia so you can stand on the beach with your feet in two states.


The view of the beach from the 23-bedroom house the gang stayed in.


One of the many rooms inside the house.


Of course, one has to have home theater in one’s house! Maybe our next home improvement project will be to build one of these babies in the Smith Mansion. (ha)


A certain fella (who I’m sorta attached to) is rejoicing that he’s not making the payments on said house.


I especially loved seeing all the huge decks/porches for the purpose of sittin’ and chattin’.


It’s lovely at night, too.


A couple times during the retreat, the speaker asked participants to put an arm around his or her spouse. Here is Steve, pretending I’m sitting there.


And another hugging occasion. Nice to be hugged in absentia when my hubby has to be away.


On the way home, they ran into really bad rush hour traffic. There were three vehicles! Gasp.


I hope you enjoyed the little tour. When you have a spare day or two (or three), you should come to the Outer Banks and do your own four-wheel drive exploring. It’s quite the adventure.

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CJ said...

That looks like a really nice place to visit! Looks so warm too! That first picture almost looked like snow :) But sand is a much better alternative...sounds like a very cool place!!

MaryH said...

I would just love to stay in that area - impossible to happen but that would be a little piece of Heaven to me to be that isolated with the beach and the sea all around me - sigh......thank you for sharing, the photos were wonderful.

Miss Judy said...

I used to live in Ipswich, MA and the photos remind me of Crane Beach in Ipswich...quite nostalgic. In the first picture of Steve "hugging" you, does he realize that there's a caterpillar on his lower lip??? Didn't that tickle? It's a good thing they don't they?? I hope you and Sarah are all better now. Tell nurse Snowy he does a wonderful job of nursing! I just love that pup!!
Hugs and Blessings,

Anonymous said...

WOW what a beautiful place . . . .I, too, love all the decks/porches; but the picture I found most interesting was the one with the fence where you could stand between the 2 states on the beach. I was raised in Menominee, MI which is right next door to Marinete, WI. I never gave it much thought until I got older and moved away and would explain it to people - that I lived in MI but worked in WI....but that my work was only 10 minutes away....the two towns pretty much acted as one with just a bridge over the Menominee River seperating the two. So anyway, I just always think its neat to see other states and how they are connected other than via a freeway or what have you!