Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi. Becky Here.

I just wanted to publicly thank my marvelous dog, Snowy, for so capably updating the blog earlier today. What would I ever do without such a wondrous assistant?

I also wanted to check in with you myself and let you know that the very frantic, extra stressful pace of the last week is over and today I am actually able to breathe in. Not to mention out.

Unfortunately, stress has a way of making my lower back extremely unhappy and I'm obviously one of those people who carries stress in her back. Consequently, I've spent the past 24-hours on pain killers and muscle relaxers which have sort of thrown me for a loop.

However, I'm coming off all that stuff today so that I can head out to the podiatrist this afternoon to have my (painful) ingrown toe nails cut out. Can you sense my immense excitement?

I've had nails cut out four or five times in my life and each time the doctor has solemnly promised, "This should take care of your problem."

Alas. It is not true. The problem continues to recurr with discouraging regularity.

And may I just say that I have chosen such a great time to have this done? Toe nails mauled right at the beginning of springtime sandal season? Sigh.

Well, that's all I have to say at the moment except to answer a question that has come up a couple times since I started posting the Official Engagement Pictures which is, "Did you take those pictures?"

And the answer is, "No. I will never be that good!"

Those pictures were taken in Florida by a professional photographer, Kristen Czuchra; she will also be shooting Nathan and Meagan's wedding.

Okay. Now I'm off to my happy podiatrist appointment.

(And just a quick giggle for you--when I was a young adult and not real "up" on the proper pronunciation of things, I used to pronounce that word, "poddy-a-trist.)

Don't try that at home. (Or anywhere else, for that matter.)

P.S. Also, a question just came in about Snowy's earlier post, "What is the yellow thing on the floor with Snowy?"

That is Snowy's favorite "toy." It has a squeaker in it which he loves to "squeak;" he also loves to put one end of it in his mouth and have one of us grab the other end so that we can engage in a major game of tug of war.

It's a dog thing.

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Anonymous said...

I know those ingrown toenails can be quite serious. We had a teacher at my old school who ended up in the hospital with a bad infection. Ever since then, I try to get a pedicure to keep those nails in check. I'm guessing that that would not be the answer for you to avoid the doctor's gouging.

mrs pam

Linda R said...

Ewwwwww, I don't like anyone fiddling with my feet! I'd be in deep doggie-doo if I had an ingrown nail and had to see the doctor!

Becky, Snowy is such a pretty little pup! Very photogenic!!

We ate the last of our Ramen Noodle Slaw tonight with Hamburger Helper Crunchy Taco. Really tasty!!

My back gets all knotted up when I'm stressed, too. Hope you get some relief soon!!