Monday, May 2, 2011

The Chaotic Conniptions This Conundrum Is Creating.

Sarah and I had a terrible thought yesterday. Our terrible thought was this: For four years we have all been calling the College Dude, the, um, College Dude.

But on Friday, he is graduating and at that point he can no longer legally be referred to as the College Dude. So. What to do? What to do? What to do about the College Dude?

Do we call him the Grad Dude? The Almost Married Dude? The In Between His Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Dude? His Mama’s Little Boy Dude?

Ah, the chaotic conniptions this conundrum is creating.

In the meantime, since he is still a real and genuine College Dude, I have been busy sending out College Dude Graduation announcements on his behalf.

IMG_3889 IMG_3883

While all the while pondering the pending conundrum.

10 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Just call him "The Awesome Dude" and be done with it. That will cover grad school, marriage, fatherhood, and beyond...

bearie1 said...

You could call him Nathan.

Jan said...

I kind of agree with bearie1. Think about it...usually Steve is "Steve." To call Nathan "Nathan" would be to recognize his adult status.

On the other hand, as the mother of adult sons I know that sometimes we don't WANT to acknowledge that our chicks are flown!

I have faith that you and Sarah will come up with the perfect choice.

Jan Reuther

Guerrina said...

I think he's finally become "Nathan"! College grad, half of Meganate, awesome brother, incredible son! (But I'm sure you two will come up with something!)

Anonymous said...

Well, for a couple of months he could be the
Groom Dude....

mrs pam

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