Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hello from Savannah, GA! We're in a small but lovely Sleep Inn that we got for $39 a night. How great of a bargain is that?

My darling (slave driving) husband made us drive till 8:30 last night since his darling (non slave driving) wife had a minor, multi-factoral melt down yesterday morning and caused the whole family to be a little later in leaving than we had planned.

Since we're pulling a small U-Haul (containing lots of household goodies that we are donating to the College Dude and the soon-to-be- wife of the College Dude) we can't make quite as good time as usual; however, we should be pulling into the Hawley house by mid afternoon today.

A big graduation party is slated for tonight where it appears that Nathan is going to require me (as part of the live entertainment), to take on all of his college friends in table tennis. (Nathan and I have a long standing rivalry in table tennis and we usually try to play whenever we get within, say, a thousand miles of each other.)

So that's it for now. I'll work on a longer post today in the car with pictures and everything but for now, I need to shower so that we can pack up the van and hit the road.

Savannah to Winter Haven . . . here we come!

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