Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Tear For the Road

(Note: I started this post a few days ago but just got it finished up today while we were traveling here to Florida. That’s why it might seem like we’re backtracking in the Smith timeline a little.)

Snowy would like to start today’s post by giving you an update on a recent event in his life—namely, The Annual Super Exciting (And Also Fabulous) Canine Summer Hair Cutting Event.

Before . . .


. . . and after.


I think he looks just a tad puzzled in this picture like, “Hey! Where did my fur go?” But believe me when I say that he is so much happier (and cooler) in his new and nearly nekkid permutation.

While Snowy was lounging at the Canine Salon and Spa, his big sister put in a few hours of forced hard labor before our big trip.

prep for FL trip

Of course, her dad had a few jobs of his own since a U-Haul had to be rented which meant installing a hitch and wiring brake and signal lights. He also did some sort of mysterious work on our tires. He is quite the mechanic.



Snowy’s very own personal job was to secure the perimeter and carry out stealthy, highly secret reconnaissance missions. Whatever would we do without him?


So. Just what sort of items—slated for the eventual use of the future Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Smith—was Snowy actually guarding?

1. One lawnmower (nonworking but fixable) which had been left at our home by the previous residents.

2. One grill which used to be ours; however, since we are now using a grill that was (also) left behind when the people before us moved out, we are giving our old grill to Nathan and Meagan.

3. One beige leather recliner that has been in the family for thirteen years. We had originally bought two matching recliners to put in the RV that we used to live in; when we sold the RV, we took the two recliners with us and they have been in all three houses we’ve lived in since then.


In fact, the twin to the recliner we’re giving Nathan is currently in his (old) room at home and it’s where I sit every time I write a blog.

Here are me, my computer, my feet, and my dog—in our faithful old recliner.


We’re also giving Nathan his old mattress and box spring which he absolutely loves. (I must admit that it is a very comfy set.) For several hours during the loading process, we placed the box spring in a temporary (but fairly fetching) fashion out front--mainly in an attempt to make all the neighbors jealous of our fab front porch decor.


We also loaded in some bedding, linens, his skis and ski clothes along with some other Nathallaneous stuff.

I must admit that I got a bit teary-eyed a few times during the whole process because it was all so final. So very, very final.

This table--which has heard all the stories and laughter of a thousand family meals--is never going to be quite the same.


He’s not going to summer camp. He’s not going off to college. He’s not visiting friends in another city.

He is leaving our house. For good. Mattress and all.

As we packed, I started feeling all melancholy because of what we were saying good bye to. And then I started feeling all joyful because of what we will be saying hello to—namely, a wonderful daughter-in-law.

So with all those emotions chasing each other around in my heart? I’m sure you can understand that as we pulled away from our house, the Smith mama sitting in the front seat had one tear for the road.


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Anonymous said...

I loved your creation of the word, "Nathallaneous"--so perfectly descriptive!

Thinking of you all during these very special days.

You go clean the clocks of all those macho college guys and let them know The Table Tennis Queen has ARRIVED!

Love deb

LizW said...

Such a big milestone in your lives! The finality of a child moving into their "new" life always is bittersweet. We have done it three times now. Think of what you have given Nathan, and you will know that his future is bright. He is a blessed son. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Huge congrats to Nathan!! Graduating from college is a major accomplishment and you have the right to be extremely proud! I have my third and fourth children (out of 5)
graduating this year so I share your joy! Wish this generation was not not rushing into marriage at such a young age before they have had the chance to learn and live on thier own...but best wishes to the happy couple!! Best wishes for a long, healthy, happy life!!

leeanne said...

Prayers for safe travels for you all and my most sincere congratulations to Nathan on graduating from college! What an accomplishment!! Have a marvelous time in Florida and show 'em who's boss at Table Tennis! Oh, and a very special and happy Mother's Day to you Becky!

Anonymous said...

lookin' good, Snowy!

if I ever move, I want a recliner and a dog!
I figure I would be perfectly happy relaxing most
of the day with a precious pooch! (I'd leave my lawn mower and grill at my old home, too.)

safe travels, folks.

mrs pam

Nicole said...

When I saw the picture of the UHaul in this post and knew that Nathan was graduating, I had to chuckle. This last week we went and picked our daughter up from college. When we were leaving and driving back home, we lost count of the number of vehicles we passed going the other way that were towing trailers just like that behind them.....knew they were on their way to probably pick up a college graduate.

MaryH said...

Congratulations to Nathan on graduation and your tears are quite understandable. It is so hard to let go of the past but the memories are there and you have such a wonderful time ahead with all the new events and lives that are coming into yours. Have fun with all of it - you all so deserve the smiles and happiness. Safe travels.