Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: I Hope You Dance

One of the things that was important to Nathan and Meagan was that their reception be filled with Big Fun.  And for them, Big Fun meant dancing.

Now I realize that there are all kinds of dancing and to be honest, some of it I’m not crazy about.  But the dancing at their reception was basically

everyone hop up and down and fling your arms and stomp your
feet and turn around and slide to the left and slide to the right.
                               and repeat.

In other words, Arthur Murray was not invited. Which was a good thing.  Because I think there would have been too much fun for ol’ Art to handle.



That’s Meagan’s dad in the right corner. . .


. . . and Meagan’s mom in the blue dress. 



Of course, these two led the way in all the dancing and had just the best time.  They take fun wherever they go,



In fact, Meagan danced her shoes right off.


Frank and Meagan’s oldest sister, Kristen, definitely enjoyed themselves.


Nathan asked his grandma to dance which made them both happy.  (The blurry pictures stuck into today’s line up are ones I took; the good ones were taken by the official photographer.)


I’ve probably never mentioned this, but Steve’s dad, Ken, is a dance aficionado from way back.  There are few things Ken loves to do more than to dance and to sing.   He grabbed his lovely granddaughter and swung her around on a few tunes.



When Sarah’s wasn’t dancin’ with her grandpa, she was dancing with her dad.


There was many a sniffle in the room when these two danced.


And there was many a sniffle in my heart when these two danced--this lovely, romantic, sweet, married dance between two old friends who had been transformed into brand new spouses by promises and commitments spoken in front of God and the people who love them.



Picture note:   I know that you’d probably love to see more pictures from the ceremony but I have to wait until I get the actual CD of photos because they’re higher resolution than the ones I currently have access to.    Hopefully I’ll have them up by the next Wedding Wednesday!

Here’s a final (non-dancing) photo from today.  Don’t these faces just make you want to smile?


Thanks to everyone who has left a comment or taken the poll concerning my pictures/note cards question.  It’s been very insightful to hear your perspectives on the subject.

Also, the comments continue to come in on Steve’s post which have been fun to read.  And speaking of his post, I had included the guesses as to what he was doing in the funny photos and somehow left this guess out altogether—and it was one of my favorite guesses!  (Sorry for overlooking it, Mrs. Pam.)

She said, “Once upon a time Fashion Designer Steve, aka Jangling Joe the Judo Guy, decide to design a unique belt for his newly fashioned shorts. He quickly grabbed a mysterious black car repair object, gave a jarring Judo Yell, attempting to bend said object to waist size.”

I think she gets the aware for most creative guess.

And lastly, happy birthday to Jo Ann Campbell, the wonderful woman who gave birth to me 49 years ago.  Mom (and Dad) raised six kids with little money and lots of love and I consider myself a blessed woman to be be able to call this remarkable woman, “Mom.”

I love you, Mom.  Enjoy your day and I hope Ruth doesn’t make you chase too many chickens!

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nancy irving said...

I just love, love, love looking at the wedding pictures and can't wait until next "wedding wednesday". Thanks for sharing

with love,
nancy irving
toronto, ontario, canada

jmckemie said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!
Love the pictures and cannot wait to see more. Dancing vicariously through the photos sitting here at my desk. Whoops...guess I better get back to work!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have enough photos to last a year of Wednesdays!! such fun! Meagan has just about the cutest smile I've ever seen! And I love the comment Nathan made to you when you were slightly anxious over your dancing! Such a tender picture of Nathan with his grandmother! and Sarah with her granddad!

My Goddaughter Betsy's Mother is Jewish, so they did the Hora at her reception. I was "nervousing" over Betsy falling off the chair. But, of course, she didn't, and what merriment having all the wedding guests following in line throughout the club's various rooms. I'm not sure we were really dancing... but there was music and we were jumping around, and if I recall correctly, singing, too.

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky: I just love seeing the pictures also. Megan and Nathan really do have the most wonderful smiles. Their playfulness comes through in every picture. I would like to know what song they picked for the first dance and did they have a special song for the father/daughter and mother/son dances?