Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding unWednesday Leading Up To Thedding Thursday

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is Wednesday. 

And yes, it has been decreed in recent weeks that Wednesdays would be devoted to reliving the happy memories of a certain wedding of a certain son and a certain new daughter-in-law. 

However, due to some unavoidable complexities,  the pictures that should have been posted today will instead have to be posted tomorrow.   And so, for this week only, we will have Wedding Thursday which I realize doesn’t have quite the same ring as Wedding Wednesday--unless, of course, we were to call it Thedding Thursday!  Or not.

However.   So as not to leave all you wonderful Meganate Fans hanging (and to bring new readers up to speed a bit on the history of Nathan and Meagan’s relationship) I am going to post a few pictures from their past years together--pictures that all led up to that Big Day that has made all our Wedding Wednesdays possible.

Here are Meagan and Nate with their families and friends.  Nathan was 14 and Meagan was 15 and they barely knew each other at that point.

2004 A Feb 003

They attended the formal together at the Christian Academy where we were pastoring.  It wasn’t officially a real date, though; it was more of a situation where their moms thought it would be a fun thing if they went together since we were all—them and their families—such good friends.

Unknown Person

I have always loved this picture because it captures their quirky relationship so well.  The reason they were making faces was because were getting tired from smiling so much and they were trying to do “facial muscle stretches” to relax them.

2005 A June 015

And I love this picture from that evening too because you know what it looks like?  It looks like newlyweds leaving after a wedding!

2005 A June 094

This picture makes me smile because I can just imagine when Nathan and Meagan get their own house and start re-painting.  They will look just like this—just a few years older.

2005 A June 046

Here they are at our house with Meagan’s family and some church friends.  For some reason, we are all singing, but I have no idea why. 

2005 A June 053

This picture has nothing to do with Nathan and Meagan but I’ve always loved it so I’ll post it.  The lovely lady in the center is Meagan’s mom, Sheri.  While she and Frank were transitioning in ministry, she led the choir for a while at our church in Smithfield and this was taken at our house after a special choir performance.  It captures Sheri’s verve and personality so well.

2005 A June 100

This is actually Nathan and Meagan’s first real date when he officially asked her out.   It consisted of me taking them to the local outlet mall (Nathan didn’t have his license) where they went out to eat and then walked around the mall and shopped.  (It was mostly window shopping since there were no big bucks involved.  I picked them back up at the end of their big evening and that was that!

2005 B August 100

I have to laugh when I look at this picture because . . .


. . . some things never change.


I really do love this fella quite a lot.  He and I talked on the phone for a whole hour the other night and had such a lovely visit.


I don’t think I’ve ever seen a happier face as when Meagan surprised him one day by a visit (from FL to NC) when he wasn’t expecting her.



Nathan has always known how to make Meagan laugh.


(Sarah had her headphones on and was completely unaware of the merriment unfolding in front of her.)


A few more miscellaneous shots. . .



meg grad


And there you have it.  Wedding unWednesday, leading up to Thedding Thursday!


Thanks to all of you who left so many gracious, encouraging comments on Monday after I posted about not feeling so well—physically or emotionally.   It meant a lot to me that so many of you shared your personal stories about your own struggles.  None of us is alone in having some down times; we are part of a circle of fellow strugglers and that in itself is an encouragement.

As for my doctor visit, he listened to my lungs and said that he heard some gunk in there.  (He used a fancy medical term but I sort of like the sound of gunk instead.)  He put me on two meds and said I should be feeling better soon.

Well, it’s now Wednesday and I’m still feeling rather lousy overall, although I think my lungs are clearing up.  So I’ll just keep pluggin’ away here and think longingly of the day when my nose isn’t red, my head isn’t achy, and my body isn’t feeling like that of a 104-year old lady. 

See ya tomorrow!

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Kim said...

Love the pictures! I have a daughter who has been married for 5 years, and my next kid in line is my son who will be getting married in July! I am thinking being the parents of the groom is going to be so different from being parents of the bride! I read your post yesterday, and just want you to know you are not alone with your struggle. We all have those times--and for me it is when I am dealing with health issues. I spent all summer dealing with vision dramas, and then 6 weeks this Fall trying to recover from some virus which ultimately went into my lungs. While I don't have copd, I do have asthma-diagnosed as an adult and it frustrates me to no end at times! I am younger than my body feels at time, which makes me sad. Saying a little prayer for you this evening--hope you feel better tomorrow!

Guerrina said...

I love seeing these pics, Becky! What a wonderful history to have documented (by an extraordinary photographer). Though it feels slow going, praying the healing is more than you realize and that you're going to wake up one day this week and suddenly realize you are WELL!

Anonymous said...

those were fun photos. I remember when Meagan surprised Nathan, and I think that he had an inkling she was there because her shampoo was in the bathroom. is that right?

soooo, after the first official date, did they only date each other? and when did they know that they were destined for each other?

mrs pam

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