Friday, December 16, 2011


Yep.  It’s Friday.
My to-do list is long, my house is dirty, my Christmas cards are unmailed, and exactly 1/2 of one percent of my Christmas shopping has been done.
Thankfully my back is doing a whole lot better, which will enable me to work fast and efficiently and get done all the things that I have left undone due to the fact that I was feeling undone by my back’s unhappy state of being.   (Did you get all that?)
And so today instead of writing long-ly and lengthily, I will send you off on your weekend with some glimpses of Outer Banks loveliness to bring a smile to heart and peace to your soul.
Because in this busy season?  Smiles and peace are a really good thing.
sunset november 19 194
sunset november 19 210
sunset november 19 218
sunset november 19 235
sunset november 19 243

sunset november 19 264
sunset november 19 271
sunset november 19 272
sunset november 19 274
sunset november 19 305
sunset november 19 310
sunset november 19 316
sunset november 19 328
sunset november 19 348
sunset november 19 357
sunset november 19 361
sunset november 19 364
sunset november 19 385

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jenny said...

Thank you, Becky! I thoroughly enjoyed today's pics. We have snow here in Idaho today, which is beautiful, but I long for the coast. Thanks for letting me "visit" your place. Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

Those pics are beautiful and so peaceful! Sure looks warmer than Connecicut right now. All will fall into place, Becky. Make sure you take time to breathe!

Buon Natale,

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