Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Hugs and More

Before we start today’s Wedding Wednesday, I just want to mention that my back is still giving me fits so I reluctantly trundled off to the doctor yesterday.  She gave me a super, mega, mambo muscle relaxer which when it kicks in, renders me incapable of thought, speech, or action.  Well, maybe not completely incapable, because I am, after all, writing this blog.  However, I’m not promising it will be entirely coherent. And I’m not promising that I will be able to stay awake during the whole th
(Three Hours Later.)

Did I miss anything? 
No?  Oh good.
By the way, I think I have enough photos to finish out the month of December and then  
we will all observe a moment of silence before moving on to a new year and new Wednesday topics. 
As we finish out these last couple of weeks, I will be repeating a few pictures here and there— 
some of them will be repeated because my memory sometimes fails to let me know that I’ve already posted them and some 
will be repeated just because I especially like them. 

So let’s get started with a sort of wacky photo, shall we? 
This is the kind of sister-in-law that Nathan will
have to put up with for the next sixty years?  Can you imagine?

Oh wait. 
It appears as though the wild, wacky haired sister-in-law was actually
just showing off her wedding-esque hair extensions and that
Nathan’s other sister-in-law was able to whisk said extensions into a
lovely and elegant hair style.

Whew. That’s a relief.

Because we all know that Nathan would never fit into a
 wacky family, now would he?

A few more shots from the ceremony.
DSC_0377 3
DSC_0426 2

I know Steve and I look rather sober but we’re actually quite happy.

Their first married hug.  (One of many thousands of hugs to come.)

More hugs—Nathan and Sarah and Meagan and a groomsman.

The Parental Units swarm their beloved offspring . . .

. . . and even more hugging commences.

Later on at the reception, everyone signed a photo of the Bridal Couple.

Here’s Meagan with Chris, one of the two photographers. 
It’s a funny picture to me because it looks like she’s trying to talk
him into some funky dance move and he’s just not buyin’ it.

And one of my all time favorites.

I’ll close with a few comments on Wedding Wednesdays.
Deb said, “Thanks for WW and I don't mean Weight Watchers! Do either of the "kids" have a blog? I thought maybe Meagan would document their new life together... considering her background, (giggle)
Nope, Deb, no blog so far, but I would sure love to read the thoughts and experiences of the new Mrs. Smith!
Becky M said, “
I think this blog needs TWO special entries one from the groom and one from the bride, heck or a few posts, talking about their wedding and honeymoon and such. We have heard from Steve and Sarah and even Snowy. I think it is time to hear from our other memories of the family and what a great way then getting their inside scoop on their wedding and is a thought anyway.

Becky, I’m all for it!  Now we just have to talk the bride and groom into it!

Catherine said,“I love the pictures. Are they what a number of people took and have passed along to you? The detail of what is caught on film is just so exquisite.”

Catherine, thanks for the reminder to mention once again who the photographers are for these wedding photos. I may have taken a few of the ones I post, but about 95% of them were taken by the husband/wife team of Kristen and Chris Czuchra from Ozark, AL. 

They are friends of Nathan and Meagan and the perfect choice to shoot their wedding.  I also want to mention that the pictures I’ve been posting are a fairly small file size (as opposed to the originals) so they’re not a completely accurate reflection of the quality of the Czuchras’ work. But the poses and the pictures are gorgeous, none-the-less.
Here is the wonderful couple responsible for Wedding Wednesdays!
As always, thanks for stopping by and continuing to celebrate this special day with us.

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Anonymous said...

Love the wedding photos! Thanks for sharing! In the none of my business category, I will share that I have struggled on and off for a long time with various back issues. The best medication I every received was from a specialist who said, "Go to the gym.' While the initial few minutes of stretching, walking and light weight training are excrutiating, I am pain free for several hours after a light workout, and my "spasms" and back events are shorter and less frequent.

Gail Puckett said...

I am sad we will be running out of Wedding Wednesdays, I so enjoy and look forward to them, but all good things must come to an end I guess. I know you will be inspired (giggle) to give us something just as good to look forward too. I love your writing Becky and hope someday to make a trip to the Outer Banks (Manteo) and get to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

Never ending beauty! I love the pics of Meagan with her hand raised in worship. Oh yes! Let's hear from the bride & groom!

Guerrina in CT

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that WW will be ending soon. I look forward to Wednesday time on my computer to "see" them. Can we please have Meaganate Monday? A weekly post would be ideal. Come on Becky, you can convince them...

sheila from st.louis

Anonymous said...

My 2 favorite photo's are the one of the 4 of you praying together for the last time as a family of 4. And also the one during the ceremony when there was praise and worship, and Meagan has her hand raised in praise. What an amazing way to begin your married life, worshiping the One who will be the center of their new home and marriage.
Cousin Sandy

Anonymous said...

I love the way Nathan and Meagan look at each other.

Meagan and Chris... made me chuckle. He's not even looking at her. ... does make you wonder what she said.

sorry to hear about your back. my sciatica has been a bother for two years or more. I'm okay when sitting, but walking isn't much fun which puts a damper on most activities. ugh

will miss wedding weds. how about Snowy Saturdays?

mrs pam

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Another great set of WW pictures! And the photographers are from the town right next to ours!! They did a great job and I'll certainly remember to recommend them if I know anyone needing a photographer. Do they have an actual business?

Gayle in AL

Kristen in AL said...

This is the photographer! Mrs. Becky, I've really enjoyed reading these posts, and seeing the day from your point-of-view! And thank you, as well, for mentioning us several times!

To Gayle in AL- What town do you live in, if that's not too personal? We started our own business this year, but currently 95% of our business is on location. I do have a small studio set-up in Ozark at our church. Our website is

Anonymous said...

What song is being sung when so many have their hands raised in praise?

I too will be sad when WW's are done.

Connie F-G

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