Thursday, December 15, 2011

Try To NOT Smile When You Watch This. And An Upcoming Change.

Every time I watch this video, a big ol’ goofy smile just appears on my face.  (And the Southern accent just slays me,)

Changes . . .

The following two comments that were left recently are a perfect lead in to a certain announcement I have . . .

Lisa wrote, “Becky, I always love your posts and am a faithful reader but have to tell you that I hate the orange background. Sometimes it turns white and sometimes it does not. Maybe it's just my computer but can you look into it?  Lisa.”

Jodi said, “Any new updates on the new commenting system?”

In answer to those questions—change is on the way! 

Over the course of the next week or two, I am going to be transferring Smithellaneous over to a new self-hosted blog platform (Wordpress). Therefore Lisa, the background will be completely different and Jodi, the new commenting system will work wonderfully!  In fact the new blog will be different on many levels, allowing much more freedom in design as well as offering helpful features and a lot of fun and cool aspects.

Currently, my blog is on a hosting platform called Blogger and while I have used it for two years, in recent months it has been making me just a wee bit crazy. I attempted to add a “threaded comment system” which would enable you (and me) to comment on each others comments and have a running dialogue which would build on the wonderful sense of community we have around here.  However, Blogger would not allow me to install that system. Wordpress will.

Also, I have been having many other issues with Blogger, one of which has added three gray hairs and five new wrinkles,  Once I get a new post up and see a little mistake or a missing word—when I go back in to change that one thing, it immediately throws the formatting off on the whole post and I have to spend a half hour trying to get the formatting (paragraphs, spacing, etc) back to where it was.

Wordpress offers thousands of “plug ins” and applications and design features and things that will gladden the artistic, creative heart of this blogger and make Smithellaneous a lovely and fun place to visit.

So with all the change, what will remain the same?  The blog address. The writing.  The pictures. The wonderful Smithellaneous community.

Having said all that, I do need to let you know ahead of time that this blog will have to go off line for a day or two in order to make the switch. So if you happen to come by and find nothing at all, have no fear.   It’s a temporary situation that will soon be remedied.  I don’t know right now exactly when that will happen but I will warn you a few hours (or a day) ahead of time.

I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am about taking this blog to a new level and implementing some changes I’ve been thinking about for a long time.

So . . . stay posted and I’ll keep you up to date as things progress.

And since I’m answering comments, let me close by addressing two more that have come in.

Gayle said, “Another great set of WW pictures! And the photographers are from the town right next to ours!! They did a great job and I'll certainly remember to recommend them if I know anyone needing a photographer. Do they have an actual business?”

Gayle, yes Nathan and Meagan’s photographers do have an actual business. Here is their website.  Thanks for passing their info along to people you know in the area.


Karen, commenting on the Musical Flash Mob I posted recently asked if I had seen the Flash Mob with the  symphony.

I found the symphony you were talking about, Karen, and loved it!  Thanks for the recommendation.

Karen also wrote, “By the way, does Sarah still mention hearing her hair? Mine has been bothering me lately and I happened to think of her!”

Karen, Sarah did have that problem when she first started wearing her hearing aids; however, she has not worn them in a while and seems to getting along quite well without them. 

6 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Such a cute video! Couldn't stop the smile from arriving! Love the tech stuff so will be glad to hear more and experience more with Wordpress.

If I don't comment again before Christmas, may all you Smithies have a blessed & JOYFUL Christmas!

Buon Natale,


LizW said...

I am so impressed that the two flash mobs you mention are ones I love also. The Copenhagen train station is an amazing place to start with, right across from the famous Tivoli. I have Danish relatives so visit there as often as possible. Hope those who haven't seen this one will share it with others. I notice it has now had over 3 million hits. More wonderful music for this time of year.

Robin said...

Can't see the video from work! Will try and check it later. Can't wait to see the new blog...

Happy Holidays.

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