Monday, May 11, 2009

Sarah's Spot

Just a quick note that since Sarah's 7-year anniversary as a cancer survivor is this Sunday, I'll be updating Sarah's Spot every day this week with stories and pictures of her cancer journey.

Be sure to drop by over there and say howdy. And even sign the guest book if you want.

We don't mind.


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Catherine said...

Happy Mothers Day a bit late to a wonderful mother who is raising two phenomonal children with a marvelous husband. My husband's birthday is this week too, and I also can't believe the years that have gone by.

So many transitions in all of our lives, Becky. This is a tough time right now for jobs in any fields. Folks who would have changed jobs under usual circumstances are hanging in there even if they should be leaving because of the uncertainty in the job and economic market. Our area is hit very hard. Our school situation is uncertain as so many families here are having job and income loss issues at this time.

We are sitting tight and not making any moves right now. Had hoped to sell our house but the market is just not good here. So many of us in the same boat, just hoping to stay stable through these times.

Take care and God bless.