Saturday, July 4, 2009

From Hot Dogs to the Emergency Room

Today I had to tear myself away from all your great entries about your own personal beliefs on hot dog consumption so that I could be escorted to the emergency room by my True Love.

And why would anyone want to visit the ER on a holday? Or any other day?

Well, for the last day or so, I've been having pain in my left arm; last night it started moving into the left chest area. By mid afternoon today, I had been in bed almost all day, hadn't eaten in almost twenty-four hours and was basically feeling pretty bad. (With the pain continuing to come and go.)

Steve and I argued with each other for a long time as to whether or not we should go in to the ER; he said I should and I said I shouldn't. I did NOT want to think of us having to spend a bajillion dollars (that we don't have) on tests that I may or may or not really need.

Finally at about 2 pm when I wasn't feeling any better, he won the argument. And off we went.

Found out right at first that my blood pressure was 126/67 instead of my normal 90/60. They took 8 tubes of blood, started an IV so it would be ready if I needed emergency meds and then did an EKG, a chest x-ray and hooked me up to a heart monitor for ninety minutes.

Fun, fun, fun.

Steve is scheduled to speak at a church tonight so he called them to tell them what was going on and warn them that he may or may not be able to make it, depending on what happened with me.

After all the tests were completed, the doctor finally returned to my room and said, "I can't see any obvious problems on your tests. That's good news in one way, but bad news because I can't tell you what is causing this pain."

The bottom line is that he wants me to call my cardiologist (I had some heart issues two years ago) first thing Monday and get a stress test set up so that we leave no stone unturned.

In the meantime, I'm supposed to rest and call the hospital if anything changes or gets worse.

So here I sit, with pain in my chest and a perfectly healthy heart. Ain't it grand?

I was supposed to sing in the two morning services that Steve is preaching at tomorrow but he called and cancelled those for me so that I didn't have to "gear up" for anything. Since I'm not eating much and still in some pain, I think my best bet is to set up an early-in-the-evening date with my bed and a book.

Sounds like a plan!

Okay. I don't want to distract you all from the fascinating conversation going on the guest book so feel free to get back to it. I've learned more about hot dogs (and their toppings) in the last 12 hours than I have in my whole life.

You all are downright educational! And entertaining!


Just as I was finishing this update, Steve appeared at the door of my "writing cave" with this tray.

Now you have to remember that he had just rushed home from the ER with his wife and still had to shower and dress before leaving in less than a half hour. Yet he still took time to cook me a mild, easy-on-the-stomach meal. (He even apologized for the apples, saying it was all the fruit we had left in the house and he wanted fruit of some sort on the tray.)

Was that lovely or what?

Yup, I am blessed.

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dina said...

I'm having the left arm, into the shoulder, up the neck pain thing, too. Only we know it's not cardiac. I have a micro perforation in my gut, an abscess has formed along my diaphram, and - well, no better way to say it: IT HURTS.

Stinks, huh?!

My perf is on a more probable than not basis caused by quite a bit more ibuprofen consumed than should be - in the wake of my recent orthopedic surgery.

So I'm feeling your pain.

Keeping you all in my prayers. In some ways it's harder on the husbands, huh?!

Sue G said...

Acid reflux or heartburn? From putting ketchup on the hot dog? Just askin'.

Okay, seriously, I do hope you start feeling better and get this resolved quickly. Don't want to think of you in pain until Monday. Didn't they give you anything for the pain????

Rest. Pamper yourself. And don't hesitate to call the ER if your pain worsens or if you just feel worse. Praying that doesn't happen, but if it does, don't wait. Just act. Promise?

And stay away from the ketchup.

Pam D said...

It must be those Chicago style hot dogs. Even one bite can take you down. Ugh. That's why Sue G is such a tough nut.. .she's been eatin' those things since birth. *sigh*
Seriously... praying over here, because you really do not need ONE more thing on your plate right now. Remember Kristie Escoe? And her diner analogy, and what keeps getting put on her plate? (email me if you don't; I just don't even feel like typing it here). Enough of those.. you need more plates full of goodness like what your absolutely sweetheart of a husband brought you. And I wish I were nearby, because I would absolutely pamper the heck out of ya. I would. Hmmm. I know where Goldsboro is.. Smithfield can't be too far away... you just never know what might happen.

Debbie said...

Did they check out your gall bladder? It can cause chest pain also. I hope that you feel better!! No fun, feeling sick!!! You are in my thoughts and prayers!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Jan said...

Hmmmmmmm....years ago, my very first gall bladder attack was triggered by a hot dog!

So I choose to agree with the posters who said it was the hot dog, and also with the poster who said it might be gall bladder.

No matter what the diagnosis, take care of yourself, Becky...please!

Unknown said...

Also, call your chiropractor. I thought I remembered a while back you posted on seeing one. They are usually cheaper than the ER if it isn't serious :). Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!

Nancy said...

I hope you are feeling better today. As time goes on. In 2005 when I had a gall bladder attack and had my ball bladder taken out, that is how it started. Especially with spicy foods, including ketchup. I hope that isnt the case for you. I hope you feel better. Please update us.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in my family is prone to anxiety, and have made at least one trip to the ER with chest pain, some a couple of times. There is definitely enough uncertainty in your life at this time that could cause you some anxiety. It will raise the BP too.
I hope it's nothing serious and you are good as new soon!


Chill said...

OK, I must admit I have had quite a bit of pai after Hot Dogs. Those puppies will usually keep barking at me for the remainder of the day, and stillwhimper at niht, and Oh, the pan!!!! Heartburn can be a stinker. I pray all is well, and relief will come soon. You guys just rest while you can, and keep looking up, to he One from whom all blessings flow.
God Bless!

Lyndsay said...

I hope you're feeling better!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Becky..I am glad you went to the ER..better safe than sorry is my words of wisdom! We don't have INS. right now either but there are times you have to seek medical treatment to be on the safe side of things.
By the way..I am thinking you need to have an ultra sound done on your gall bladder also. Gall Bladders are tricky and they can play games and make it difficult to diagnose.
Praying for healthier days ahead.

Pam D said...

Just checking in to see how you're feeling... please update when you can. If MckMama has wolverines, I suppose YOU might have Smithereens, and we don't want to blow up waiting for an update! heh.
Praying.... hugs... love....

Amie said...

What a sweet husband! I'm sorry for the ER visit and hope you're able to get some pleasant answers and relief from the pain. You are all in my prayers.

Sue G said...

So? Are you better?

Please say yes.

~Brenda said...

Very sweet, indeed!

I hope you find the solution to your pain. I went through a year of undiagnosed problems, so I know how that feels.

God bless,


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