Friday, July 3, 2009

TEN of votes!

Well, we have been utterly overwhelmed with votes concerning what we should name our "discussion gadget." In fact we haven't had just thousands of votes, or hundreds of votes, or even tens of votes come in. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been swamped with, um, TEN of votes?

Yup, ten big votes have come in so far! But for each of you ten who voted? Thanks! You are my new best friends forever. Even though I don't know who you are. Is it possible to have anonymous best friends forever? I sure hope so.

We even got a suggestion in the guest book from Terri which said, "I would like to suggest a title for your "chat widget area thingy": Perhaps you could call it the Back Yard Fence. If we all lived near each other, that is where we would gather to chat about our day and solve world problems!"

I just love that suggestion and am posting it in the voting area. So take two (or three seconds) and jump on over and vote. I mean it IS Fourth of July weekend and everything, and we DO have the right to vote! Right? So vote!

And enjoy your holiday festivities!


P.S. I just went over and re-did the voting thingie and narrowed it down to the top two choices so far and added the new choice. So this is the biggie, people. The final elimination. The decision making moment! The voting opportunity to end all voting opportunities. And it's in YOUR hands!

By the way, if you're one of my "new best friends forever" who has already voted, please vote once more in this final elimination round.

Can we stand the suspense?

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