Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Favorite Son (And His Annoying Mother)

In my last post I mentioned that Nathan was due to arrive back home home last night. As it turned out, he ended up leaving Florida much later than planned, and then got caught in rain and rush hour in Orlando. Consequently, his ETA was pushed back to about 12:30 am.

I had been hoping to be awake (and at least semi-coherent) when he got home so that I could give my favorite son a lovely welcome. However, when "12:30 am" started being bandied about, I pretty much recused myself from all official "Mom appearances" and just told him, "We'll leave the light on for you and see you in the morning."

After going to sleep at my usual early time, I found myself awake right around 12:30 and thought smugly, "What a great Mom I am. I must have some sort of internal 'mom alarm' that has caused my sleepy body to awaken itself just before my son comes in. Now I'll be able to hug him, welcome him home, and maybe even fix him a little something to eat." (Food is the language of Moms.)

I mentally patted myself on the back and then continued to lie there listening for the long anticipated "Nathan sounds" to arise from downstairs. Well, by the time 1:15 am had rolled around, I was still lying there. Still listening. And starting to get a little worried.

He was supposed to be home around 12:30. Had something dreadful happened? Was he lying in a ditch somewhere? Was he in some hospital emergency room off I-95?

At long last, I got out of bed and padded downstairs so that I could pace a little and further ponder the situation. And after just the briefest period of pacing and ponderment, it finally occurred to my sleepy brain, "Well, I guess I could just CALL him and just see how far away he is. Maybe he stopped to get something to eat and that delayed him."

And so I dialed his cell phone. It rang and rang. My heart dropped.

I thought, "There must be something seriously wrong if he's not answering his cell phone which he has near him every minute of the day."

When I was just about to hang up and go and wake up Steve to invite him into to my worried world, I heard Nathan's voice say, "Hello?"

Relief! He was okay! My son was FINE!

However, I was still just a tad worried about him because he sounded so sleepy; Steve and I have always lectured him about not driving late at night if he's sleepy.

I said, "Nathan son, how many miles do you have left?"

There was no reply. Just a long silence.

I thought, "Oh no! Maybe he's falling asleep behind the wheel. Maybe he's headed for the concrete divider even as we speak! Someone call 911!

With a bit more urgency I repeated, "Nathan, where ARE you?"

He finally responded, "Um. I'm upstairs. In my room. In bed."

I asked, "Were you asleep?"

He said, "Yup."

I said, "Oh."

My poor child. He spends ten long hours on the road. Gets home a little after midnight. Drags his weary self to bed. Is sleeping soundly. And then his phone rings and it's his annoying mom, calling to ask where he is!


My "mom alarm" had obviously (and erroneously) gone off just after he got home. So much for the mom instinct, the welcome, the hugs, and the cooking.

To Nathan's credit, he was quite patient with me and in his sleepy voice said, "I'll see you in the morning, Mom."

At least I hope he was a little bit impressed that I was actually awake at that ridiculous hour in order to even make the phone call! (And wake him up.) However, I'm sure he'll find plenty of reasons to tease me about it all day today. Actually, his teasing is one of the many reasons I missed him so much these past two weeks. He's always teasing somebody, making wacky comments, or creating a hullabaloo of hilarity. Is it any wonder he's my favorite son?

I was going to answer a few guest book comments/questions today but my day has sort of gotten away from me so I'll do that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'll close with two very darling pictures of my favorite son and his favorite girl. Are they cute, or what?

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Sue G said...

Yes, they are very cute.

So glad the wandering son returned to roost for another few weeks before school starts. Safely. That is a big sigh of relief, Im sure.

I wonder if he will recognize know, with all that weight he's put on.

Let the teasing begin!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL ! Oh my goodness that sounds JUST like something I would do !!!
My son is good-natured about my craziness, too..and he keeps us laughing as well. I think they must be a lot alike.

Tube Girl said...

Absolutely love the story - this is one for the books! Becky, you have no idea, how often you brighten my day and make me giggle and laugh out loud when reading your posts! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Heehee. I did the same thing with my 18 year old son a few weeks back. I lost an hour sleep worrying all the while he was home in his room! I started texting him and woke him up! Glad I am not the only crazy mom.
They are cute! Jill N

Nancy said...

LOL Best story EVER. Simply love it. Becky you are such a good Mom. lol What did Nathan say to you this morning?? lol
Love you

Anonymous said...

LOL..Becky that was the most I laughed all week!! Thank you for that, I needed it.
There is so much of that blog that reminds me of my son and myself.
Take care,

Anonymous said...

That's a great story! I always make my children come in and tell me goodnight even if I don't fully awaken. I sleep better that way

Catherine said...

Ha, ha, Becky. I've done the same thing. I would doze off just during the crucial time that any of my sons returned and then awaken in a panic that they were late. Once one of them had his phone off since he was in bed asleep and it was some crazy time at night/early morning. I was sure something terrible had happened, woke up my husband and was about to call his friends and the police when I realized he was home and in bed.

Better that than many of the alternatives!!

Anonymous said...

I knew as soon as you said that you woke up and went downstairs to wait, that Nathan was z-z-z-ing in his room!! (but I'm sorry you had that anxious moment before he answered his phone.) Why didn't the cute faithful Watchdog announce Nathan's arrival?

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Oh, Becky.....can't stop laughing (lierally) about the "Mom Alarm". I'm SO glad I'm not the only one!

Guerrina....still laughing