Monday, July 6, 2009

A Gadget Winner and A Word from Wyatt

We have a winner in our "Naming the Discussion Gadget" Vote Off!

Terri emailed me and suggested "The Backyard Fence" which I loved because I could just picture all of us living in one neighborhood and leaning over the backyard fence to chat. Or borrow a cup of sugar. Or borrow a Golden Graham bar. Or to share recipes for Chicago Hot Dogs. Or maybe share weight loss tips? (Tips like, "Don't eat so many Golden Graham bars.")

Also, I was getting tired of my own ideas and was thrilled to read something fresh. The Backyard Fence received 46 out of 78 votes cast (there were three voting choices, in all) and is now the official name. Terri, if you'll e-mail me your address, I'll send you a CD in appreciation!

And if you sign in and participate, you officially become a Fence Friend! Welcome!

Most of you have heard me mention Wyatt who not only does all the fabulous graphics on Sarah's site but is also our Invaluable, Irreplaceable, All-Knowledgeable Smith Family Computer Guru. I was writing to him about a technical problem over the weekend and in his reply back to me, he included this little story.

I loved the story because I absolutely ADORE banana pudding AND because I could just picture the "end of the line" dilemma that Wyatt found himself in.

I must admit right here in front of everyone that I may NOT have chosen to help that little ol' lady. I mean, banana pudding vs. little ol' lady? That's a tough one, folks.

Anyway, here's Wyatt's Fourth of July Puddin' Story. Enjoy!

Sweating over the BBQ grill and churning out buckets of potato salad along with all of the standard church picnic fixings was well worth the effort and the wait for the grand finale' -- my father-in-law's famous banana pudding!

Henry does this magic mathematical thing where he turns 6 pounds of bananas into a 10-pound mass of delectable pudding filled with "Nilla" wafers and topped with mountains of soft sweet meringue that is gently kissed with light golden peaks. It deserves an award just for the drool factor alone!

This is one of those moments in life where you don't politely offer your place in line if you ever want to taste the most sumptuous concoction this side of heaven.

Needless to say, after barreling down all those poor old widow women and sneaking around a few kids that had no clue what line they were in, I finally got to the target -- drat -- just in time to see Mrs. Wilson struggling to get her plate of food and a beverage to her table on her own and no one in sight to help.

Alas... some things are just sweeter to the heart than to the tongue -- maybe I'll get my chance at Henry's dish of heaven next year.

Wasn't that a great story? It just made me smile all the way through--well, at least until I got to the part where Wyatt didn't get his puddin'. And then I was tempted to wipe away a few tears in his honor.

And speaking of the Fourth, here are a few photos from our family's massive, explosive, no-expenses barred celebration in the Smith back yard.

I love this last one because it shows Nathan and Sarah running around the yard with sparklers in their hands. A pretty good summation of their presence in our lives--busy, bright, beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

sooo sorry to hear about your er visit, and am certainly hoping that the pain was indeed stress related. at least, I guess that that is what I'm hoping... although you are still going to be living a stress-filled life. so, I'm really saying that I hope your pain is nothing serious!

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

I know from previous comments that you are a fan of the Pioneer Women blog...I have found that PW's recommendation of her mom's deep breathing exercise is wonderful. I've been using it to help with reduction of stress, and in helping me regain a 'sleep mode' when being awaken in the middle of the night. During the years since my Rachael's death I've found this deep breathing exersice to be better than the pills I used to pop...hope you find the same results.

Sue G said...

Time for an update about your health, how you are feeling, what action you have taken to get an idea what caused (is causing) the pain.

Inquiring hearts want to know.

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