Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Making Martha Stewart Jealous

First of all, thank you for all the kind words you've left in the guest book about my recent ailment(s). I especially enjoyed Sue G's line, "Inquiring hearts want to know." When I read all the comments I couldn't help but think, "They like me! They really like me!" (To quote Sally Field.)

To those of you who suggested I follow up with another doctor soon, I must admit I haven't done that yet. I'm still monitoring things and seeing if they get better or worse.

And for those who are concerned that I have a history of heart trouble since I already have a cardiologist, here's the story on THAT.

I went to the cardiologist a couple years ago when my pulmonologist (who couldn't figure out why I was having lung problems) wanted me to get some heart tests done to be sure the breathing problems were not being caused by any heart issues.

After my appointment, the cardiologist said that the right side of my heart looked bigger than the left side which could indicate I something called ARVD. (Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia) This is a very cheery little condition which basically means that you could fall over dead at any moment. (If you ever hear stories of healthy athletes keeling over from a heart ailment, many times it is due to ARVD.)

I was sent off--all worried and stressed--to a big regional hospital for an MRI of the heart. And guess what? The MRI showed that the right side of my heart was NOT enlarged after all!

And so with that in mind, I want to stress that I really don't have an "official" history of heart disease: I just have a history of having a cardiologist.

I'm still experiencing a few ongoing symptoms, but as long as I know my ticker is going to keep on ticking (or is it tocking?) I'm not going to get overly excited unless something radically changes.

So that's where I'm at with THAT story . . . again, thanks to everyone for your concern. It means a whole lot.

On another subject, our For Sale sign disappeared again last week for the sixth or seventh time. In the past, it has always shown up again eventually but this time, it hasn't. We're currently waiting for the real estate agent to bring another one by. Even though our house is listed on fifty real estate web sites (bringing us a grand total of two showings) you never know who might drive by and notice the sign and want to see the house. And so this time Steve is going to stick it really deep in the ground and see if that makes any difference.

And speaking of houses, you know how you always see those advertisements in circulars and magazines that show a little family gathered on their back deck with their lovely patio furniture scattered around? Well, we've wanted patio furniture for forever, but have never been willing to part with the money necessary to get it.

A few days ago, as we were coming home from Chick-Fil-A (we went there to harass Nathan and to get milkshakes) I said, "It's such a beautiful evening to eat outside; it's too bad we don't have any patio furniture."

Steve said, "Oh, but we do have some! I'll get it out."

So while I was in the kitchen dividing our two shakes (of different flavors) into several glasses, Steve and Sarah bustled around to get the "patio furniture" in place. And when they were done, they even added a centerpiece lovely enough to make Martha Steward jealous.


Whoever thought a card table and some chairs could provide such a lovely, al fresco dining experience. I felt downright decadent, with our new found luxury.

Our own "patio furniture." Our impressive centerpice. Shared shakes from Chick-Fil-A. An usually pleasant summer evening. Time spent with really delightful people.

Does life get any better?

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Angie said...

Inquiring taste buds want to know....what flavor of shakes did you have?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's JUST like OUR patio furniture!! :)

Nancy said...

What were the flavor of the shakes. Hey, like the hot dog thing, you should have "Whats the best thing to put in a shake/favorite flavor" thing.
Please Becky :( see a doctor soon
We love you!

Rachel said...

I haven't ever used a card table for patio furniture, but the first year we had our house I used it as my dining room table. My husband was deployed so with just me in the house we didn't need a real table at the time.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking the disappearing For Sale sign is a teenage-prank-type-thing. I've heard they gather several and then put them all in one yard - like the pink flamingos from a few years ago.

Your patio furniture is just like our kitchen table for the first six months we were married! Good taste.

Praying things are well with your heart ~ L in Alaska

Pam D said...

I LIKE your patio furniture! You can have it out when you want to be out there, and take it down when you're in. Which means no cleanup of yucky "stuff" that tends to gather on any outdoor furniture (or is it just mine, because we live in the woods?) Anyway, I bet you'll use it more often now that you've "found" it! Thanks for the history behind your cardiologist; I trust that you'll keep close tabs on yourself and see someone if it becomes necessary. I was just in the process of typing "just relax and take some deep breaths".. and then I realized that you can't. And that surely has to have an effect on tension, since deep breathing is one of the most relaxing things you can do. So, I guess I'll just say "stay in the Word", cause THAT relaxes me and gives me great peace. Hugs....

lesley said...

You guys are the BEST!!!

diary-in-ds.livejournal.com said...

Patio furniture? Psch - that's my dining table :) A new-to-you tablecloth and a set of dollar store candles make it a very classy one.

Just a hint for you - seeing as we have the same card table model - beware using the laptop directly on the table surface! After spending an hour writing a paper on my "table" I discovered the heat from my little Acer had melted the top of the table, right about where your Martha Stewart centre piece is located! The only thing less lovely than fine dining on a card table, is fine dining on a card table with a melted centre!

Thought I'd pass on my newly acquired experience!

Take care Becky, I hope you soon feel much better.


Sue G said...

Wow, I was just going to leave a comment about how my card table was soon to become my desk (so my real desk could go to my husband's room as his desk because I got a new one but it is at the other house waiting for me to move in...geez) only to read that my laptop could destroy it!!!

See what a person can learn when they snoop and read all the comments before they comment?

I have lovely patio furniture (which I paid way too much money for several years ago...moral of story...don't take two girlfriends with you when you go shopping because they talk you into stuff).

My daughter has a puppy.

Puppy loves my patio furniture.

Puppy ate the $900 wicker table.

But I still have the glass.

Becky, I still think you should go to your primary care doc or someone to address the pain. This has nothing to do with card tables or hungry puppies, but I care about you and want you to feel completely better.