Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life Goes On

Life goes on. The sun rises, the sun sets and life just keeps on going on.

Sometimes it seems like when we walk through hard times (like losing a loved one) we think that the whole world should stop and notice and grieve with us. But life just goes on.

And I guess that's a good thing.

Life stopping? Not so good.

Dad is still hanging on to his life, still waiting to be summoned for his glorious graduation. Although it's not quite as glorious for the rest of us, the thought of him getting to meet his own dad (who died when my dad was just three days old ) is quite marvelous to contemplate.

And to think of my dad, who has struggled with major health challenges his whole life, being within just a few breaths of getting a perfect, healthy body? That's pretty marvelous, too.
He'll go to heaven. And life will go on.

And for those of us left behind. Life will go on.

In non-dad news, we're packing up our hotel room and getting ready to hit the road for home.
The interview last night went very well; we just a call this morning that they want us to come back and conduct a service (preaching and music). And then I'm assuming at that point we would be voted on by the congregation.

I'm not giving the name of the town yet, but it is one of the most beautiful little communities we have ever seen. We took a walk on the waterfront Sunday night and ate dinner at a little sidewalk cafe. I'll have some pictures to post once I get a few moments to get my act together a little more. Right now I just feel sort of frazzled and bedraggled.

The funniest moment in the interview last night was when Steve happened to mention that I had beat their former pastor at ping pong many years ago. (We had sung at that church back when we were on the road.) I must say that my stock with the men in the room went up rather significantly when that news was reported.

Their pastor of 21 years was greatly loved there and well respected but the joke about him that everyone knows is that he hates to lose at anything. (In other words, he's a great winner.) All the guys in the room said they were going to call their former pastor and razz him about losing to a girl! (Actually, the pastor demanded a re-match and came back and beat me the second time, so he was a happy guy.)

Anyway, the board members and pulpit search committee were truly delightful, warm hearted, open minded people. We really enjoyed our evening, although we were frightfully nervous going into it.

We didn't tell them till the very end about my dad's situation and they were all rather flabbergasted by the fact that I had been able to sit there so many hours, completely at peace. I knew I was able to keep my composure because of the prayers going up for me; I truly have felt the difference they have made.

Well, I'll sign off now and head out the door. We're still working on travel arrangements but the four of us should be heading to Wisconsin within the next day or two.

And in the meantime? Life goes on.

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Pam D said...

Praying at this point that your dad stays here til you get there. God knows what you both need, and He will make happen what NEEDS to happen. So glad to hear that things fell into place last night; I'm praying also that THIS is the door in that long hallway... it sounds like a very lovely destination. hugs...

Sue G said...

I am uplifted to hear that you fell in love with the very town that is located in the very area of the state that you thought you didn't want to be! I love how God doesn't ever change what HE wants, but instead changes OUR HEARTS. This interview sounds very promising, and I know that even if this turns out to not be the place where you land, you have learned an important truth: God will take you where you need to be and make sure you will be able to see what He sees for you!

Prayers for your dad to make his transition peacefully and in God's time. I know he has no fear because he knows exactly where he is going. So do we. And, as a minister once shared during a funeral service I attended: We can never lose something when we know exactly where it is!

Be comforted by His love, be strong in His power, and be at peace because of His promises.

lesley said...

How wonderful that you loved the little town by the sea. There's something about the expanse of the ocean.....
I am hoping you are able to visit with you dad in the next couple of days.
Safe traveling!

MaryH said...

I was so happy to hear that you loved the town and surroundings in what I hope and pray will be your new home and church. It does sound very encouraging. I hope you can make the trip home to your Dad soon and that he is still there waiting for you. He sounds like a very determined man and if has his mind set on staying to see you, I am sure nothing will sway him from that decision. He and God have it all worked out. Praying for peaceful and safe travels for all the Smithes.

Karen C said...

Becky ... I've never posted a comment, but not because I don't think about you and your family --I'm just technically challenged. Please know that I am praying for a peaceful transition for your dad from his life on earth to his permanent home, God's will on Steve's job search, Nathan's safe return to college, and Sarah's birthday. The beach town sure sounds like a piece of heaven on earth. Blessings.

LizW said...

Becky, I have been praying for you as you are dealing with so many stressful things. A lesser person than you would have fallen apart long ago! My tears were falling as I read about your father's phone call - what a wonderful gift to you all that he was able to do that. No matter how prepared one is for the sad news, it still is such a blow.
It sounds as though this church would be a good home for the Smith family. I hope it all falls into place in God's time. May He continue to watch over you and give you strength.

Anonymous said...

Hugs and prayers

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

Know that I'm continuing to lift your family up with MUCH prayer!!

Praying for peace, and comfort for your family as you walk through this transition regarding your Dad.

And, I'm praying for God's peace and comfort...as he has your 'next' in the palm of his hand!!

God orders each of our steps, and for that, I'm SO THANKFUL!!

Maria said...

How right you are...life goes on. I thought the exact same thing when I was preparing for my mother's funeral. I couldn't believe how the rest of the world was just carrying on business as usual. It's hard to accept but it's good that you can count on it too. Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

lynie said...

Safe journeys and uplifting moments....

xoxo Lynie

Ann Martin said...

I know the feeling of life goes on. My cousin told me that when Daddy was so ill. Even in his homegoing the world did not stop for others on August 6--just for us. I know what you are going through and am praying for you. Tears still come everyday and just whenever! God is good and helping me through. It will take quite a while to get used to the fact I can't see my Daddy anymore on this earth. Pictures help and i plan to keep them up. Memories are great. God be with you especially now.

Anonymous said...

I live in a little town by the sea, and I can't think of a place better to heal and to feel renewed than the oceanside. Wishing you a heart full of peacefulness right now as you continue to wait and to trust.
GS in Canada

Anonymous said...

I sure do feel like this little town on the coast needs you.

many prayers will be accompanying you as you head north to your family....

mrs pam

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