Monday, September 28, 2009

A Brief Briefing . . .

I am not going to try to be coherent or attempt to tell lovely and/or inspiring stories tonight. My weary, overly stretched brain would not even to begin to allow such feats of derring do. Instead, I'll just let tonight's post be in a question and answer format and I'll write more tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

Let me just first say that our family would like to thank everyone who has stopped by and "whooped and woo-hooed" with us. How wonderful it is to have friends who rejoice when we rejoice. Thank you so much for your kind, exuberant, and encouraging sentiments!

Here are a few questions I remember reading recently in the Comments section. I can't remember who asked what and I may forget a few (if I do, please re-ask) but I'll go ahead with what I have.

Q How did your voice hold out over the weekend?

A. It actually did very well. By evening, it was pretty husky but I was able to sing without too much vocal stress. I felt like it was amazingly strong considering the stress and fatigue we dealt with all weekend. (Poor Steve got so worn out he's in bed sick and has an appointment to see the doctor first thing in the morning.)

Q. Does the fact that you know folks from the Manteo church will eventually read this blog affect the way you write?

A. Yes, it does, in the same way that my writing was affected when we pastored in Smithfield and our wonderful church family there read the blog. (As a matter of fact, many of them still read so let me say "Hi" to our First Assembly, Smithfield friends!)

One of the first things a pastor and his family (hopefully) learns is the art of discretion. Some aspects of ministry and transition are written about and some aren't. Just like if I worked at a bank or a restaurant, I would be selective in choosing the stories I wrote about there. It's the same way writing about church.

Q. Is Manteo further from or closer to where Nathan is?

A. Unfortunately, Manteo is three hours further from Nathan and three hours further from Steve's parents in Charlotte.

Q. When is your start date?

A. We will start this coming Sunday. For awhile, until we get housing worked out, we will just travel to Manteo every Friday-Sunday and stay at whatever kind of housing we can cobble together.

We met with our realtor again today before leaving Manteo and once again got the "interesting news" that there's just not much available in our price range.

And finding an apartment to rent by the month (instead of weekly or yearly) is a pretty big challenge, too. So our next few months may be pretty chaotic when it comes to living quarters.

But even having a lot of those important details unsettled can't take away from the excitement we feel about this new chapter of life! We are so grateful for the opportunity to become a part of the wonderful church and community in Manteo.

Three things in closing:

1. Pam D. said that if the good people at Manteo hadn't voted us in, she would have had hit them over the heads with hymnals. I know the Manteo folks are relieved that Pam will not be making any trips to see them anytime soon!

2. I saw a sign at the beach that said, "We don't go skinny dipping. We go chunky dunking." That really made me smile.

3. And finally, although I usually take pictures that showcase the beautiful, inspiring parts of Manteo, this Manteo picture is a bit different. You'll have to check back tomorrow to see what great and mysterious significance this picture has.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! And congrats! I'm so excited for you guys!

So does Manteo happen to be closer for Sarah to visit her dear buddy? Or is that still further another direction, as well?

Can we guess on the picture? My guess, after a lot of years around churches, is that's Steve goofing around while you're waiting for the vote? Like in a children's ministry room or something? :-)

Can't wait to hear more from you!
Lisa in SD

Anonymous said...

Did Sarah enjoy her time with the youth group? Hope so!

bearie1 said...

Glad you made it back home safely and hope you get a good night's rest. I didn't comment on the previous post so I'll offer my congratulations now! Elaine

Pam D said...

Well, at least I know I'll fit right in at the beach when I come to visit! Chunky dunking, indeed! I like these people; they had the good sense to choose you, AND they have a good sense of humor (and no, I am NOT implying that those two senses are one and the same). Yay.. the hymnals get to remain intact. I do hate to damage perfectly good books!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that your paths are made clear! I believe I am looking forward to this next chapter in your lives as much as you are!

Take a day or two to rest and relax and know that the right place, the right time is right now xoxo


Ann Martin said...

So happy for the family. Knowing what is ahead is a big relief and the excitement is very apparent. I hope you will enjoy being "beach bums" and keeping the church alive with your energy. Snowy can go exploring the all new territory. God bless and love you guys.

brooke said...

hey! congrats congrats congrats! i know it is a huge weight off your shoulders.

there's a chance i may actually be visiting the obx sometime in late october / early november (my father and brother are in b'burg, va and chapel hill, nc and we love the obx). i'll try to talk my family into being there on a sunday.. if i'm on the obx on a sunday i hope you wouldn't mind if i popped in to hear steve preach, and maybe both of y'all sing.

Sue G said...

I am confident one of the congregants will know someone who knows someone who has a place to rent or sell. That's the beauty of God and of community.

I particularly liked the photo of Steve in his new pulpit. Quite the colorful pulpit by the way. But looks very soft if he needed to do a prat fall.

MaryH said...

HERE IS A LATE WOOO HOOOOOOOO!!! I was home sick yesterday - didn't even feel like dragging myself to my home computer to check on the results - however, I knew they would be good - I will have to take some time later to catch up on all the news but in the meantime CONGRATULATIONS!! You were in my thoughts and prayers often this weekend. How exciting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I am excited for your family.

As for the picture with the basketball goal, Steve's middle name is Kever if I remember correctly.

Susan B.

Chill said...

I am so happy for you guys. I know you are so excited. Things will work out right with housing, as I am sure that Jehovah Jireh will provide!