Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Dearth of Coherence And A Dash of Tongue Twister

Since I popped awake at the lovely hour of 4 am, I decided to get up and get on with my day. Snowy woke up when he heard me rummaging around and is currently and contentedly ensconced in his spot in the chair next to me, snoozing in a rather happy fashion. (He is the most faithful of co-writers.)

I've got a few more Manteo Questions lined up to answer, so let me just jump right into those and see where they take us. Since I'm writing these answers with a 4 am-esque, sleep deprived brain, I'm not promising much in the way of coherence. Of course, a dearth of coherence might actually be sort of fun! And entertaining!

Q. Is Manteo further away from Sarah's friend, Victoria?

A. Yup. Victoria lives in Charlotte (where Steve's parent's live) and they will all be six-and-a- half hours away from us instead of three-and-a-half.

Also, the nearest major city is Norfolk, VA, which is about two hours away. That would also be where our nearest airport and large hospital are.

At first, we asked ourselves how we would do living that far away from civilization. But then we got to thinking that we've lived thirty minutes from Raleigh for five years and the only time we ever went in that direction was for doctor's appointments or to get to the airport. We're not huge fans of malls, big concerts, sporting events, or fancy restaurants so living in Manteo will suit us just fine! (Although I must say that the Manteo/Outer Banks area does offer some fabulous--and fancy--restaurants, as well as some cool musical venues.)

Q. If I come out to visit that area, do you mind if I pop in to the church to hear Steve preach and you all sing?

A. Popping in is definitely encouraged! Just be sure to introduce yourself to Steve and me so that we can have the privilege of knowing we had an Official Blog Reader Popper In Person in the service! Although you'll definitely hear Steve preach, you probably won't hear us sing any solos and duets, as we'll just be singing (and playing instruments) with the rest of the worship team.

Q. What did Steve preach for his "interview sermon?"

A. Actually, after making a few introductory comments about the whole process of being there as a pastoral candidate, he didn't really preach any differently than he would have in any other setting. He tried to really concentrate on just being himself (wackiness and all) so that the congregation would know exactly what kind of "pastor person" they would be getting.

The sermon itself was taken from the story in the New Testament where the disciples were out in a boat and a storm came up and almost overturned the boat. The disciples were all scared out of their wits, but Jesus slept peacefully through it all. When they finally woke him up, He stood up and rebuked the wind and the waves and they were instantly still.

The basic idea of his sermon was that no matter what kind of storm you're facing in your life right now, don't ever forget that Jesus is in the boat with you. In the middle of the sermon he quoted a song by Scott Krippayne that says,

Sometimes He calms the storm, with a whispered peace be still
He can settle any sea, but it doesn't mean He will
Sometimes He holds us close, and the lets the wind and waves go wild
Sometimes He calms the storm, and other times He calms His child

That's one of those songs I really wish I had written.

Q. What happened to the house you had found on an earlier trip?

A. That house is still in the running, although we're keeping our eyes and ears open for other options as well, including the possibility of renting for a while and then building something.


And now I have a little assignment for you that has nothing to do with this post and nothing to do with Manteo and nothing to do with anything!

I would like for you to say "Irish wristwatch" three times.

A lot harder than you thought, right?

My sister-in-law, Carol, told us about that tongue twister when we were up in Wisconsin and I have yet to find a person who can say it without having some trouble. Of course, getting up at 4 am and trying to function on a dearth of coherence doesn't help matters either!


This is now a few hours later; I ran out of steam earlier this morning. I am finishing this post to the sound of Steve and Sarah down in the kitchen loudly singing the theme song from "Winnie the Pooh" while they eat breakfast. Nothing like writing to an inspirational soundtrack!

I'll close with some Manteo pictures. I think I posted a couple of them before in a picture collage but I thought it would be lovely for you to get to see them full size.

These are all near the downtown and harbor front area.

I'll spend the rest of the day gearing up for our weekend jaunt to Manteo. We'll be staying at a rental house so I need to take food supplies. Does anyone have any good ideas for casseroles or recipes that travel well in a cooler and can just be re-heated? These next few weeks/months will be a challenge as I figure out how to cook in places other than my own kitchen and transport food (and belongings) hither and yon. Not to mention yon and hither.

Thanks for stopping by . . . enjoy your Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Becky, I don't post often but read every day... :)
Just a heads up...BEST restaurant on the OBX.....Senator Basnight's LONE CEDAR CAFE...right on the causeway...going over towards the beach...on the fried shrimp anywhere except in my mama's kitchen down in Mesic, NC... :) Oh, and she-crab soup! YUMMY!
We vacation on Hatteras for 2 weeks every summer but always drive the 40 miles back up to eat there at least once..usually twice.
I'm a tad jealous of you moving there I might add...I am from Pamlico Co...but have been in Carmel IN for 24 years; hubby is a pastor here!
Congratulations and I may be one of those "popper inners" at your church sometime! (We will be in Kitty Hawk afte who knows....)

Anonymous said...

Congartulatiosn on finding a church. I know your family is very excited about this new adventure and we can't wait to hear about it. You are an incredible inspiration. Thanks for sharing your life with us followers.


lesley said...

Oh, if only someone would buy your house!!!
All in good time I guess :)
Is Steve feeling better? Just in time to head back?

brooke said...

glad you don't mind blog visitors.. if the planets align and i'm able to attend church while i'm on the obx, i'll email you before hand and let you know. :)

as far as travelling well food that reheat easily - burritos (fill with your favorite foods and wrap each individually in foil, pop into your oven for reheating), quiche (add your favorite veggies & spices to the egg/milk mixture and pop into your oven to reheat), stir fry w/ your favorite veggies (and beef, i use just a bit of beef in my stir fries) (just put it in a tupperware and microwave for later), home made pizza.

none of these really take a recipe.. just really throwing some favorite veggies and meat together in different combo's --> my favorite kinds of food.

enjoy manteo this weekend :)

Anonymous said...

Have you tried PW's chicken spaghetti? I haven't made it yet, but I've only heard good things about it. She says that you can refrigerate up to two days or freeze for 6 months so you would be able to make it ahead of time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Why don't you make casseroles, freeze them and let them thaw but stay cool on your trip there in the cooler. Then all you would have to do is reheat...
Safe travels...
Hugs from Iowa,

Anonymous said...


1 lg. onion
3 tbsp. oil
1 lb. hamburger meat, lean
1 lg. can tomato sauce
2 sm. cans tomato sauce
1 med. can tomato paste
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
1/2 c. sugar
1/2 tsp. herbs ea.
- oregano, marjoram,
rosemary, sweet basil
and garlic salt
1 lb. thin spaghetti
1 lg. pkg. mozzarella cheese, grated

Put in large frying pan.

Grate onion in 3 tablespoons oil and brown. Add chopped meat and brown. Add tomato sauce, paste, herbs, sugar. Stir well. Simmer on low heat for 1 hour. Prepare spaghetti, drain and add to sauce in large pot. Put into two large covered casseroles. Cool and refrigerate. Can be made a day ahead of time. Before serving, bake in 300 degree oven, covered for 1 hour. During last ten minutes, uncover and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake until melted and serve with salad and garlic bread.
My family loves this recipe. I agree with Marjie, make, freeze, and let thaw while traveling.
Once again, congratulations on your family's new adventure.

Lisa from GA said...

Roanoke Island has such an interesting story. The city of Manteo (I believe) is named after an Indian whom is believed to have rescued some early English settlers of Roanoke Island who mysteriously disappeared while their leaders were on a trip back to England to bring back supplies for them in the 1600's. I also believe that the first baby born in the "New World" to English parents was born on Roanoke. Her name was Virginia Dare. You may want to check on my facts...they may be rusty. But, I am almost positive that is the same place. What a beautiful place to call home!!