Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Windshield Wiper Gang

In case you've been losing sleep worrying about whether our family has been safe during our recent travels, I wanted to post a few pictures from our trip to Charlotte in the hopes that they would set your mind at ease.

Recent news reports have indicated that there has been an outbreak of increased unlawful activity among the violent group of criminals known to law enforcement officials as The Windshield Wiper Gang. However, I am happy to report that our family has just recently been placed under Code Red High Alert Fully Protected Status in regard to this terrorist gang. I know that not every family in America is fortunate enough to have been placed under a similar highly touted status and for that I must apologize.

However, our family is ever so grateful that the CIA, FBI, CSI and Homeland Security have deemed us as worthy of being protected in this manner. I must say that we do rest better at night with that comforting knowledge of that protection serving as our pillow.

And now, without any further ado. let me introduce you to our own Agent Double O Seventeen Thirty-Two Fifty-Seven. (Hut!)

Here he is, getting into official "striking at the evil windshield wipers" position.

And here he is in mid-strike, as fast as a rattle snake, as sneaky as a woman hiding Godiva in her purse.

And here is our Agent finishing up the lethal strike before retreating back into Watchful Highly Alert Agent Mode.

And finally, in this photo you will witness our Agent taking a brief break from his duties and attempting to disguise himself as part of Sarah's leg so that the Windshield Wiper Gang will not suspect that he is lurking anywhere in the vicinity.

Even though I realize that everyone who reads this post is now going to want their very own highly trained and lethal personal agent of protection, I'm sorry to inform you that you're just going to have to take up your case with Homeland Security!

Tomorrow I'll answer a few more Manteo questions but for today I"m going to close out with a few pictures of the outside of the church. (I was so distracted by all the services and voting, I forgot about taking pictures while I was inside the building.)

And finally, here is a photo I took Saturday morning when I walked out into the living room area of the hotel room. The sun was peeking through the drapes just enough to illuminate the small tree that was there and I just thought it was so pretty! Of course, I had to take pictures.

Photos of a fake tree, a dog, and windshield wipers. And yesterday, a photo of a pastor sitting under a plastic basketball goal.

There's nothing quite like stopping by a blog and seein' such fancy, high falutin' photos!

You can thank me later.

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