Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comment Deleting 101

Mary H! Take a deep breath and step away slowly from the computer! Help is on the way! (smile)

Here are some instructions for Mary and anyone else who has ever composed a comment and hit "publish," only to discover that the comment had some mistakes or misspellings.

First, find the little garbage can icon to the bottom left of your comment. Click on it.

The comment will magically disappear and a little message will come up that says, "Comment removed by author."

Then you are free to start all over again!

Wouldn't it be nice if things in life were like that?

Thanks to each of you of who take the time to comment; you just don't know how it makes my whole day.

And on another "topic of thanks," let me just say that I appreciate you all being so gracious and patient with the two Blogher ads I run on the page. At my current rate of daily visits, I'm earning between $150-$175 a month from those two ads; considering our recent long period of unemployment and the fact that I'm home schooling and can't work a lot of hours, that money makes a big difference in our monthly budget.

It's so nice that I'm continuing to do exactly what I've been doing (for free) for the past six years and actually getting paid a little for it. I feel like an almost, sort of, semi professional writer!

One thing that I am very thankful that Blogher offers (that Google's Adsense didn't) is the option of declining ads I don't want. I've been very pleased with Blogher's selection of ads, so far.

So anyway, thanks for visiting, and clicking and being so faithful to drop by. You Smithellaneous folks are the best!