Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dressing Room On the Right

Yesterday at Goodwill, I was looking through the vast selection of pants, diligently examining each pair to see if any of them might be hiding a guarantee somewhere that said, "Once you put these pants on, your body will be transformed into that of a trim, shapely college student."

In case you're wondering, I didn't seem to uncover any garments in that category. However, I did manage to find plenty that were guaranteed to transform my body in that of a non-trim, 47-year old woman whose "sands of time" had all sunk to the bottom! Amazing how that works!

At any rate, as I continued my ongoing searching for that perfect, transformative pair of jeans, I noticed a little drama going on at the two dressing rooms near me. Every couple minutes, a different person would go up to the dressing room doors and knock. The various transient occupants of the dressing room on the left always responded; however, each time someone knocked on the dressing room to the right, there would be no respnse.

Then the "knocker" would try the door. It would be locked. They would knock again. And get no response. (And it wasn't one of those doors you could look under to check for the evidence of feet.)

I thought, "Okay, some kid has locked the door and closed it behind him, or some person with a warped sense of humor has played a mean little trick on all the frantic ladies lined up to try on their bargains and has put one of the dressing rooms out of commission."

After I had spent another fifteen minutes or so looking through the pants, I took my collection of clothes over to the dressing room area. A lady waiting there told me that her granddaughter was in the room on the left and she wasn't sure what was going on with the room on the right.

I went over and knocked. Loudly.

No answer.

I tried the door.


I knocked again.

No response.

Now let me just say before I go any further that I am an introverted, Type B personality. I have never been one to march in, take over, command troops, fling orders, or issue edicts. However, when it came to trying on bargains at Goodwill, my little ol' Type B personality started to slowly shrivel away and my infrequently used Type A personality began poking out its head. Because I'm telling you, trying on stuff at Goodwill is important! It is worthy of Type A-ness!

And so I stated to myself in an uncharacteristically choleric, bossy sort of way, "Well! I just need to go find a Goodwill employee! Right now! And she needs to come over here with me! Immediately! And she needs to unlock this door! Instantly!"

(It's kind of fun being a Type A personality occasionally, even if you're the only one who knows you're doing it!)

I was just about to take my rarely bossy self off in the direction of an employee and put my plan into action when, lo and behold, the door to the dressing room on the right slowly opened.

The lady beside me joined me in a stare of mutual curiosity as we prepared to discover what kind of person had been silently squirreled away inside a Goodwill dressing room for fifteen minutes.

It turned out to be a lady. A normal, intelligent, non-alarming looking lady.

As I watched her walk calmly away, I harrumphed to myself in continued Type A fashion, "WHY in the world didn't she respond when half a dozen different people knocked on her door? WHAT could possibly be her reasoning behind that? WHAT is going on here?"

And then suddenly it hit me. "Oh dear. Maybe she's deaf. Maybe she never even heard any of those knocks."

I stood there and shuddered as I thought about how close I had come to calling in the cavalry and summoning the forces of Goodwill so that her door could be unlocked and flung open. Right in the middle of her previously private trying-on session.


I uttered a small prayer of thanks as I went into her newly vacated dressing room and you can be sure that when anyone knocked on my door, I responded very loudly and very clearly.

Because the forces of Goodwill flinging open my dressing room door while I'm displaying my quasi-flabby, unfit, middle aged body is not a happy thought. Trust me on that.

What about you? Do you have any interesting, embarrassing, or scintillating dressing room stories? Do tell!


Coming soon! Pineapple ponderments.

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MaryH said...

Well, that was funny! I don't have any really funny dressing room stories but I must say I liked yours!

About pineapples, I learned this on a trip to Charleston,SC but it may not be the most accurate - In the olden days, when a husband would return from a sea expedition, one of the traditions would be for the family to put a pineapple on the fencepost - usually one with a spike like top (silly description) to let neighbors, friends and relatives know that the man of the house had returned and they were now welcome to visit - so, same idea - A sign of hospitality and welcome.

I love lighthouses - besides living in my little cottage by the sea (my dream), I would love to live in a lighthouse! They hold such mystery to me.

Hope you found some clothes. I just did that switcheroo of seasonal clothes, dread it, some fit, some don't - I may be visiting my local Goodwill!

Glad you seem to be feeling better - hope your trip to Manteo this weekend is a good, fall-free one. I am off work for the rest of the week - my grandson is coming to visit for the weekend. YAY!!!

Prayers and good thoughts for you mom.

Anonymous said...

You're feeling better?

Pineapples - I end up using edible leaves(or not depending on use)from my garden to dress stuff up. I like your way better! I love the symbolic meaning of a pineapple meaning "Welcome". Love -Guerrina

Anonymous said...


That was funny and weird. No, I don't have any dressing room stories, but I do have a recent bathroom story...

So I'm in the bathroom with my 3 year old at the zoo. First she goes potty and then I get my chance. Well, since she was all done and ready to go, she decided to open the door and go wash her hands! Yep, she opened the door while I'm on the potty! Nice! That little stinker! And of course there was a line of people waiting their turns and got a glimpse of me!


Anonymous said...

Loved your dressing room story. My story happened just after we moved to Texas from Pennsylvania and had yet to become acquainted with anyone. I was in a dressing room and the person in the room next to that calls out my name and says she would know my laugh anywhere. We had such a wonderful reunion when I discovered it was a fellow teacher and friend from the high school in Pennsylvania where we both taught. She and her husband also had moved to Texas and were living just a few miles from us. It is such a small world in which we live.

Goodwill is one of my favorite places for a treasure hunt. Hope you had lots of success. I was surprised to learn that they have a delivery truck that comes 3 times a week, so there are always new things available. Our church also sponsors a community resale shop that has tremendous bargains. All the proceeds are then used to purchase food from the food bank and then distributed to those in need.

Have a wonderful, event-free weekend. Hope the aches and pains are subsiding.


Catherine said...

No dressing room stories, other than losing clothes left in a dressing booth while I went out to look for other stuff.

Our Good Will and Salv Army do not have dressing rooms, sigh.

I know you'll appreciate that I found a dress at Salv Army on half price Wednesday this week that I had eyed last year at a dept store costing well over $100, close to $200 for a sun dress! Loved it but just could not justify it, though truly the cost per wear would likely have been low since it would be something I would wear a lot, but.... tuition, mortgage, car bills. I found the exact same dress in my size for $9.99, and on half price Wednesday, I paid $5! I won't get the wear out of it this year as it is a summer frock, but I am ever so thrilled!

What were your finds this week? Hope you did well.

Sarah said...

If you find some magic pants let me know. I don't know who they are making pants for these days but its clearly not anyone with something called a thigh. Once, after a frustrating day of pants shopping, I asked a friend if she thought I could start a trend where people just don't wear pants, but she did not think it would be a good idea.

Dressing room story:
The pool my family used to belong to had the dressing room stalls that have curtains instead of doors. I am not of a fan of curtain doors because they never seem to reach fully across, they always seem to blow around, and there is usually no way to secure them closed.
I was changing out of my bathing suit, which thankfully years on the swim team has taught me how to do without ever being fully uncovered. I had heard some younger girls enter the room and go into the stall next to me. All the sudden a small head peaks under the curtain looks up at my shirtless self and then ducks back out. I hear the child announce loudly to her friend, "I saw a bra!" Luckily, I think we were the only people in the room.

In high school, the boys and girls swim team locker room in the winter was an all boys football locker room in the fall. For swim season, there was a sliding wood door that separated them into separate rooms. The boys side was a lot nicer than the girls side and since everyone showered in their bathing suits, my teammates often pulled the doors open so that everyone could hang out. Someone tried to prevent this by screwing a piece of wood to the doors so they wouldn't slide open. A teammate brought in a screwdriver and removed the wood. Needless to say, the other teams would often be surprised when the walked into a "coed" locker-room.

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