Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Breathing. Boxes.

We're getting close. Closer and closer and closer. And even closer. It looks as though we'll be sleeping in our new house tomorrow night!

One of the reasons we haven't moved in earlier was that when I spent more than a few minutes in our master bathroom/bedroom, my lungs started aching and I experienced shortness of breath. I also got a sore throat and a headache. Not such a good thing!

It was also a bit disconcerting because we didn't know if I was reacting to something within the house itself which couldn't be changed. That would not be good news, being unable to live in my own house!

On Monday, the carpet cleaner guy came and yesterday, with some fear and trembling, I ventured into the bedroom and took a few experimental breaths. And then a few more.

Bottom line? I was able to spend two hours unpacking and organizing the master bath and bedroom with nary a problem. Hallelujah!

Whatever issue I was dealing with obviously had to do with something in the carpet. We would love to put hardwood floors in our bedroom eventually, just because they're much more friendly to people with lung problems, but for now we'll deal with what we have.

I had posted a picture a few days ago of Steve working on curtains in the living room; however, after an hour or two of messing around with them, we finally took a step back from the project and realized the whole idea was never going to work. The curtains that were already in place were pretty old, faded from the sun and had gotten beyond the point of hanging straight.

So on our way to Smithfield Monday, we stopped by a store and picked up some simple panels to hang instead. They look so much better! We threw the dusty, musty drapes out on the back deck which made my dust-hating lungs even happier. Happy lungs, happy life!

Here are a few more pictures of our progress.


Comments on the Comment Section

Krista asked to see some pictures of Sarah's room. It is very much "in process" right now; we're hoping to make a good bit of progress in there today.

This is what she sees when she looks down from her room. Pretty cool view, huh?


Anonymous asked what size t-shirt Sarah wears. She can wear either a size 16 girls (extra large) or the smallest size in a junior. (Don't know if that's a 1 or a 3. I left those sizes behind when I was about seven years old.)

Lysa had an excellent question concerning why we made Nathan's bed first when he won't be home for two weeks.

I actually have a very good reason! Our bed did not yet have the dust ruffle (fender skirt, bed skirt, whatever . . . ) on it and the king mattress is too big for me to help Steve move it. So we're waiting for reinforcements to come in today and move the mattress. Then the skirt can go on, the sheets, the comforter, the pillows--and we'll be good to go!

Okay. I'm signing off. And you'll never guess what I'm going to do next.

Can't guess?

I'll give you a hint.

It has to do with boxes.

Try to figure it out.

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Anonymous said...

The living area looks BEAUTIFUL!

MaryH said...

Boxes of chocolates, I hope?!!!

I agree, the living area is gorgeous!

Glad the lung/breathing issue was resolved with the carpet cleaning. Would it be too much to ask of the owners if this problem resurfaces that they would allow you to remove that carpet and get the floors finished. You are pretty set on this house as a purchase anyway, right?

Keep up the good work - you are almost there.

deb said...

You guys are fast--I am so impressed!

The living room looks lovely. Wanna come decorate our apartment? You'd only have to wade through about a foot of snow!

Sending love and hugs (with a few snowflakes) your way!

Love, Deb

Anonymous said...

WOW, you have really transformed the living room area! It is so WARM and inviting. You must just want to sit in there and rest and laugh and talk and rest and .... rest. Your Christmas is going to be beautiful in there.

GS in Canada

Anonymous said...

It's stunning! Love, Guerrina

Anonymous said...

I've been in my new house 3 weeks already and my living room is not even close to being put together like yours! You guys are awesome!

Lisa L said...

i love what you've done so far. your furniture looks beautiful in the living room. glad that your lungs improved after the rug cleaning! goodness knows what might have been on those bathroom rugs.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pictures of Sarah's room. I can't wait to see it done and see what she does with it. It reminds me of a room I had in our house in Boston when I was a teenager...with the sloped ceilings and it was a big room. I hope she enjoys it.

I'm glad to hear your breathing is better. I agree with Mary should ask the owner's about doing some of the updating.

Your living room is stunning. I had to catch my breath when I scrolled down to see the pictures. You have a talent for decorating.

Hope you get lots done today...


Anonymous said...

The way you've creatively arranged the living room looks exceptional ~ like a classy furniture showroom. I'm very impressed by what you've done with the space! --Lori (Christoffersen) Johnson of Washington state (formerly of Wisconsin)

Anonymous said...

I love the curtains. Where did you get them and what are they hanging on? Are they tabs or rings and do you slide them closed. I really like the look and think they would replace our dusty valances quite nicely.

becky m said...

i know your going to build a grand castle made from boxes or perhaps a space ship???

Marysienka said...

Wow you're doing a good job with the unpacking! And the living room looks great :o) I'm glad you're now able to breathe in your own bedroom, I guess that was a quick fix, phew!

Can't wait to hear all about your new life in Manteo!


Catherine said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for the full tour!

Want to share with you, Becky, a new supplement that some friends of mine in medical research are touting. Look up N acetyl cytsteine. Needs to be taken with zinc and Vitamin C supplementation. It is being featured in clinical trials for COPD, bronchitus, and other issues, but many involving lung problems. I want to try it on my mother who has COPD.

As always, discuss any supplements or meds with your doctor, especially this, since it does deplete metal and Vitamin C reserves.

bearie1 said...

I agree with everyone, the living room looks great. The window treatments are much better. Elaine

Anonymous said...

The living room is fabulous. It looks so restful, peaceful and simply elegant---just right for curling up to read a good book and rest those weary bones. The yellow walls are a great contrast to the dark furniture. And can you believe how beautifully the library table fits between the pillars behind the sofa.

The kitchen looks good also. The garden window above the sink is a nice added touch and will be beautiful filled with plants.

Has Sarah decided what color to paint her room?

Hang in there. You are making such great progress. And thanks for taking such descriptive pictures to share with us.


Anonymous said...

Another one in agreement, your living area colors really work well, you are doing a great job settling in!

This will be a Christmas to remember for many reasons, thank you again for sharing with us!

Jean C.
St. Louis MO

Ann Martin said...

It is awesome and I am amazed at what you have accomplished thus far. My house needs you! Always seems to be something else to do other than clean and straighten up. Did get a new table cloth for my now "round" table in the dining room. It looks much better and I am enjoying the space -- just need to get the boxes out and we didn't just move. Jim has lots of DVDs and they are stacked up in boxes. Can we hire you? I am anxious to see the Christmas decorations and also Sarah's completed room. Take care and God bless. Love you guys.