Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Meal Between the Chapters

For all you cooks out there who are beside yourself with curiosity (yeah, right) as to what the first meal in our new house was, we dined on leftover hamburgers and hotdogs that were grilled in Smithfield, then frozen and carted to Manteo. 

For dessert we had apple/butterscotch cake which was--you guessed it--baked in Smithfield (for Thanksgiving), then frozen and carted to Manteo.   Bottom line was that our Manteo meal consisted of Smithfield food.  Pretty fitting I guess, for the meal between the chapters.


In the first picture, I seem to have caught Steve halfway between a smirk and a smile.  I thought about not posting the picture, but then I changed my mind because it’s really sorta funny. Also, Sarah looks a bit more cheery in that picture than in the second one.

IMG_0110 IMG_0111


So there you have it.  The smirking Smith dad and the non-smirking Smith daughter.

The morning after our first night, I found my human child and my canine child hard at work breaking in the newly relocated couch and the accompanying TV.  It’s a hard life.


Snowy’s not quite sure what to think about all of this.  He almost got lost going up to Sarah’s room last night since he’s used to just one flight of stairs going straight up.  In this house, it’s stairs, turn on a landing, more stairs, turn and go through a door, more stairs, turn on a landing, more stairs and finally, Sarah’s room.

Last night in the midst of his exploratory stair climbing, his perpetually confused canine look was even more perpetually confused looking than ever.   Believe me, I can relate since confusion seems to be my new best friend!

Gotta go.  More boxes (and confusion) await.

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Beverly said...

Poor Snowy! It's hard work getting to Sarah now!

lesley said...

I was wondering how he was doing. He and Sarah are going to be in great shape, climbing all those stairs. And you'll get lots of respiratory exercise hollering up those stairs to Sarah :)

Catherine said...

How about a recipe for that apple/butterscotch combo? Sounds interesting.

Sue G said...

Oh my. All those stairs sound daunting.

Remind me about them if I every say I'm coming for a visit. Oy.

nsbmom said...

How do you like Manteo? I spent some time in Buxton a few years back...

Anonymous said...

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Susan C said...

Yes, all of those stairs do in deed sound daunting.

I'm glad everyone seems to be adjusting well.

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