Friday, March 19, 2010

The Father and Son Happy Tire Rotation Routine

Thank you to everyone who shared your stories, tears and personal experiences in the comments area after my post yesterday. It’s so nice to be reminded that we aren’t alone on the grieving journey.

Today’s post is going to be a bit different from yesterday’s but different is good, right? Since I’m having fourteen people in for dinner tonight (our Board Members and their wives) I figure I’d better spend my time cookin’ and cleanin’ rather than writin’ and postin’. (I’m sure the dinner guests would heartily agree because after all, it’s sort of hard to dine on a blog post.)

So instead of writing, I’ll post some pictures from Nathan’s visit last week.

He and Steve discussed all throughout the week how much tread is on Nathan’s tires and how much tread should be on Nathan’s tires. (Hey, it’s cheap entertainment!) Finally, they decided that the time had come to do the Father and Son Happy Tire Rotation Routine.


IMG_2294 IMG_2283 IMG_2290

While the men stayed busy with their manly man duties, Sarah and Meagan (Nathan’s girlfriend) took care of important business of their own—thrift store shopping! Here they are, about to leave the house. In the course of the shopping trip, they also engaged in some discussion about the all important subject of boys! Sarah is really enjoying having a big sister in her life.



And lastly, a picture that should make you smile. My sister sent me the most colorful, beautiful cheery umbrella for my birthday. (It’s one of the things I asked for.) I firmly believe that there should be a law against black umbrellas; if it’s rainy, it’s already gloomy and who needs more gloominess? This is the way umbrellas should look!


And with that cheery sight, I will sign off. And start cooking. And cleaning. And running amok.

Which I’m actually fairly good at!