Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Surgeons and Naps

Before I lie down for the longest nap of this century, let me fill you in briefly on the day.

First of all, I was so blessed by all the messages greeting me when I got home a few minutes ago; thanks to each of you who took the time to send an encouraging word, a virtual hug or a long distance prayer.

There is good news and bad news:

The good news is that a secondary suspicious, cancer-related issue that had been mentioned turned out to be a "no go," representing nothing at all to worry about. Whew!

However, when the surgeon put my films up on the light board he said, "Uh, HUH."

Translated to mean, "My, my, my, my."

What he saw was a large number of microcalcifications in several different areas on the left side. From what I understand, macrocalcifications can show up in anyone and are very rarely a sign of cancer.

On the other hand, microcalcifications can sometimes be a sign of cancer, but not always. Certain patterns of calcifications, however— such as tight clusters with irregular shapes — can indicate breast cancer.

It seems the radiologist who read my mammogram is worried about the shape of the calcifications. The surgeon who examined me today is concerned that the extensive array of microcalcifications on this recent mammogram were nowhere to seen on the one I had just six months ago. And since calcifications are usually slow growing, this is obviously a reason for some worry.

Bottom line is that he told me he was going to go ahead and schedule a biopsy, and whether the calcifications were benign or malignant, he was still probably going to recommend having them all surgically removed at a later date, just because he would feel a bit "safer" that way.

They had an opening to come in on Friday but we already had a Board Dinner scheduled at our house and since that took a good deal of maneuvering to get the schedules of fourteen people to align, we we didn't want to change that.

Instead, I'll be going next Monday morning for the biopsy and will go back to the doctor the following Monday for the results.

So now you know what I know.

And now I'm going to bed.

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lesley said...

Oh Becky, you made it through. And it's not all bad news. Hooray! You deserve a nice long nap, I hope you are enjoying it. Praying the next couple of weeks go quickly and you can put this behind you, where it belongs.

I'm always jealous of people who can nap. I just can't seem to do it.

MaryH said...

This surgeon sounds like he wants to get this handled and handled quickly and that is a good thing. I am still confident, I am still praying and I am still thinking all good thoughts about the outcome of all of this - we have done it before, we will do it again - without fail. So, we have all left the waiting room for a few days but will be back armed with mighty prayers come Monday (and every other day after that where there is a need). Hope your nap helped and if it didn't, find those beautiful chocolates and unwrap it!!!! Oh, and then eat it, of course.

Tammy said...

I am glad you are on your way to having answers. I hope your nap was peaceful and sound!

Anonymous said...

I've been praying for you as always. Just been a little out of touch lately. Happy Birthday too(just a little late, sorry). Praying for good results.
Debbie Taylor

Saffyres said...

Your biopsy results shouldn't take a week. 4-5 days, tops.

Just sayin'. Don't wait an extra weekend, please.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your surgeon seems to want to get to the bottom of this quickly. Praying for great results.

Margie M

Michelle said...

Will continue to pray all will be well. Sleep tight! :)

A Mom's Serious Blunder said...

Of course you are in my prayers...and thank you for keeping our family in yours.

Beverly said...

I'm so happy to hear you're having a recuperating nap!!

Now it's just a matter of another appointment...surrounded by lots of prayers...for you to have some answers.

LizW said...

Hope you had a good nap - you earned it! Sounds like you have a good surgeon who explained things well. Prayers and good thoughts for you will continue!

Pam D said...

Becky, I'm just glad that you stay on top of the scans and the checkups. Honestly? I would probably avoid it because of my fears, making things much worse in the end. Praying now for your peace of mind as well as for the surgeon's ability to discern the right treatment. And believing that God not only can but WILL answer those prayers in the very best way possible. hugs....

Sue G said...

Okay, so let me tell you what I know. I know you are going to be fine. I know that God will be going with you to any appointment, biopsy, whatever. I know that whatever it is, you will handle it with the same determination, grace and faith that you always handle things. And i know that whatever it isn't will be met by all of us with profound gratitude and love for a God who loves you so much and wants only your best.

That's just some of what I know.

Rebecca said...

Very happy about the good news, and lots of prayers, hugs and finger crossings on the second part. :) keep smiling :)

Anonymous said...

Still praying for you and your family. You are in good hands with a wonderful family to help you through this as well as an awesome heavenly father. Hopefully these next couple of weeks will go by quickly and you will have more good news to share with us. You are an inspiration to me; as I too have dealt with cancer in my family (both my parents, my mom had breast cancer and my Dad had renal cell carcinoma, which has come back and he is facing more surgery). Thanks for all your encouraging stories. You are a mighty servant.

Anonymous said...

"I know" that you're being covered in prayer, that's for sure!

mrs pam

Jan said...

Just wanted to add a few more prayers to the list.

Jan Reuther

LeeAnne said...

Becky, At least you are on your way to getting an answer. I pray that Monday goes smoothly and that the results are favorable. Wishing you peace of mind and a belated happy birthday too!

Anonymous said...

C'mon - you went through this same exact thing a year or two ago. Didn't they tell you it was like a 99.9% chance of cancer and it turned out not to be? This seems oddly reminiscent...I think you'll be fine.

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