Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Your Wednesday Dose of Old Beauty

Yesterday on our way home from the surgeon’s office, Steve decided that his forlorn and exhausted little woman needed a little diversion from all the Serious Talk that has been flying around in our lives lately.

And as usual, he was right.

The diversion was in the form of an antique store along the way highway leading to Manteo.  The place was a veritable photographer’s delight.  Every corner and cranny was overflowing with stuff—valuable stuff, junky stuff, beautiful stuff.  Old beauty.

Picnik collage5


 Picnik collage1 Picnik collage2

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the day.  (Some of them may already be in a collage but I wanted to post them full size, as well.)


I loved the idea of an ancient gas pump sitting next to a (formerly) fancy sitting room chair.




I adored the over sized diaper pins.







So there you have it.  Your Wednesday Dose of Old Beauty. 

And may I just add that I hope you find unexpected beauty--both old and new--filling the corners of your life today.

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Whitney Hopkins said...

Becky, I loved your "old beauty" shots. Great photos. Looks like a fun shop. I was recently in an antique shop in New Orleans and I too took a number of pictures of "stuff" I found inspiring including old chairs and old bottles.

Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures!! Let's not tell Dale where this is though. We already have tons of 'we might need this one day'. He definitely likes old things...which could explain why he loves me :)

MaryH said...

I love to stop at antique shops or old junk shops or whatever you find along the highway. My younger daughter is such a fan of roadtrips and making detours off the main road to find the treasures hidden on the smaller highways. My favorite pics you took are the one with the cat walking on the porch near a stack of books, the one with the white wicker chairs in a row, the rolling pins and the colored glass bottles in the window. I am so glad Steve thought to do this for you - what a kind heart he has for you. Count your blessing, Becky, they are many - may not seem so at the moment but I know they will be stacked high when all this medical stuff is finished. Chocolate and photography and browsing through shops (never malls!) - you know how to do it the best way. God Bless - still praying.

Anonymous said...

I love antiquing!! My friend Jan and I had a booth in an antique mall, and we would go antiquing and garage sale shopping every week. And on Thursday evenings we would go to a junky antique auction. We could usually get a good price on items that we wanted for ourselves because official dealers know that they need to price their merchandise for twice the purchase price, so they can't bid too high. Lots of times we'd be bidding on a box of treasures!!! Both of us have at least 50 different items that we collect, and I was always looking for things that would highlight my monthly themes in school.
So, did you buy anything, or just take those great photos/
mrs pam

Lisa said...

How fun, Becky!