Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Draggin' . . .

I'm not feeling so great today.

More pain than usual. Less stamina.

A little melancholy. A lot tired.

It's raining outside and dreary. Not raining inside, but still--a bit dreary.

I'm going to go back to bed for awhile and see if I can sleep my way to a better frame of mind. And state of body.

It could be that my 4-hour jaunt to the doctor yesterday followed by a wee teeny bit of house cleaning was a bit too much for this middle-aged, post-operative, drain-draggin' woman.

Later . . .

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Love Being A Nonny said...

Yeh, maybe. Try to take it easy. Haven't commented every day but I HAVE been praying for you!

Anonymous said...

As women we so want to just get back to business, but I'm thinkin' business is slow. . . so take some naps, appreciate whatever you have for pain relief, delve into a book that lets you escape for a bit, find some chocolate and don't sweat the small stuff like cleaning...when did dust bunnies ever get charged with serious crimes against humanity, I ask?!

Love - Guerrina

lesley said...

Yup, sounds like you did too much. Tomorrow you will feel better if you take it real easy today.
The ebb and flow of recovery....

Anonymous said...

I am checking in daily, it's going to take a while before you feel back to your old self, rest for now and get some fresh air when it's nice out.

I bet you will find having Nathan around this summer will be exactly what your soul needs, you can start looking forward to that, cause he will be home before you know it.

Take care, I'm thinking of you -

Jean C.

MaryH said...

Becky, slow down, my dear. You definitely did a little too much yesterday. The trip alone was probably more than enough. Relax. Hard to do when you want to feel normal again, but it is a necessary part of this process. Frustrating, aggrevating and tedious - but necessary. Your body is telling you what it needs - more rest. Praying.

Sue G said...

Hmmmm. You keep taunting Carolyn and me on FB about how young you are, and now you admit to being middle age?!? I will have to share that with her.

So sorry to hear that you aren't up to snuff today, but even the little things can wipe you out after a major assault to your body. Four hours in a car can be daunting. Getting dressed can be daunting. And doing housework...what were you thinking? The one plus side of surgery is that other people will do the chores!!!!

I am very grateful you are listening to your body, my friend. It cries out gently sometimes, but if unheard it can be known to scream.

I don't want anyone or anything screaming at you. Ya' hear?

Unknown said...

lefThis is definitely your body's way of saying "slow down, take care of me"! Let the cleaning go - the car ride alone was a lot to go through. Praying for you each and every day. Hang in there. I'll be going right by Manteo this weekend - my daughter and her family live in Nags Head. She lovers the OBX and always wanted to live there when she was growing up. You live in a wonderful place!

Take care of yourself!

LizW said...

Cleaning can wait, or others can do it!!!! It really is important that you just let that go. Some medical advice, hopefully, that you have already been given - don't wait until you are in pain to take pain meds, even if it is just ibuprofen and tylenol. Take it every four hours, no matter what. Makes a huge difference in staying on top of the pain.
Hang in there - it will get better. Just think about the good news that you don't need radiation or chemo. That is huge.
Prayers as always,

Michelle said...

Praying you'll feel better soon ... and thankful it is not "raining inside"! ;)

Anonymous said...



Michelle Meredith said...

SLOW DOWN!!! The more you do the more you drain. Expecially on the side that the lymph nodes came out of. I even wore a sling so I wouldn't use my right arm for silly little things...like holding my book or remote control. And you, crazy lady, are cleaning?!?!? I also remember hurting a lot the second week. By now you are probably off the pain meds so you are REALLY feeling everything. And yes, riding in the car yesterday was more than enough to wear you out. Just sleep, read a book, watch some tv. Do it just because you can! It's justifiable now. That's your job now. Take advantage of the opportunity to be lazy!

Jane Copes (Professor Sepoc) said...

Thinking of you and wishing for some of that rain. It's windy and cloudy, but no rain coming down yet. It'll be good to sit outside when the weather clears up, won't it? Rest and heal!

Sue G said...

"The more you do the more you drain."

I think that's the best comment ever. On every level.

Thanks, Michelle!

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,

I cried my eyes out when I read your post yesterday. I am 22 years old, and I can only hope that my own relationship will still be as wonderful as yours is 28 years down the line.

I think you're great just the way you are, too. It makes me sad that you're still feeling so rough, and I hope the days to come bring peace and healing.

My own mom has had some worrisome health issues of her own recently. She refuses to slow down at all,despite my well-intentioned nagging. I thought I'd send some of my "friendly encouragement" your way as well: please take it easy until you are feeling better! :)

I hope tomorrow is an easier day. You're in my thoughts.


MaryH said...

I agree with Sue G that Michelle's comment is the best - that should be your mantra for as long as it needs to be, Becky. Follow the advice of the ones who have the experience. Hope the sun is shining today. Praying.

Catherine said...

I am amazed at how well you are doing so soon after this ordeal, Becky. You are one strong woman!

Anonymous said...

No Housekeeping!!!!!
I'm sure your doctor did not say you could do even light house cleaning this soon. You need to slow down or you'll end up taking longer to heal. Just rest!

Dana in SC

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry you are feeling so poorly. I really hope this "post" finds you feeling better. I think your putting too much pressure on yourself. Slow down and take care of YOU (or let others take care of you). I hope each day gets better and better. Love you, Jodi