Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ministering Angels (And Dog)

(Note: Go to Sarah's site to see some pictures from our recent stay at the beach when we "kidnapped" Sarah for the afternoon.)

Tomorrow I’ll write a bit more about the miraculous last minute sale of our house and post some pictures/stories about that whole scenario; today, however, I want to concentrate on saying thank you to the two special ladies who came to spend a week with us after my surgery.

My sister Debbie, and Mom (Jo Ann) were most definitely ministering angels to me when I needed them the most. Whenever you’re sick, it’s always great to have Mom nearby and I was blessed that mine was able to be here--sitting near me while I slept, cooking for me, bringing me water, and knitting my days and nights together with her prayers.

And I was also blessed to have a sister who hung with me through some pretty rough waters. She kept my meds straight, emptied my drains, clucked over me like a mother hen, helped me unwrap my dressings from the surgery, stood by with great compassion when I couldn’t stop vomiting, helped me get out of bed when everything hurt too bad to even move, cooked several meals, and did my grocery shopping in her “spare time.” In short, Debbie is one of those women who gives sisters a good name.

Here are a few pictures from their visit:

Mom’s delicious potato pancakes.


Midway through their visit, Debbie suddenly decided that what the Smith home needed was a hummingbird feeder so she dashed out and got one for us. Here she is showing Sarah how to make the hummingbird nectar and fill the feeder.



Mom was there for me to do important things like putting on my socks when I wasn’t able to bend down.


The Sock Ladies. (I was still on painkillers so I look a little loopy.)


Of course, Mom and Debbie were right there with me coming out of surgery.


Here they are hanging out with my other wonderful “angel of mercy,“ Steve’s mom.


Of course, we don’t want to leave out the other ministering angel in my life, little ol’ Snowy. He was always ready to hang out with the gals and bring his own unique brand of cheery therapy to the occasion.


Mom and Debbie left for home last Thursday and we have been very well taken care of in their absence by people in the church who have brought meals by each night.

I’ve also been cheered by emails, cards in the mail and this bunch of balloons sent by a website friend in Illinois.


Although this has been a harder journey than I had anticipated (emotionally and physically), I am very aware how blessed I am to have so many people in my life who are helping to lift the load for me.

Tomorrow, Steve and I will head out at 7: 15 am for Greenville and see my two surgeons. And speaking of surgeons, I don’t think I’ve mentioned in any of the past updates that they did biopsy the sentinel node on the left side and it was clean. That’s good news!

Well, I feel like this update has been sort of disjointed but I at least wanted to get something written before heading back to bed for a while. I’m not sure why I’m so tired all the time; I guess, eventually I might feel more like myself again.

Little by little . . .


I’ll close with a “teaser” picture from my next update.


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Lisa said...

Wow, that's a high swing. :O)

You look beautiful, you really do. And something I've noticed is that in pictures of you with your mom, she's always looking at you instead of the camera. What a precious mama you have! Great photos, great update, great God!


Sue G said...

So happy to have another update from you. I kept looking, looking, looking yesterday for one...and came up empty. I guess this is a form of addiction (blog out for it).

You were surely blessed to have been surrounded by so much love and help. And God has blessed you indeed by giving you a receiver's heart. I know lots of people (ME) who insist on doing it alone...well, just me and God...and I know I deny the people who love me most the joy of contributing. But I am who I am, much like Popeye. And I am so glad you are who YOU are.

You do look a tad "under the influence" in your photo. I envy you your response to pain meds. They don't work for me. And I would gladly pose for photos while under the influence if only I could GET under the influence. Sigh. So I am grateful that you had help with the pain when you needed it.

Wow. Can't wait to hear all about the house sale and your plans. God's timing truly is perfect. And your obedience has been richly rewarded, first with the sale of your home, and next with your rich, full, cancer free life.

Many blessings, Becky. And now, you will have to excuse me because I have this uncanny taste for potato pancakes.

Melanie said...

Glad to see you up and around a little bit!
I'm so glad you have such wonderful friends and family to take care of you. :)
Looking forward to the house sale details.
Take care!

LizW said...

Loopy you may be, but it is wonderful to see you up and dressed! That had to feel good, even if bending over didn't. It is obvious that your mom and sister and you share a love that does not always exist in families. I am sure they wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else but helping you all.
We are all looking forward to hearing the "miracle of the house" story, told as only Becky can tell it.
Prayers go with you tomorrow. Thanks also for sharing the good news about the clean node.


Pam D said...

Lisa took the words right out of my mouth! Your momma couldn't take her eyes off of her baby girl... what a sweet, sweet lady. And your wonderful sister and mother in law... oh,I'm so glad you had all of that support when you needed it. Thrilled for the house sale... and believing that it's time for the clouds to roll away and the sun to shine on you!

Anonymous said...

Good luck today at the doctor. I hope he can take all the drains out for you. I know you must be dying for a shower.

Do you think Steve would be willing to share the "form" you used to track everything with your care? I sounds pretty impressive! I have been trying to put something together for myself (I know some of yours would not be applicable but maybe a place to start. I really need to do something easier than what I am currently doing.

By the way, Debbie and Mom you did such a great job helping Becky would you be willing to adopt me as a sister/daughter and come out and help me after a surgery I will need to have by summer (or sooner)? I live in IL (so I am your neighbor to the South). Just let me know. You wouldn't even have to cook for me. LOL! Kidding aside, Becky is so blessed to have such a loving family.

Still praying.

Love and ((((GENTLE HUGS))))!


PS. Nice balloons? LOL!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of you after surgery and the look of love and concern on your mom's face as she's looking at you.

Hope today is a good appointment.

Praying for you!

Connie F-G

MaryH said...

Hoping and praying for great reports from the surgeons and the drains being GONE! Becky, you are tired because you have been through a MAJOR event and traumatic shock to your body. It will get better - we so underestimate the power surgery has on our bodies and minds. So, take care of yourself. I hope to get a good report from Greenville when you are up to giving it. Your mom and sister are truly angels - I am still so struck by the look on your mom's face when you are in recovery - that same look was on your face in so many pictures as you looked at Sarah during treatment. That is the true love and hurting heart of a mom. Praying.

Alisa said...

So glad that you have so much love around you! Hope your recovery continues to go smoothly.

Anne said...

Hi Becky,
I hope you can ditch those drains today! You will be worn out from the trip to the doc so I hope that is your reward. Plus a shower, a nap, and another nap, in no particular order! With a chaser of chocolate of course... Your body is telling you what you need to do to heal and right now rest is it! Congrats on the house sale and the negative node - lots of good news being sprinkled down :)

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