Monday, May 10, 2010


Most of you who come by here very often and read the guest book will recognize the name, "Sue G." She is pretty famous around certain websites for leaving comments that entertain, strengthen and inspire.

Well, this is a week when our dear friend needs some strength and inspiration of her own. Please take a minute and go to Sue's website and read about what she's facing right now. And if you feel like leaving a message of encouragement I would consider that to be a personal favor. She's an important part of the Smithellaneous Family and I want her to know that we're traveling with her on this journey.

Thanks so much.

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Sue G said...

Wow, Becky. How nice of you to mention me on your blog. Did I sound that pathetic? I'm not, really. Just hanging on by my fingernails while I wait for a new plan, some pain relief, and some time to enjoy planning my daughter's July wedding.

Thank you for thinking of me and for sending over some of your readers. That always tickles see comments in the guest book.

Guess I should write from the human perspective more often. But I do hope people still hear the hope and trust and faith I have in this journey.

Those will always be more powerful than pain.

Catherine said...

What an incredible woman. Becky, I meet the rarest folks on your site. I will add her to my prayers.

Ann Martin said...

Praying for Sue G. and left a comment on her site. Praying for you, too. Would the trip to the grocery store include "fixings" for a certain man's birthday on Thursday? Hope you enjoyed your "outing." It is so good to know you are feeling better in all areas. Today was Daddy's birthday (May 10) and we made it through. One more "firsts" down. God bless and good night.

Michelle said...

I'm honored to add Sue to my prayer chain. What a neat woman she is. :)

Hope you're feeling better, Becky, and can enjoy your day. How far are you from the beach? Just a thought. ;)

Love what Sarah wrote for you, by the way. Straight from the heart - such a great kid. My daughter (14) also wrote something I'll cherish forever. Nice knowing they still kind of like us, isn't it?!

MaryH said...

Becky, I was away for several days - taking care of some family issues - I am so glad to come back and find so many entries from you. I was touched by each and every one - well, not so much the recipe - it sounds wonderful and I will try it but I really couldn't say it was touching, in the usual sense of the word. Well, I am just so glad you are dealing with everything and moving towards normal activities and that your College Dude will be home with the Princess Groovy Chick and I just know how that makes a mom's heart sing - I had my daughter and grandson home with me for several days and it was the best!!! Still praying.