Monday, June 28, 2010

Almost Ours

At 1:30 pm today, Steve, Sarah and I will meet with the seller, our real estate agent and the lawyer and sign a billion papers.  And then?  Then this house will finally be officially ours!

You would not even believe how complex this process has been and how close we’ve come to not having things work out; it is only because of several unexpected miracles occurring that this day is even possible.  Our family is way beyond grateful that we will get to go to bed tonight in a house that is really and truly, The Smith House.

And you know something that just occurred to me?  We sold the house in Smithfield just two days before the selling deadline.  And we’re buying the house in Manteo just two days before the buying deadline!  Nothing quite like cuttin’ it close!

Our first order of business after closing will be to get the downstairs air condition replaced.  It hasn’t really worked ever since we’ve been here and with temps reaching 100 degrees lately, we’ve been a little toasty in here.  We haven’t been able to do much entertaining in the last few weeks either, since putting 10 or 12 people into a non-cool space  (and using an oven to cook for them) is not the greatest of ideas.

So I’m looking forward to unlimited oven usage and people coming over again.  I’m also looking forward to getting the old, stained blue carpet on the second floor replaced. The buyer has given us a “repair allowance” and after the air conditioner is taken care, this carpet is coming out and wonderfully new, wonderfully brown-ish/tan-ish carpet will be taking its place.  Oh happy day!

And then we can paint the walls and put up curtains and pictures and really get settled in!  (The first floor is basically finished; it’s the bedrooms that we haven’t done much with.)

So anyway, I will stop rambling about all this now, but I did want to share the happy news with you, since so many of you have been faithfully walking this stressful “sell a house and buy a house in a certain amount of time” road with us.

The only thing Sarah is disappointed with in the whole deal is that the lawyers office is 10 seconds away from the church and just 2 minutes away from our house.  She keeps on saying, “But I was hoping we would have to travel somewhere to sign the papers!”

I think our little Gypsy Princess is getting itchy feet; she spent the first six years of her life traveling around 35 states and that lifestyle just got in her blood.  We may just need to make up some place for her to go so that she can look out the van window and see something besides the usual view.

Hmmm,  Maybe she and I could pack our bags and take a mother/daughter road trip to . . . Kansas?  . . . Kentucky?  . . . Kalifornia? 

At any rate, we’re all excited about our 1:30 appointment--even if it doesn’t involve travel!  Thanks for your prayers for us during this process and for being happy with us now that the process is done.


And now, to celebrate the day, here are a few of the memories we’ve already made in this house.

The Smith Sibs cooking the traditional “Decorating the Christmas Tree Night” Pancake Dinner.


Ready to entertain . . .


Tears on the couch after the first day of school. Snowy is just so sympathetic.


The College Dude’s bed.  Empty too much of the time now.


Snowy takes a break on the landing going to Sarah’s room.


Praying together before heading out to school.


Another fun dinner party.


Mirror view.


Sarah takes over the kitchen.


The College Dude/Gardener.


Pretty in pink.




A favorite picture of a favorite daughter.


The beloved front porch.  And swing. And house.


18 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah reading the dictionary in that last picture (of her on the swing)? I LOVE a PORCH SWING. I ALMOST bought one on SALE but quickly came back to reality..........................I DON'T HAVE A PORCH!

Unknown said...

You are welcome to come to Wisconsin :). We don't have a porch swing but we have a small lake with a dock where you can sit and read.
Congratulations on the house closing! Your house and new town look peaceful and perfect for your family....God is SOOOOO good!

Anne said...

Soooo happy for all the Smiths!! God bless!

Love Being A Nonny said...

An hour from now, your house will be your home!

The pictures are great!

Sue G said...

Now you know it will only be a matter of minutes before you are inundated with requests for a series of photos depicting the making of those fancy scmancy folded napkins! I'll get it going right now.

Lisa from Georgia said...

I think that this Monday appt. is much better than the last several weeks of Mondays! To celebrate, why don't you and Sarah pack a bag and visit the College Dude?

LizW said...

By the time you read this, hopefully all will have gone well at the closing and you can rejoice in being a homeowner again. I cannot imagine having no a/c in our hot humid MN days recently, so get yours fixed asap! I am so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Hope it went well! The pics of your house (and Sarah) are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Super happy for you to finally close on this house, I know how much you want to make this house your home and now you really can.

Was also going to ask if you had heard of the wonders of using Google Docs as a recipe organizer. I am slowing moving old and new stuff over there and realize how great and easy it is to use, plus free!

Jean C.

Anonymous said...

Becky, If your Magical Mystery Road Trip becomes Kalifornia, you've got a place to stay in the Bay Area! Jojy

Kristina said...

Congratulations on the officially Smith-owned Smith-house!!

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