Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Harbor Front

Recently Steve, Sarah and I bought some ice cream and went to the Downtown Harbor Area to eat it.  And look at all the Harbor Front Related Stuff.  Which I love to do.

  IMG_5123 IMG_5124 IMG_5144

There was plenty of color to catch the eye . . .



IMG_5174 IMG_5190

. . . and even some historic sights to see.


As usual, Steve and Sarah had to put up with the fact that there was a Woman With A Camera lurking behind them, taking note (and pictures)  of their every move.   After all these years of being stalked, they’ve pretty well adapted to it.  And they don’t let it ruin their day.


We stopped by a memorial to soldiers which was especially meaningful since
Steve’s dad served in Vietnam. 

IMG_5229  IMG_5231

After we had eaten the ice cream and seen the sights, it was time to head back to the car.  On the way, we passed by by the Manteo Booksellers which caused Sarah to stop dead in her tracks.  And smile.  And think happy thoughts. Sarah has never met a bookstore she doesn’t like.


A girl after my own heart.

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lesley said...

I 'too' am a stalker with a camera. And yes, my poor family puts up with me. You have a real photographic eye, girl! I'd love to see what you could do with a 'fancy camera' :)
Very nice pictures. What's your favorite icecream flavor?

Randee said...

I read both sites all the time and finally my little pea brain realized you now live near another family that I follow.

Tricia Lawrenson has CF and had a miracle baby and double lung transplant a couple years ago...amazing story and they are on the OBX (good for a midwesterner, no?). I suggest Nate's blog!!!

Karen C said...

Congratulations on the final episode of the house sale/house purchase. What a stressful time. For some reason, the post today really spoke "this house and town is mine now." Wonderful faith, temp saline fills done, Sarah in good health, Steve situated in his church, and now the house situations concluded (well, plus life's basic necessities -- ice cream and books!). Life is good and peaceful.