Saturday, July 3, 2010

Pictures. And The Circle of the Broken

Sometimes I just get in the mood to look at old (and old-ish) pictures. Today is one of those days.

And guess what? Since you’re part of the Smithellaneous Family, you get to look at pictures with me! How fun is that?

So here they are, in no particular order.

This is one of my all time favorite photos. Warm, happy, fun.

steve sarah

Some of you may remember when we were told that Sarah would not grow any more. (She topped out just under 5 ft; without treatment, she would have been about 5’5.) Her doctor did a bone age study and said her growth plates had prematurely fused because of chemo during relapse. It took Sarah a little while to come to grips with that news. However, as I told her then and have told her many times since then, she is the “perfect huggable height.” As this picture so well demonstrates.


Cooking a huge meal for a large party. Accck!


I eventually got it all together. This is what the kitchen looked like before the guests arrived. Ahhhh.


My very lovely mom, Jo Ann Michaelson. (This was a year before she got married.)

mom classic

My mom and her crew of kids. (There are ten years between the youngest and oldest.) She had three boys and then three girls which was pretty good planning, huh? I’m the oldest of the girls.

mom with 6

Sarah is giving Nathan a run for his money. It looks as though he’s in the greatest of agony.

n s arrm wrestle

Nathan doing home work in our RV; this is around the time Sarah was in treatment.

nate home school

Nathan leaving to go back to college after a summer at home. Big ol’ mommy tears . . . (Um, the tears are big. Not the mommy.)

nate me crying

Sarah with Richard Petty


She was featured with The King in an article in People magazine focused on Victory Junction Gang Camp, which the Petty family founded in memory of their late son, Adam. (I originally--and inadvertently--put Kyle's name where Adam's is. Thanks, Lori, for pointing that out to me. My fingers got ahead of my brain!))


The Parson And His Flock

pioneer smiths

Big lady. Little lady. Big hair. Little hair.

sarah baby

Taken on the rooftop playground at Brenner Hospital where Sarah had most of her treatment.

sarah in tube

Mom and Dad. Forever in love.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 (4)

Every time I look at the way Snowy is sleeping I just have to laugh.

Janaury 2008 006

This was taken about six months after Sarah had finished her bone marrow transplant.

Janaury 2008 016-2

One of my favorite shots of the kids.

Mother's Day.ppt2

Okay, I know it looks like I have no hair whatsoever, but it was pulled back. Honest! The guy in the tux is Nate.


Nate and Grandpa unloading music gear at a church in Wisconsin.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006 (3)

And there you have it! A brief trip down memory lane.


I also want to mention the comments (and e-mails) that I’ve received concerning my recent post, “Pearls In The Pain.”

I was so touched that you would share your stories of your own pain with me—everything from divorce, to the loss of a child, to the loss of a job, to poor health, to financial stress, to depression. I have read every word of every comment several times and am grateful to be reminded that none of is alone in what we’re going through. I was honored to read your stories and your words of support and hope.

Which reminds me of the lyric that Sue C. Smith (who I am honored to call a friend) wrote a couple years ago after being inspired by our family’s journey through Sarah’s cancer. Sue has won several Dove Awards and has written songs for many major Christian recording artists. Her skill in putting emotions into words is unparalleled.

I actually think that this song could be the Smithellaneous theme song, because we are all a part of the circle.

The Circle of the Broken

Lyrics: Sue C. Smith Music: Kevin Stokes Sung by: Becky Smith

1. We're the walking wounded, no pretending we're alright,

We meet to share the stories of the struggles in this life

And in the telling, though there are tears

Something happens here

CHO. In the circle of the broken

Where no one’s heart is whole

In the middle of the hurting

We find hope

For we call upon God’s mercy

We rest in grace

We’re all sinners, we’re all saints

When the circle of the broken prays

2. Words have offered comfort

Sometimes we’ve simply wept

And there is understanding

Though a lot is left unsaid

‘Cause in the silence, love is the bond

We know we belong (back to chorus)


Are you desperate, grieving, filled with fear?

You are welcome, you are needed here (back to chorus)

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LizW said...

Oops! Wanted to hear your beautiful song, but I was told it wasn't a free download, and the action was aborted. Wow - that is a tough message! Anyway, I always enjoy it when you share your photos. They are priceless. Back in the days of negatives, I used to say the "fireproof" box they were kept in would be the first thing I would grab (after the kids, of course) if we ever had a fire. Now, all the photos are on the computer, and I have to remember to back them up on cd's. How times have changed!
Hope you are feeling better. Obviously, your words touch all your many readers. Thank you for being so willing to share.
P.S. How is Nathan doing?

Lori said...

I just wanted to correct something you said in this post. The Victory Junction camp was founded by the Petty's, Kyle and Pattie, in memory of their son Adam. Kyle Petty is very much alive and well. Adam, Richard Petty's grandson, was the one who passed away in a racing accident.

Anonymous said...

Becky, my own daughter is a month apart in age from your Sarah, and she, too, is just under 5'. We're calling it even at 5' and rejoicing that she made it to that height! I understand your frustration with Sarah's height having been compromised by the treatment. I do think that our viewpoint as parents helps sets the tone for our kids. So she's 5' - big whoop!! She's alive and thriving and is a great girl. Ditto, my daughter! Embrace the fact that Sarah is alive and let go of the loss of height.

My own daughter might have been taller had she received the proper nutrition and holding that she needed while in an orphanage. But it didn't happen. What DID happen is that she's an awesome girl with amazing potential. Who cares what her height is?

It's the old half-empty, half-full exercise. I was struck by this when reading your recounting of the last few years in which you seemed to highlight so many of the hardships and the losses. What about the huge victories? The right house in Manteo that closed just in time. The launching of Nathan into college life. Sarah's reentry into middle school, and being ready for high school next year. The fact that you're DONE with cancer treatment! The faithfulness of God walking with us each step of the way. A husband who obviously cherishes you. A ministry that you clearly love. An ability to write that connects with readers in powerful ways. And on and on. :-)

REJOICING with you in Sarah's great health! Let the loss of height thing go, Becky. As you do, you might find that it's less of an issue for Sarah as well.

And on another note, LOVED your various hairstyles!!! :-)

Your sister, Christine

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Just wanted to let you know that I received the same message that MN Mom received. I believe you posted that song a long while ago and I was so looking forward to hearing it again. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Just wanted you to know I received the same message as MN Mom did. I believe you had a link to that song a long while ago and I was so looking forward to hearing it again. Judy

jmckemie said...

I, too, got the same message as MN Mom. But thanks for the written lyrics - beautiful words.

Thanks for sharing the photos. It reminded me to take a walk down memory lane of some of my olders photos. Such beautiful memories!

Anne said...

That picture of Snowy is hilarious! I loved all the pictures and the lyrics. Been busy hunting for those pearls at my end! Lots to be grateful for, God is good...

Anonymous said...

I loved your recording of this song that you posted a long time ago. Please consider reposting it.

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