Monday, June 28, 2010

Stymied By Termites

What is it about the best laid plans of mice and men . . .?

Our closing on the house today didn't quite go as we had planned.

We had been at the lawyer's office for over an hour and had signed paper after paper after paper. As we were happily headed down the paper-signing home stretch, someone mentioned the words, "termite inspection." There were blank looks all around--on the part of our Realtor and on the part of the lawyer's assistant who was dealing with most of the paperwork.

Turns out that one of them was supposed to arrange a termite inspection but didn't. They tried their best to get an inspection arranged today, but couldn't make it work out. Our Realtor told us that if we signed today and the termite inspection tomorrow (earliest time anyone can get here) showed termite damage, we would be liable for it, not the previous owner.

And so his advice was to put everything on hold until tomorrow, after the inspection was done.

We all stopped dead in our tracks, put all the papers away and left.


At least tomorrow when we go back in, we won't have to start from scratch. We'll just pick up where we left off and then--finally--be done!

We've waited this long; I guess one more day won't hurt.


From the Comments:

A couple people asked if Sarah was reading a dictionary in the final picture posted earlier today. Yup, she sure was! I had found a mini dictionary at Goodwill for .75 and she was just entranced with it. Next thing I knew, she was out on the front porch, happily flipping through the pages.

As for what section she likes best? Hmmm . . . I don't know that she has a favorite section but she is very interested in the roots of words and what language they came from. (She especially loves Latin.)


Lisa commented that this Monday's appointment is a lot better than the Monday appointments I've been having.

How true that is! I am ever so glad to have all my "expanding" appointments behind me. Signing a thousand papers for a house closing is far preferable to having large needles and syringes headed toward my person.

So happy to be done!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I am so sorry that there has been another delay. I know where you are coming form with the house thing. My siblings and I are in the process of selling our parents' home.. the one I have lived in for 40 years. We got a full price offer on the house June 3rd and we have been signing papers ever since. There was an inspection done on the house a week after the offer was submitted and then the next day the appraisal was done.. the worst thing found in the inspection was termites. We had to pay for the treatment to be done... $650. It was done four days after the inspection was completed. I've had to sign more paperwork since then. We close on the house next week. It has been fun coordinating four siblings and their spouses for signatures.


Ann Martin said...

Sorry today wasn't the signing day but then waiting for the good news tomorrow. Tell Sarah she can take a road trip to Roanoke Rapids. We'd enjoy seeing her. Wanta go to KY with Pilot International? Next week the convention is in Louisville. I know you'll have fun fixing the house just the way you want it when it is really "The Smith House." Take care and I'd like to find time to fix up our house--just get rid of the "clutter."

Anonymous said...

I sent you a Private Message on Facebook...
Hopefully, you are in the middle of a termite inspection or a closing right now!
Check it when you get a chance!

MaryH said...

Well, you sure don't want to be responsible for any termites! One more day, no big deal and most of the signing is finished. Hope it all goes well today - termite and otherwise. This has been quite the process but it is almost finito! And may you never be in the "hallway" again.

Jessica Kramasz said...

I do hope you successfully closed on the house today!