Monday, December 20, 2010


At 8 am I am leaving with . . .


To go to . . .


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To pick up . . .


Who will stay for . . .



In the meantime, here are a few pictures from Smitty’s Christmas Variety Show that we had at our church last night. It featured children, a dancing hippo, Elvis, a bicycle built for two, rednecks, videos, fun music and sacred music.

It was lots and lots of fun.

Steve (as Smitty) opened the night with this song. (He’s not only a ham—he’s pure pork!)





Sarah was in charge of running media for the show and also participated in a music/drama number.




Before I close, let me mention that Snowy seems to be feeling much better. He’s really loving the chicken/broth/rice mixture his vet told me to try with him. I’m not sure if I will be consigned to cooking chicken and rice for my dog for the rest of my days, or not!

I’m going to call the vet today to report in and ask what we’re supposed to do with his food and meds, now that he seems to be turning a corner.

So thankful to see our little doggy with a smile back on his face and taking an interest in the world again.


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Love Being a Nonny said...

Love it when all the *birdies* are home in their nests!!

Anonymous said...

So glad our beloved Smiths are doing better!

Love deb

Anonymous said...

It appears that Steve made a complete recovery...and so happy that Snowy is feeling better.

Have a wonderful Christmas with all your healthy family!

Cindy in VA

Lizz said...

Oh my oh my! I REALLY wish I could go to your church! Looks like such a great place and a great pastor! I like a pastor that has a sense of humor! He seemed like he hadn't even been so horribly sick just days before! What a guy. He reminds me of my daddy...CA-RAZY!!! :) Love y'all! Hugs from way down here in Texas!

lifebythecreek said...

Yay for such an uplifting post! Love the picture story... and still remembering your airport trip to Atlanta to pick up that same handsome man. :<) Snowy, you have good taste, but don't run your mama ragged. Wait.. I imagine she would RAISE the chickens, wring their necks, pluck their feathers, and debone and cook them if that what it took to get you better, so I suppose chicken broth and rice isn't SO bad after all! xoxox.. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed watching Steve even though I couldn't hear the song. Is he dancing with a hippo? It's a very thin one, at that. Maybe Snowy could share his chicken and rice. Glad he's smiling again! ... as I am sure you are now since Nathan is home!

mrs pam

MN Mom said...

So glad to read such a joyful post! Makes everything as it should be at the wonderful time of year. Our prayers are with you all for a most blessed Christmas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Glad the 5 Smiths are under the same roof tonight. So glad Snowy is better! What a wonderful Christmas that makes. Wish we could be at one of the Variety Shows sometime. Let us know ahead of time and just maybe we can work it out. Don't know now as I seem to have the entire week end with Mama but that's OK because it gives me a chance to stay close to her. Is it tree decorating night with pancakes? Know Nathan is a little late coming home so you may have done it without him this year. My tree has lights but still just a few ornaments. I'll be fine--just love the lights anyway. There is always another time. So glad Steve is better, too. Having trouble with this tonight so I'm anonymous. Ann Martin

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