Saturday, December 18, 2010

Well, Well, Well . . .

What in the world does that title mean? Well, it means that things are going pretty well here!


Steve ate, showered dress and is off to the church to make up for all the time he lost due to lying in bed moanin' and groanin'. (And sprinting back and forth to the bathroom.) He's still eating very carefully so as not to upset the delicate balance of recovery but all in all, he's doing well.

So that's the first well in the "well, well, well."


Even though Snowy did throw up the lovingly prepared chicken and rice I made for him last night, today he ate fairly well (a bit more chicken and rice) and has actually drunk about half the water in his bowl! He's still not real energetic but seems to have a little more of a sparkle in his eyes than he’s had for the past few days.

I'm hoping that he's turned a corner. If he'll just keep eating and drinking (and keeping it down), I'll be one happy doggy mama. (Of course, eating and drinking won’t magically dissolve his kidney stones that are continuing to grow but at least the momentary crisis seems to have passed.)

That's our second well.


I know that some of you were concerned yesterday when I wrote that Sarah wasn't feeling well and that I had e-mailed her oncologist. Let me just reassure you that the symptoms she was exhibiting were more connected with possible late effects worries rather than relapse worries.

I so appreciate your prayers and concern for her.

And that was the third well in our "Well, well, well" line up.




(photo courtesy of “"Let’s Go Digital”)

I actually got up the nerve last night to hit the "buy" button on the computer and finalize my camera purchase. (Nikon D5000). That's a scary, fun, fulfilling, intimidating, exciting, amazing thing to do! It should be delivered between the 22nd and the 24th. Hooray!

We’re having our Christmas program (actually called, “Smitty’s Christmas Variety Show”) tomorrow night at church and Monday morning Nathan is flying in. Our tree is not up and cards aren’t sent and gifts aren’t wrapped so I guess I’d better transform myself into Busy Becky Mode rather than Blogging Becky Mode.

(Much to Snowy’s chagrin. He much prefers my Blogging Becky Mode because it gives him someone to hang out with while he snoozes.)

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Anonymous said...

Dear Smiths, I ask the Good Lord to richly, richly bless you with a wonderful Christmas! It is through the Baby Jesus I have come to be blessed with our friendship!! (And of course with the help of wonders of modern technology!!) Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!! Dorine McNary Williston, ND

Rachel said...

YAY, glad everyone is doing better!!! You are going to love your DSLR. I have the Pentax Dx and I love it. The most wonderful thing about a DSLR, I think, (other than the quality of the pictures) is that you turn it on, click the shutter button and the thing actually takes the picture immediately. No "blink blink blink I just have to charge the flash please wait" (and by then your subjects have moved or completely left the photo shoot area! LOL).

Marysienka said...

So glad to hear everyone is doing better!
Congrats on the new camera!!!! You'll have sooo much fun :) What kind of lense do you get with it?

Lynn said...

Oh YAY!!!! Glad to hear that everyone around there has a bit more spring in their step today.
Now girl, you better get on the stick! Christmas is coming! :)

You're gonna LOVE that sweet camera. Welcome to the wonderful world of DSLR! The sky is the limit!

My doggie is feeling a bit better today too. Yay! She's almost 16 but she's not a big dog. She's a little beagle, about 20 lbs. The vet said if she remains in good heath she could easily make it another couple of years. Goodness... little dogs DO have a longer life span advantage there, over big dogs.

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

happy to read The Three Wells.

We prayed in Preschool this week for Snowy, but didn't think it was appropriate to tell you since at the time I didn't know Sarah and Steve could have used a few extra prayers. But, I know your readers made up for us.

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear things are looking up for the Smiths! Merry Christmas! Jill-FL

Anonymous said...

Thankful for a WELL-spring of blessings in this post... :<) Glad that Sir Snowy is eating and drinking and keeping it down; same for Steve. I hate to hear that Sarah is suffering any long term effects, but still... I truly do thank God often for what I see as a miracle in her life. I know His plans for her will be something to behold, and I plan to be on "beholding" end for many years to come. xoxox... (and YAY for the camera... you have my email, so keep in touch and DON'T get discouraged if your photos don't look as great as you think they should right off the bat!) Of course, you'll probably be some kind of DSLR prodigy and take award-winning shots as soon as you pick it up....

Linda R. said...

Glad that things are going well in the Smith household right now.Hope you get all of your decorating and wrapping finished in fine time Becky! Leaving in the morning for Dale's tests and scans in Monday. Will check in again tomorrow evening! Have a good Sunday!

Linda R.

Anonymous said...

Blessings to all the Smiths and to the little one...who is loved by so many, IF he had not gotten better soon I was going to suggest he be given the lemon drop via eye dropper...then allow him to drink his plain water...anything to dissolve those pesky stones!!! So glad the cool college dude is home and all is well in the Smith household. Blessings in Jesus,

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