Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Smith Men.

Well, I was all ready to write another Happy Doggy Post today since Snowy ate his new food great last night and was bouncing around the house like a frisky puppy.

This morning?  Not so much. He took one tiny nibble of his breakfast portion and then stopped eating. He seemed fairly peppy for a while but he’s sleeping beside me now.


I guess I’ll give him three or four hours to see if he decides to start eating again and then make another Vet Call to see what we need to do.

I think it’s incredibly dear that so many people have been checking in on him over the past few days.   It makes my heart happy to know that we aren’t the only people who love this sweet doggy.  You can see by the stat counter that the past two days have seen a big increase in page views from the normal traffic pattern.  I think we have a celebrity on our hands!


Of course, he’s not such a big celebrity that he’s too important to assist with jobs around the house—like helping his mom and sister wrap Christmas presents.  He was right there in the middle of everything last night--he’s a “paws on” pup!


In the midst of all the wrapping, he took a few moments to have a heart-to-heart talk with his Sis and tell her all about his recent hospital stay. The two of them are Hospital Buds from way back.


They discussed IV’s and X-rays . . .


. . . and surgeries and doctors.


And finally, when Snowy had gotten all of his burdens off his (cute, white) chest he said, “Whew!  I feel so much better now!”


These are a couple packages that he “helped” me wrap. What would I do without him?


In other Smith Male News, Steve was violently sick all through the night--vomiting, diarrhea, chills, sweats, etc.  In fact, he came very close to passing out once. 

So today I shall be his designated nurse/brow soother/bucket emptier and also Snowy’s designated nurse/pill giver/vet caller.

Gotta take care of my men!

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lesley said...

Oh no Becky!!! Never a dull moment. I hope the rest of you stay free of that bug. It's a bad one...unless it was food poisoning :(

Anonymous said...

Hope both your guys have a better day!

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Snowy! I'm sure you're exhausted from your hospital stay, but you need to eat/drink in order to stay strong. You look good in the pictures!

I hope Steve feels better today too! And tell him not to share:)!

Cindy in VA

Anonymous said...

This may be a weird question but what kind of a hair "thingy" did Sarah use to put her hair up like that? I've been trying to get my hair to do something similar but can't figure out how people do it.

And as for Steve, I hope he recovers quickly. The ONLY blessing of stomach bugs is that they tend to pass much faster than respiratory/flu-like infections, so fingers crossed he's back on his feet soon!!!

Shannon said...

Prayers you all get better soon!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Snowy is feeling better! I had pancreatitis and it took 6 days of IV painkillers to make me even feel up to eating again. Eating is horribly painful with pancreatitis, particularly protein. Can he have carrots or another low-protein treat? Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my. Today was incredibly busy for me with a band concert, class party, and final day at school til next YEAR. And I went in under the assumption that Snowy was eating and wagging and talking and protecting; only to find out that he still isn't quite up to par. I find "Anonymous"'s comment before mine to be quite interesting; I don't know that we always connect the dots and fully understand animal behavior, but sometimes, the parallels between their situations and some of ours can shed some light on why they do what they do. Praying that you will find the diet that works for Snowy and allows him to heal and feel better....

Anne said...

Hey Becky.... wow. All hands on deck. And they are all yours. More than two. I'll bet you are wishing you could sprout another right now. Really hope both the Smith boys will rally soon (I assume Nathan is ok???) I too was humming along today thinking Snowy was on the mend. Will keep you all close in my prayers!!!!

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