Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visitors. Snowy.

Somehow leaving for a long trip to the doctor at 6:30 Friday morning didn’t seem quite so bad when I got to look at this on my way out of town.



When I arrived back home at about 4 pm, Sarah was camped out in the kitchen, looking out the front window and eagerly awaiting the arrival of our special house guests.


Finally!   They arrived!   Victoria and her mom, Crystal!    Hurray!   And other exclamation-marked words!  


Crystal presented me with a wonderful basket of goodies when they arrived.  I just love me a basket of goodies! 


And speaking of Crystal, she and a couple of her friends have a wonderful Etsy shop called Tulle and Twine.  Here’s an ornament that she made and gave to me.


Sarah and I would consider it a personal favor if you would drop by and look at their gorgeous, quirky, creative items. It’s not too late to order for Christmas!


But back to Friday--to make the day even more special,  Friday was also the 11th anniversary of when Sarah and Victoria first met as four-year old tykes.  Plus,  Sarah had been anticipating for many months the opening day of “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader,”  the latest movie in the C.S. Lewis series.  And Friday was That Day!  

She was so happy that her best bud got to be in town to go and see the movie with her.(Poor Steve was outnumbered 4-1 on our Big Movie Outing but he was very brave and courageously held his own as the only male on our grand adventure.)

It was a fun movie and a fun weekend, made all the more special by getting to celebrate how long these two girls have been friends.


December 2002 047

 sv young

sv young4


sv young 7

   sv young5 


That was then . . . this is now.  Happy eleventh anniversary, girls!

s and v colage



And now on to . . .

Snowy News

First of all, I’d like to thank those of you who suggested in the comments section the possibility of helping to pay for a surgery for Snowy; our family (and Snowy, especially) is honored that you would care enough about our little buddy to express such sweet generosity.

However, we have come to the point where we’ve decided that if another expensive surgery turns out to be his only option, well—we’re not going to choose that option.

Tough stuff.

This morning, he definitely did not feel well—he was all trembly, he threw up once, and then refused to eat his canned food (which he usually loves) and some pain med I gave him soaked into bread, which he also usually loves and gobbles down immediately. Thankfully, this afternoon, he has started to eat just a little.

We’re watching him, and pampering him, and cuddling him. (And also shedding a few anxious tears.)

A little water; not much food.


Sigh.  I guess mom is pointing that silver box at me again; I should try to look a little lively.


Or not.


17 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Karen in Hammond said...

I see something I want from your friend's site! Well, more than one thing, but will definitely be ordering!

I hope Snowy isn't in too much pain, poor little guy.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...How did the two girls (Sarah & Victor) meet?

Anonymous said...

Woops meant Victoria.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Love the pics of Sarah and Victoria through the years!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there Snowy! You are a credit to all k-9's everywhere! Get well soon! Jojy

lesley said... sweet

Leece said...

Prayers for Snowy.It's awful when you know 'the decision' is coming. Is is simply the cost that has made you come to the conclusion not to go ahead or are their medical reasons too? Prayers for you all.

Anne said...

Hi Becky, thinking of you and praying that Snowy will get better. If that is not meant to be, I pray for you to be sustained and surrounded by God's love in any decision you have to make...Hugs from our family to yours...

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