Thursday, December 16, 2010

And Yet Another Short Report On My Two Fellas.

Fella #1

Thankfully, all the voluminous output from Steve’s body has ceased; however, he’s still sleeping a lot, eating very little and actually lost five pounds overnight!  (I’m just a wee bit jealous because it generally takes me at least 4 1/2 years to lose five pounds.) 

My nursing tasks yesterday consisted of bringing him water and making him a poached egg on an English muffin.  Hmmm.  I’m getting pretty good pay for not much work; I’ll have to see if I can hang on to this gig a little longer!


Fella #2

As far as I can tell, I think Snowy is doing better.  He ate with a really good appetite last night although this morning, he took one or two bites (after acting extremely hungry), and then walked away from his dish looking confused.  Or was it bemused?

The thing I’m most concerned about is that he’s drinking very little water, and lots of water is supposed to be our secret weapon for combating these quickly growing kidney stones.   I’ll keep an eye on him today and especially keep track of his water consumption.   I really don’t know why he’s suddenly started to ignore his water bowl when he was drinking in fine camel-esque fashion just a day or two ago.

And just so you know?

I really and truly do promise that I will start writing about other subjects than Snowy soon; right now, however, my Mama Heart is just Snowy-focused.

And he’s just so stinkin’ cute.  I told him to gaze out the window with a thoughtful, pondering expression on his face and look what he did?  Is he the quintessential thoughtful, pondering fella, or what?


He’s a bit embarrassed in this picture because he doesn’t want anyone to see just how badly his mother spoils him and tucks him in and fusses over him; it’s just not good for his masculine self esteem for all that coddling to be seen by the general public. So please, for Snowy’s mental well being, just forget you ever saw this picture. 


He and Sarah hung out a few minutes before school this morning. 



And when it was finally time to take her to school, he got so very happily excited--as this video will show.  Please try to overlook my annoying “excited doggy voice” that I am exhibiting; it’s just that the more excited my voice gets, the more excited Snowy gets. (Even though he may or may not have any idea what I’m talking about.)

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MaryH said...

Please keep the Snowy reports coming. Glad Steve is improving. Drink, Snowy, Drink!

Melanie said...

So glad to hear Steve is doing better.
The video of Snowy is so cute. He's adorable.:)

bearie1 said...

Glad Steve is feeling better. Ask the vet about subcutaneous fluids for Snowy. Doing the fluids at home will make a big difference. I did them for both a dog and a cat who had kidney issues.

Anonymous said...

Please continue the updates on Snowy. As you've mentioned, Snowy has a large group of "fans" and we like to know how he's doing.

I'm also a little envious of Steve's 5 pound weight loss overnight, but if I have to get sick for that to happen, forget it! I hope he has a quick recovery!

Cindy in VA

Shannon said...

Happy to hear Steve is feeling a bit better...maybe?

I'm not sure if these tips will help, but what seems to make my dog drink more (keeping in mind she isn't ill)

I wash her bowl every Saturday morning, and she rushes over like she's had to drink from a mud puddle for a month. The cat even seems to rush to it.

She also loves to drink from the bathtub faucet. Now I realize Snowy is probably too small to have figured this out, but maybe you could put him in the bathtub with a slow drip?

Also, you might mention this to the Vet, but my Uncle had to give his dog Pedialyte (unflavored) to help keep her hydrated? Maybe try something like that??

Regardless of these...prayers!!

Anonymous said...

Becky...please don't stop our "Snowy" updates! I have to check on the little guy every day and if you weren't updating...well, you just gotta do it!! Start drinking water, Snowy!! Pleeeez! Jojy

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Steve is feeling better. Taking Snowy in for Sub-Q fluids couldn't hurt and learning to do them at home would be a big help, less expensive and not that difficult to learn. If I could learn to do it for my cat, you could certainly do it. Hugs to my favorite Smith family.
Linda in Pittsburgh

Me said...

It sounds like things are starting to look up, now if only Snowy would get over his water strike . . .

Maybe I've missed something but I thought Sarah was homeschooled? Is she now attending a public or private school or is she tasking classes in connection w/her homeschooling? Just curious. :)

becky m said...

please don't mind all the snowy entries. i love the updates at how he is doing. don't you wish he was a kid and you could throw a little sugar in the water and hoped that helped??
Glad Steve is feeling better and glad the rest of the family is well. soon you'll be forced to give us Nathan updates cause his return visit is really close.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest chicken broth for Snowy? No dog in his or her right mind would refuse chicken broth. It's also packed with protein and electrolytes. Maybe he's not thirsty because he's too dehydrated (that's what happens to me!), and once he starts drinking tasty, tasty chicken broth he'll feel well enough to drink plain water.
Get cheap chicken pieces or left-over bones, cover with water, add some salt, and boil for a while. My dog is always more willing to try it if it's initially offered on a spoon instead of a bowl - it's human food! It must be tasty!

Rachel said...

We have 6 dogs. I don't think they ever drink enough water because their urine is really dark. So what I started doing a few years ago is feeding them their food with water in it. That way I know they are getting x ounces of water a day (plus whatever they drink). Try mixing some water in his canned food :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear Steve is on the mend. There are some nasty bugs flying around recently. Please keep the Snowy updates coming. My dog gets befuddled whenever I have to
make a change in her diet. It takes a couple of days for her to get on board with the new food. I would check with your vet before giving Snowy any home remedies. The salt and extra protein may not be what he needs. Take care. Anna

Lisa from Georgia said...

It was as if Snowy was telling you that she went the other way. He is the cutest dog. I love hearing little doggy toenails tapping on the wooden floor. Keep the sweet updates, pictures, and videos coming. I check in everyday to see how that furry little mess is doing and then I pray for him!

Anonymous said...

Dear Snowy,

My human sla-, I mean, roommate, reads your mom's blog and thinks you're a pretty cute fellow. She asked me to send you a message because she heard you weren't feeling well. It's hard for me to fit philanthropy into my busy schedule of eating and napping, but I do what I can.

My name is Thisbe, and I'm a very spoiled guinea pig enjoying the good life in Center City Philadelphia. I've never been to North Carolina, but I do get to travel a fair bit. Please don't inquire about my carbon pawprint; it's embarrassing.

I was sick around this time last winter and I know I didn't like it! Being sick is no fun, especially around the holidays. I hope you're on the mend soon!

Anyway, a delicious salad beckons. If you'd like to see my photo, there's one here:
A pretty prime specimen, if I do say so myself.

Fweep fweep,

Anonymous said...

My border collie seems to have a STRONG preference for water of the filtered-from-a-brita-pitcher, preferably-from-the-fridge variety. Mommy isn't nearly as picky. :-)

Leece said...

Come on Snowy, drink, drink, drink. I wonder if you could put something in the water to make it more attractive to him? I'm glad Steve is on the mend too!Love and prayers to you all.