Friday, December 17, 2010

All Sorts of Stuff

Stuff 1:

Happy, happy day!

As of this very moment, thanks to the incredible generosity of my dear Smithellaneous friends, I have in my possession enough funds to purchase a DSLR camera! (The funds came from a combination of people buying our books and CD's, in addition to a few people sending in designated camera/Christmas gifts.)

I have been avidly, frantically and earnestly reading stuff online, e-mailing friends, asking advice on FB and staring at numbers and features and pros and cons till my little brain’s about to burst.

But I am so very excited to have this dream of many years finally coming true. I hope to order today or tomorrow and will maybe even have the camera in time for Christmas.

Hurray and hurrah! Thanks to all of you who have invested not only your encouragement but your gifts into this dream; I will think of you each time I shoot a photo.

Stuff 2:

I told Sarah this morning, “Well, he threw up last night.”

She looked at me thoughtfully, pondered for a moment and said, “Who?”

I had to laugh because I had sort of forgotten we had TWO thrower-uppers around here who go by the name of “he.”

Steve did great last night, apart from being unable to sleep till 4 am. Unfortunately, the “he” who threw up was Snowy. Also, he has not had even one little sip of water in the past 24-hours; his bowl has stayed the same level and we’ve all been watching him carefully to try to catch him in the act. You all provided some wonderful drinking advice which I tried, but he is completely disinterested in his water bowl. And frankly, that really worries me. He also hasn’t eaten since throwing up last night about 9 pm.


It looks like yet another phone call to the vet is on the agenda and I have no doubt that she’ll want us to bring Snowy in. (So nice that we can help her make her BMW payment this month. We’re nice like that!)

In the meantime, Snowy is (of course), settled snugly in beside me and snoozing to his heart’s content. He is such a dear and peaceful companion to spend time with.

Stuff 3:

Sarah left for school this morning with a few physical issues and not feeling well. (Nothing of the contagious sort.) I guess I will stretch my worry abilities a little further and put her on my worry list as well.

Stuff 4:

To give us all a wee little break from the talk of sick family members, here is a video of a song that Debbie, Randy, Steve and I sang at church when they were in town a few weeks ago. I just absolutely love singing harmony with people I love. Nothin’ better!

14 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

Anonymous said...

It is so terrific that you can have your dream come true with a new DSLR! It is so wonderful to see that dreams can come true.

Still praying for Snowy (and all of you).

Hugs to all of you . . .
Linda in Pittsburgh

Anonymous said...

I did comment on your Facebook, but forgot to say that a wonderful place to start looking for camera help is over at The Pioneer Woman's site. She has a whole photography section with easy to read and follow tips on getting started.

Anonymous said...

Love the song!
Happy for you and your future new camera.
And praying for little Snowy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I sent this to your email too -
When you call the vet, ask her about Cerenia. Just get one package as it is really expensive. Break the pills in half and try giving those to Snowy. If he eats, then you know the reason he wasn't was because his tummy hurt.
These pills are given to dogs that get car sick however they work great for stomach issues too.
Seeing as how he is throwing up, I bet this will work.

This really helped Cassidy. She didn't throw up once after we started her on those pills.


Anonymous said...

Please let us know what the vet tells you about Snowy. I am so sad that he is having so much trouble.



Anonymous said...

Listening and watching the four of you sing was a wonderful way to start my morning. So glad that Steve is on the mend, and hopefully Sarah will be as well. Can I just say I did a little happy dance when I read the news on your new camera. I was sad to hear the latest on Snowy and hope you have a much better report later today. I can never hear too much about Snowy, even if I don't like the news.

Cindy from Sonoma

Anonymous said...

Can you try something different for drinking water? Like out of the sink, the tub or a different bowl? When my cat's had health issues and come home stressed from the vet she's stopped with water from her proper bowl and only will drink out of alternative sources...

Anonymous said...


I remember oh so well how the 4 of you used to sing that very song in Smithfield before and after you all launched your Heartsong ministry. I still love to hear you guys sing together and especially this song.

Love and God bless,
Sharon P

Anonymous said...

soooo sorry that there is so much sickness going on for the three "S" folks in your house.

mrs pam

Debbie said...

Oh I loved hearing you sing. It was beautiful and brought a tear to my eye. Thanks for sharing!!
Praying that Snowy is doing better tonight and getting better tomorrow. He's such a cute dog.
Glad Steve and sarah are feeling better. I hope you are not getting Steve's ailment.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Anonymous said...

Becky, I really don't mean this to be snarky, and worry about how to phrase it so that it conveys my heart in the question. There are a number of things that our family needs and wants just now. Should I develop a blog and then ask people to give me money so that I can get those things?

Yes, it's lovely that folks have given you well over $600 (depending on lenses, maybe over $1000) so that you can have a camera, but . . . honestly, I struggle with the way that you ask for such things. And yes, folks made 'donations' over the cost of the CDs, but . . .
Our family sure won't be receiving a fancy camera just in time for the holidays. I dunno . . . it just rubs me the wrong way to hear you basically ASK us to give you gifts.

Again, I don't mean it to be snarky. Lucky you - you have a new camera.

I guess I'd feel better if your plugs for gifts for yourself were actually gifts for OTHERS.

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