Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowy's still not eating.

To cheer myself up, I watched this video. Snowy could have been such a star in this song. (Since he does a lot of singing and talking already.) :-)

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lesley said...

thats funny!!!! i'm going to try and put it on facebook-lol

MaryH said...

Hope Snowy and Steve are feeling better. Still praying those special prayers.

Lynn said...

SIGH.. I wondered what was going on. My feed reader undoubtedly has not been updating properly for at least three days. I wondered why so many friends were not blogging. : ( Now I have read back the past several posts and gotten caught up with you guys. SO SORRY for poor Snowy. Please, please feel better very soon little man. Your family loves you so much.

We are dealing with some similar issues with our little elderly beagle. She's almost 16 and in pretty good health overall but her teeth are rotten (literally) and need to come out. They are making her sick. She is old enough they do not want to put her asleep again, to pull these teeth, but the infection is making her sick and affecting her heart. :"( I am so upset and like you, question what to do. Money is a BIG factor in our decision as well. Our Christmas is going to be very lean already and we have been hit with massive dental bills already this month.
I think I am going to call the vet though.. just talk to him. Your post has encouraged me to at least go in and find out what will be involved in making our little girl feel better.
Thanks Becky. You guys hang in there and Snowy.. feel better!

Lynn said...

PS.. Sorry for focusing on the dogs and neglecting poor Steve! : / Steve, get well soon too! : )

Anonymous said...

You are right, we do care about Snowy! Thank you for all the updates. Oh, and we care about Steve, too :) Sounds like he has a case of food poisoning? Everyone needs TLC today. Feel better soon. Pam Tuey

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