Friday, December 17, 2010

Two Steps Forward. One Step Back.

When I called the vet's office earlier today the lady who answered said, "We're definitely going to want to see Snowy today; I'll have the vet call you back."

When she called, we talked for a while and she expressed her concern again about Snowy not eating or drinking, especially with the way his liver panel had looked earlier in the week. However, instead of telling me to bring him in, she suggested that I cook him some chicken and rice, flavored with a little broth; she wanted to see if it was a matter of him just not liking the (canned) food, or of him being unable to tolerate any food in general.

Well, let me just report that he scarfed down that chicken and rice and even lapped up some of the broth. "Yay! One step forward!"

I took him with me to pick up Sarah from school and get a few groceries and when we got home he started drinking water for the first time in forever. (I imagine the sodium in the broth made him thirsty.) Once again I said, "One step forward."

However, ten minutes ago I walked into Nathan's room and Snowy was on the floor in the corner, throwing up everything he had just eaten. (Last night when he threw up, he had the good manners to do it on the back deck. Not this time!)

I was not precisely in the mood to get down and clean up dog vomit (especially since I had been feeling queasy earlier in the day) but I did it. And survived it.

And now I imagine this means I'm going to have to call the vet again in the morning to let her knew he wasn't able to keep that food down either.

Are we on Plan C here? Or is it Plan W? I've kind of lost track.

In other news . . .

There were a couple questions left a couple days ago that I forgot to answer; I don't remember who exactly they came from.

Question 1: How did Sarah do that style when her hair was piled up?

Answer 1: I asked Sarah and she said that she just used a banana clip in the back and left it "sort of messy." (Hmmm. When I leave my hair "sort of messy", it never looks that good!)

Question 2: What camera/lens did you decide to get?

Answer 2: I'm getting the Nikon D5000 but haven't made a final choice on the lenses yet. Who knew the subject could be so complicated? I'm grateful to Mike, Michaela and Pam (and others) for giving me great advice on the subject and patiently answering my endless questions.

Question 3: Is Sarah home schooled?

Question 3: I home schooled Sarah during the first part of 8th grade since we were in transition. Ever since halfway through her 8th grade year, though, she's been in our local (very small and excellent) public school. She loves it and is doing great.

Thankfully, Sarah was feeling better when she got home from school although I did e-mail her oncologist to keep him in the loop.

And now I'm off to cook up some chicken and rice soup for my other patient, Steve.

Are we having fun yet?

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Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the amount Snowy ate, versus what he ate? If he has had nothing...? Also, maybe you should give him a little (sweetened with real sugar) lemonade...maybe frozen to keep him hydrated? or perhaps a popsicle?

Just an observation.

Hoping your other patient is getting better also...:=)

Anonymous said...

Did you say Steve had a sore throat along with the tummy troubles? If so, you might want to have him get a throat culture. Those symptoms scream strep throat.

As for Sarah, is she okay? Physical stuff and contact with the oncologist?

Your not feeling well either it sounds.

Best to get it all out of your systems now than next week (not at all what be even better).

I am so sorry things are so lousy right now. You always seem to be able to look on the bright side of things.

We are still waiting on info from my brother's accident. When he was hit, he flew up and over his car and ended on the side walk. While the car took off making it hit and run; the did dump the car several (city) blocks away and ran.

Be well! Keep us posted. Love you guys.

Please email me if there is ANYTHING I can do.


Lynn said...

Oh dear. :( You guys are having the "when it rains it pours" party. Boy am I familiar with that - it's YUCKY. I'm sorry to read about Snowy. He is really having a tough time getting better.
My little girl went to the vet this morning and thankfully she made it through her anesthesia and surgery. Poor thing has no upper jaw teeth left but hey, what hound is slowed by lack of teeth? She slept off the anesthesia and then woke and looked at me so surprised - she knew she had missed supper! Well, I wrote about it all at my blog, but we are doing ok here and praying it stays that way with no setbacks.
I'm praying everyone at your house will be blessed with returning good health. Even Snowy.. because we know God loves little doggies too!
Bless yall!

Anonymous said...

concerned here about Sarah since you
e-mailed her oncologist.....

mrs pam

Anonymous said...

First thing I always check to see how everyone's doing. Thinking of you and I'll check back later. Glad you are getting a camera!
Pam Tuey

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