Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snowy’s Liver Report Card

Yesterday afternoon, I took Snowy on a “mother/son outing” to the vet since I just couldn’t stand to wait even one more day to find out how his liver is faring.

Sitting there in the waiting room with him after his blood draw, I was reminded of the dozens of times I’ve sat with Sarah in hospital waiting rooms, anxiously anticipating hearing the results from various tests and procedures.   Whether it’s a beloved daughter or a beloved doggie—the waiting never seems to get any easier.

At long last, the vet emerged from the back room and headed in our direction. Because of Sarah’s cancer journey, I have had many years of practice in studying the subtle nuances of a doctor’s face even before one word is spoken.  But in this particular case, nuance noticing wasn’t even necessary.  When I looked up, all I saw was one large, enormous, stupendous grin.

And the reason for that grin?

Over the course of the past eleven days, Snowy’s drastically abnormal liver levels have reversed themselves and are very quickly heading back to normal.

Yes, I said normal!

Here are the numbers indicating liver function:  (And thanks for humoring me as I post my furry son’s blood work results on my blog.  I won’t make it a habit, I promise!)

ALT:  (Normal is 10-100)
December 13:                                         622   
December 22:                                         >1000 (off the charts )    
January 3:                                              242

ALKP:  (Normal is 23-212)
December 13:                                         322          
December 22:                                         738                                           
January 3:                                              218

GGT:  (Normal is 0-7)

December 13:                                          wasn’t measured  
December 22:                                          65 
January 3                                                20

Is that great news or what? The doctor was surprised and absolutely thrilled.  (Especially since she was the who told me a couple weeks ago that there was nothing left to do and we should just “make him comfortable.”)

So that’s the good news.

The other (not so great) news is that he now seems to be having some gall bladder issues since those levels have become a bit elevated recently; also, his platelets are quite high.  And of course, we have the ongoing concern of the large stones in both kidneys that could take off growing at any moment. 

But for right now?  Our whole family is just busy doing the Smith Happy Dance, so thankful that our little buddy has (for the time being, at least) beaten the odds.  He’s been  running around the house in fine puppy-like fashion, dashing up and down the stairs at top speed, and has had the brightest, happiest look in his eyes.   Even the vet commented on how bright he looks which is quite a change from when we took our very sick dog in to see her a few weeks ago.

And so that’s the Official Snowy Report.  Unless something changes and he starts having worrisome symptoms, he doesn’t have to go back to the doctor for three months! 

We are one doggone happy family!

I’ll close with a few favorite pictures of Snowy in addition to the promise that starting tomorrow, I will stop writing about him so much!  (What can I say?  I’m a doting mom.)

 IMG_0031 IMG_0197 IMG_1602 IMG_1864   IMG_4782

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Mary H said...

HIP, HIP, HOORAY! And please don't stop writing about Snowy - he is as much a part of your family and heart as anyone else - I, for one, would be heartbroken if there wasn't at least a little mention everyday of Snowy's brightness and funniness and health. A Christmas miracle, for sure - he came to you at Christmas time, isn't that correct? He was a miracle then and a miracle still. Even vets can be humbled by the Great Healer. Thank you St. Francis of Assisi. Hugs to you Snowy!

Bridgette said...

WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!! I'm absolutely thrilled to read this!:-) I agree with Mary H., please don't stop writing about Snowy!:-) Hope things continue to look great for that special member of the Smith family!

Melanie said...

Wonderful news!!
He is such a sweet part of your family. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, yay, hip hip hooray!!!!! :<) I am grinning from ear to ear... way to go, God! Becky, your posts are a continual reminder to NEVER take for granted one moment with the ones that we love...

Anonymous said...

I can barely see the screen to type this email as the HAPPY tears are falling (and please don't stop talking about Snowy). I am thrilled to hear how well Snowy is doing. You Smith People have this amazing ability to "beat the odds!" We should have known Snowy Stud Muffin (is that right?) Smith would be just like his sister PGC! Great, great, great. Please share with the rest of the family what you "people" drink. And while we are talking about the functions of the Smith Children; how is Nathan feeling/doing with the thyroid issues--HYPER, RIGHT)? You haven't talked about his health "issue" in quite some time. I am hoping NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS; but assuming is not something I am good at so please let us know, if you wish. Take care and thanks for the good news. I sure needed that......<3, Jodi

Anonymous said...

That is such wonderful news. I am so happy to see Snowy looking better. Your family is truly magic. I"m just thrilled for you.

Anonymous said...

Yay Snowy! And please keep us posted...I think we're all quite smitten with the little fella...I mean, just look at that face:)!


Cindy in VA

Karen C said...

Great news!!

AmandaJ said...

Wiping tears away at this fabulous news!

Rachel said...


Anonymous said...

Hurray for Snowy and Snowy's family! Glad to hear the awesome news! Please keep us posted on how he is doing - he is a part of your family that we all like to hear about!

Debbie H. in Sacramento

LizW said...

What terrific news about Mr. Snowy! And you can post about his results all you want. l suspect there are many of us loyal readers who would be feeling and writing the same about our beloved pets. Here's hoping you will be enjoying Snowy for many days to come.

Unknown said...

What wonderful news! Way to go Snowy!
Never feel bad about posting about a member of your family on YOUR blog. If we didn't hear about Snowy I am sure you would start getting questions :). Enjoy your little foot warmer...

CJ said...

Yay!!! Go snowy! Happy for the happy news :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!! Puppy prayers really do work :)

jenny said...

Yippee for Snowy and YIPPEE for God! A Snowy Christmas miracle, just like we asked for. Thank You, Father.

becky m said...

that is so awesome....im glad to hear he is doing so much better.

corgilover said...

All I have to say is, "YAY"!!!!

corgilover said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bec said...

I cannot believe I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face over a little dog I have never even and the pleasure of meeting but crying I am!!!

Way to go Snowy!!! And further more (being a 'numbers' person, I would be very happy to see the next lot of blood results.

SO happy for you all xxxxx

Anonymous said...

I actually have tears in my eyes reading this. I can't be doing this at work. i am beyong thrilled for you guys. this is wonderful news!!
Go Snowy!

Love and hugs and all that....
Dana in Greenville SC

Marshmallow Woman said...

This post just made my day. Hooray for Snowy!


Anonymous said...

So happy about Snowy's improvement..and please don't stop writing about him. I wonder about him all the time :0)

Anonymous said...

Hooray!!! Your post just made my day!! I am an animal lover (we have a house FULL!) and the good news about Snowy has made my heart so happy! I don't mind hearing about him one little bit! I'm thrilled for all of you that he's made such a great recovery. May you enjoy him for many more months/years! :)

Gayle in AL

Love Being A Nonny said...

I know this means so much to you. Praise the Lord!

simplykristi said...

Awesome news! :) I am so happy for all of you! :)

Lisa from Georgia said...

I am also doing a happy dance for Snowy tonight. I felt my eyes getting a little moist as I read Snowy's good news. Becky, you do not need to apologize for or explain what YOU post on YOUR blog. I have checked in to this blog and the CB blog for more than six years to find out how the Smiths are doing...all the Smiths! When you posted about Nathan on Sarah's site and someone made a snarky comment, I thought, how rude of them. Becky can post whatever she wants. Anyway, keep us updated! Thankful for answered prayers, healthy livers, and furry children!!

Frapper said...

What wonderful news! I love when you write about Snowy--he's a part of your family & it wouldn't be right to leave him out of your postings!

Frapper said...

What wonderful news! I love when you write about Snowy--he's a part of your family & it wouldn't be right to leave him out of your postings!

Alyssa said...

AWESOME!!!!! I just cried tears of JOY! You Smith's....you are all survivors beating the odds! =) Love you Snowy!!!

Miss Judy said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sooooo happy to hear all that good news, I don't know if I can stand it!! I had to keep wiping the tears so I could read all of it. PLEASE don't stop writing about Snowy. After all, Sarah is his big sister, right? That makes him family, right?? You write about everyone else in the family, and if you stopped writing about that sweet fella, I'd just be heartbroken! I'm so glad all those prayers worked and I'm so glad I believe that animals go to heaven, not that Snowy is getting ready to go, but my kitty and old doggie might be soon. Chip, the kitty, is 17 yrs. and Kylee is almost 17. Neither knows if they're a cat or a dog, they just love each other. Honestly, your post brought me such relief!!
Hugs and Blessings,

Lisa L said...

becky...i am so, so happy for snowy's amazing recovery...lots of love to you and your's..and snowy..keep on healing kid!

Anonymous said...

Hope you break that promise...
Snowy has too many fans who need to hear how he is, and to see how adorable he is in his photos!

I imagine I'll have pleasant dreams tonight knowing that Snowy is feeling so chipper. YIPPEE!!

woof and love to Snowy
Mrs. Pam

Mamasita said...

Doing the happy puppy dance!! YAY!

Anonymous said...

YAY for Snowy!!! Please don't stop writing about him, he's part of your family too. I think I speak for a lot of followers when I say I love hearing about Snow & how he's doing.

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