Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Talking Boxes.

When Nathan was home over Christmas, we thought it would be a good time for him to go through a bunch of his boyhood belongings and decide what he wanted to store at home, what he wanted to take back to Florida with him, and what he wanted to get rid of.

May I just say that it’s sort of sobering to help one’s son sort through his childhood. Sobering and poignant and melancholy and happy and teary and . . . well, you get the drift. A mish mash of emotions, to be sure.




He did about half of it himself and then called in The Mom Person to help him on the home stretch. As we worked together we reminisced about ballgames he’d played, dates he’d been on, camping trips he’d taken, academic/athletic awards he’d received, big school projects he’d done and missions trips he’d gone on.

We ended up with this stack.

Boxes full of childhood.


And they weren’t just your basic silent types of boxes either. No, these particular boxes were Talking Boxes. In fact, they were talking right to me.

“Hey, Lady! You know that little fella of yours? He ain't five years old anymore.(Boxes don't use good grammar. In case you didn't know.) The has come for you to let go and move on.”

I just hate it when boxes give me lectures. Especially boxes that have snatched the memories of my son’s childhood and are smugly holding the smuggled memories captive within their boxy confines.


Thankfully though, those boxes can only hold a limited number of memories. The rest of the memories are all mine--to pull out, to sort through, and to contemplate any ol’ time I want. Memories like these . . .

nate young

And you want to know what the best thing about memories is? New memories are being made every single day!

Memories like these . . .

natemeg2 nate meg

Yes, Nathan and Meagan are still dating, which makes them happy and makes Steve, Sarah and I happy, too!

And so life goes on as my used-to-be-little son continues to step very quickly toward adulthood; in fact, it’s hard for me to believe that he’ll be graduating from college in May. (And may I just mention he made straight A’s during his last semester?)

Nathan is moving out and moving on and moving me to say that as much as I miss him, I’m thankful for the memories that he’s left me with and excited about the memories he has yet to make.

Okay. That was all the news about Son #1.

Son #2 is also staying very busy. As this picture will attest to. _DSC0031

What a life!

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Mary H said...

Aren't you happy you have been so diligent about taking photos of all moments - especially the simple, every day ones - that is where the real memories are reflected. Glad Snowy is taking it easy.

Anonymous said...

What a cute baby boy Nathan was. And he is a very handsome guy now, too. I'm not going to listen to the boxes talking to me, ....not yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Snowy Stud Muffin. I am glad you made a quick appearance today. I was curled up much like you all day. Wish it was because I wanted to. I hope to continue seeing more of you. You have become such a very important part of the Smithellaneous Family.

What a heartwarming post, Becky, you area such an amazing Mom. You have three of the luckiest children in the world.


Anonymous said...

Becky, I feel like you and I are a lot in the same spot right now. Our son is away in the Marines. However, we are so very blessed that he has been state side and will be for almost another year. When you talk about Nathan being away and yearning for him to come home, it could just as easily be me talking. I, too, have been telling our 3 kids they need to go thru their boxes. However, I have lots and lots for each of them. I am ready to get get rid of STUFF. I have for too long placed too much emotional attachment on too much STUFF!!! Thank you for being a blessing to me!!!! Dorine McNary

Ericka said...

Excuse me????? He's graduating from college in MAY??? How did this happen!!!??? I remember reading your posts about sending him off for his very first semester and I'm pretty sure that was just, like, last summer!!! Sheesh! :)

Becky said...

I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone by ~ I was with you when Nathan left for college and now he is finishing up! I know you are so proud. Glad Snowy is feeling better....Becky