Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Puts On Tennis Shoes

Is it just me or did 2010 just sorta whiz on by?  

And have you ever noticed that the older you get, the more whizzing that goes on?  And the faster the whizzing gets?

What’s that all about? It seems to me that the way it should go is that the older you get, the slower time should pass--since there is so much less of it left than there was before.

But no. Once we leave the slow-paced charms of childhood, time puts on tennis shoes and starts its inexorable sprint to the finish line.

And speaking of time passing, I still can’t believe Steve and I celebrated twenty-nine years of marriage yesterday.  Twenty-nine!

It used to be (back when I was a much younger me) that I considered anyone who had been been married for 29 years to be, well, old!  I would look at those couples with something akin to awe and think, “Twenty-nine years?  Really?  That is such a very long, long time!”

Ha.  It’s not long at all.   You get married, you have a kid or two, you have a fight or two (or three) you make up with each other a time or two (or four), you laugh a lot and cry a little and then, BAM!  Twenty-nine years is staring you right in the face.

I have no doubt that our 50th wedding anniversary will only take about ten minutes to get here.  (Or least that’s what it will feel like when it arrives.)

In the meantime, we had a great time celebrating these first twenty-nine (speedy) years.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, we went to a lovely hotel on Saturday night and spent time snoozing, reading, eating (yes, copious quantities of chocolate were involved), talking, watching DVD’s and staring in delight at the scenery beyond the deck of our lovely room.

oasis collage

For those of you who haven’t yet heard the story of our romance, here’s the Reader’s Digest condensed version.

When I was 17 and Steve was 22, we met on a church bus going to a Christian rally in Washington, D.C.   We got to know each other a little bit during that brief time spent in Washington, then had just six dates over the next two years. (My family traveled a lot so Steve and I weren’t often in the same zip code).  After those six dates, we got engaged and were married two months later. 

Would I recommend that sort of dating and courtship routine to either of my children?  Nope.  Did it work for us?  Yep!


Before I close, let me bring you up to date on how Snowy is doing which is, in a word, terrific!  In fact, we can’t quite get over how well he’s been getting along, at least judging by the way he seems to feel.  

No matter how well he feels though, he’s always ready to take one of his many daily snoozes.  Here he is on the way home from Charlotte last week.


The only thing that might concern me is the fact that he’s drinking a whole lot of water which on one hand is a good thing because water is a good thing! But on the other hand, one of the signs of end stage liver disease is unusual water consumption. 

All in all though, we are amazed at the comeback he seems to have made.  We won’t know the whole picture until we take him back to the vet but for now we’re thrilled and thankful that he seems to feeling so well.



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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and New Year! I've been away from the computer, but am happy to read that Snowy seems to be feeling well. Just enjoy each moment you have with him...I do the same with my "little furry one."

Cindy in VA

Kelly Dunn (PA) said...

thanks for the story of how you met....I always wonder that about people!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. We are one year behind you:). The pictures are beautiful.
Still praying for little Snowy.
Have a good day.

Anne said...

Hi Becky, I read somewhere about a theory that as we age our core temperature rises ever so slightly - the hypothalamus is the reason I think? And they postulated that it affects our perception of time. (Call me a geek but I found that interesting) For sure time seems to speed up as we get older?!? Do you remember those endless summers as a child? Now they are gone in the blink of an eye!
Happy Anniversary!!! Will you plan something extra-special for the big 3-0 next year?
Give Snowy a pat for me. Attaboy...

Karen in Hammond said...

At least the poor little guy isn't suffering with this. I hate to see animals like that.

Congratulations on your anniversary. My boss and his wife spent last week in Myrtle Beach, but I think our weather followed them there.

Anonymous said...

Happy 29th Anniversary! Praying that you guys have many more. If 29 years makes you old, what about 39 years? Please don't say senior citizen.

Love you guys,
Sharon P.

The Pennington Point said...

Happy Anniversary! We will hit 25 this year and we like to say that we've been happily married for 20 years. The rest weren't that happy. But flies past! I remember at my wedding thinking my parents were so old and now I am 5 years older than they were at the time. I'm not old at how can that be? Lisa~

Ann Martin said...

Glad you had a great anniversary and soooo happy with Snowy's good news. I have been away from computer time for a few days so I had to catch up. Please continue to write about Snowy because some of us want news about him in every post to be sure he's doing well. Enjoy making plans to spend the 30th anniversary. We had hoped for big plans for our 25th but didn't work out due to family illness. That's ok. We still have each other.

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