Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Resisting Temptation. Old Bibles. New Nephews.

As promised, here are a few more pictures of our recent Happy Event.

Meagan’s dad, Frank, made these globes (wrapping some sort of string around balloons) which he then adorned with coordinating ribbon for the ceremony. I’ll post pictures of the final product once we get those shots from the wedding photographer, but believe me when I say that they were beautiful.

wedding album2

After the wedding, we all went outside for a cake reception. I love this shot of Nathan talking with his new father-in-law while Meagan greets a guest.


Sarah and Kristen in all their sunbeam loveliness.


Since a big part of Nathan and Meagan’s relationship has always been laughter, there was plenty of that served up during the day. In this shot, Nathan’s groomsmen were urging him to do the whole cake in the face of the bride thing. One look at Meagan’s expression lets you know she felt about that.


Thankfully, Nathan resisted temptation and fed her the cake in a gentlemanly manner.


And got a sweet little reward.


When it was time to head back into the church for pictures, Meagan asked Nathan to help with her train.


He held it up just a wee bit high and got this look from his new bride.



I just love the “Aw, shucks” look on his face.


Never a dull moment with those two.

While the pictures of the bride and groom were being taken, I went over to the table that had been at the side of the platform during the ceremony; it held a lit candle and two Bibles. One of the Bibles belonged to Sheri’s sweet mom who passed away almost two years ago. The other Bible was one that my late Dad was given in 1954 during Bible College; my sister, Debbie, had brought it from Wisconsin.

It was so special to get to look through it and see my dad’s familiar handwriting once again. I appreciated the fact that Meagan thought of remembering her and Nathan's grandparents who would have loved with all their hearts to be able to attend the wedding but had already been called to heaven.


Sarah enjoyed seeing her grandpa’s Bible as well.


Although I loved Sarah’s fabulous appearance, it was also a bit bittersweet to look at her because I caught a glimpse of the woman that is hovering right beneath the surface of the 15-year old girl. I’ll barely blink my eyes and Steve will be escorting her down her own bridal aisle.


One of my favorite shots is this one of Meagan and her darling nephew. It seems so funny that this little guy will grow up calling our son, Uncle Nathan. I know the two fellas will have lots of great guy time together as the years go by. (With Aunt Meagan doing her best to keep them in line.)


Meagan’s dad did ALL the flowers for the wedding—the bride’s bouquet, the bridesmaid’s bouquets, the pew markers and the incredible centerpieces at the reception. This is one talented family.

And it was one beautiful day!

wedding album1

Posts That Are Still To Come

  • The story of the song that Meagan asked me to write as a surprise for Nathan. She and I recorded it ahead of time with each of us singing a verse and it was played while she and her dad walked down the aisle. (I’ll also post a recording of the song.)
  • The utterly unnerving, altogether alarming, and absolutely unfixable hair crisis I had just a few days before the wedding.
  • The story of the RV and the bridal party.
  • The “flopping off my feet” shoe crisis I had just minutes before the wedding.
  • The last minute loan of a 100-year old necklace/earring set that matched my dress perfectly.


Our family has been so touched by all the comments (39 so far!) left in Sunday’s post as you rejoiced with us concerning this milestone for our family; you all certainly know how to make our hearts smile!

It was also very dear to look through some of Nathan and Meagan’s wedding gifts while we were in Florida and hear about the ones that came from Smithellaneous friends; they estimate they got at least a dozen gifts from you all, which truly blows me away. Believe me when I say that there is great thanksgiving in this mama’s heart for the generosity of our amazing Smithellaneous family.

The No Water Dilemma

The plumber just informed us that our water pump is shot. Between his work and the purchase of a pump, the repair will be over $400. Isn’t that just what every already overspent parent-of-a-newly-married-child loves to hear?

But at this point in our lives, with three unshowered-since-Sunday Smiths (we don’t usually bother with showering before long travel days) three unflushed toilets, and a sink full of stinky dishes, we’re basically willing to pay the man about anything he asks. Now if our new plumber friend would also come upstairs and unpack our chaotically overflowing suitcases and do several loads of laundry, we’d be set!


Anonymous said, “You might think I am strange for noticing a tiny detail in these pictures; but how did you feel when you first saw a wedding ring on your son's hand? When my son got married almost 8 years ago, I remember how strange it was to me to see that band on my son's hand.”

I know exactly what you’re talking about. I was standing in the reception hall talking briefly with Nathan and happened to glance down at his hand. His left hand. And I kind of did a little gasp and said, “Nathan! Your ring!” (Like he had to be reminded he had on a ring.) It was the first time I had seen it and since he has never worn jewelry of any kind (not even a watch) I had to stare at this hand for a few moments to get used to his new look. It’s a tungsten ring and is so cool looking. It suits him perfectly.

Lisa said, “Was there a significance about the time of the wedding. I don't believe I have ever been to a wedding before 11:00 am so I wondered if that had some deeper meaning?

Lisa, there really wasn’t any significance to the time of the wedding. (Actually, it was at 10:30.) It just worked out better concerning the scheduling of the church and country club where the reception was held. An added benefit of having a wedding at that time is that the couple can leave for their honeymoon by four orfive in the afternoon, rather than so late in the evening.

14 Had Something To Say (Just click here!):

The Pennington Point said...

So precious. I love those captured looks on the bride and groom's faces. Priceless!

Get some rest and for goodness sake...find a SHOWER! Lisa~

Jessica Kramasz said...

I love that they had the Bibles of grandparents at the wedding; that is such a unique and special way to remember them.

krueth said...

Can't wait to hear the rest of the story... LOL Beautiful pictures. The flowers are sooo great too, wow. her dad did a wonderful job with them. Hopeyou get your pump fixed soon! Wendy

MaryH said...

Love, love, love all the wedding photos and stories - the Bibles were a precious part, for sure and there is no doubt the grandparents were present in more ways than one. The colors of pink and yellow are stunning and can't wait to see more - well, until after you have had a shower and flushed a few toilets and did some laundry - we will be patient, there is time.

mebeckym said...

guess you wish it was still raining. hope the pump gets fixed quickly. can't wait to hear the rest of the stories.

jenny said...

I can't resist adding a comment since one reader asked about the time of the wedding. My husband and I married at 7AM - yes, I said AM! - 18+ years ago. We were older (me 33 and he 36) and had waited a LONG time for each other. My sweet Thomas picked the time of the wedding. He said if he had to wait a long time, he might get really nervous, and that HE thought we should just get married, give everyone a doughnut, and send them home! Well, my sweet sister (who is NOT a morning person) hosted a beautiful wedding brunch for us after the ceremony, so we were able to get on the road headed for our honeymoon spot by about 10 AM.
Congrats to the happy couple. I'm sure God has great things in store for them.

Anonymous said...

Love your dress, Becky!
and, Sarah!
and, of course, Meagan!
all three have such beautiful details!!!

The church looks like the church I grew up in.
Frank did a fantastic job with the flowers!

loved the Bibles' story.

Can't wait for the song. I hope you print the words since I can't hear.

mrs pam

Rachel said...

Arugh! Your last handful of posts have made me cry!! LOL. What a beautiful day you had. Can't wait to hear the rest! Take care!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful dress Becky, you looked Beautiful, of course Sara looked equally as beautiful. Your pictures are wonderful and so fun to see, love the stories, and such sweet thoughts put into this wedding. Congratulations to Nathan and Meagan. The wedding looked beautiful (as did the Bride). Thanks for sharing!

~Joleen (a long time reader, and horrible about commenting)

Ann Martin said...

The pictures are terrific! Sarah is so lovely in the dress and reminds me of Meagan in one shot. Of course, the bridal couple are just beautiful! Your dress is very pretty and glad to see your final choice. I thought it was a different color so I was surprised. Hope the water is fixed now even though the price was unwelcomed.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all! The bride and groom both look so happy and like they had a great time at the wedding. I've already told you of many cooincidences between your boy and mine (my son also graduated college in May and got married this past Saturday. And he and his new wife also went on a cruise this week out of Port Canaveral.) Then I saw your comment about his ring. I had the same reaction when I saw my son Saturday with a ring on his finger...and his ring also happens to be tungsten! I think that's all a good omen for my son and his marriage! :) And finally, we couldn't be happier with our new daughter-in-law either!

Gayle in AL

Tracey said...

Haven't stopped by your blog in a while, so happy I did today! Loveliness, smiling all over myself here! Just lifted up a prayer for the newly married couple! Blessings to you!

Guerrina said...

So beautiful all the way around! Love your dress - you and Sarah look so elegant, BTW! Looking forward to more pics! I've seen the DIY directions for the string spheres and really love those!

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