Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Unorthodox Getaway Vehicle

In the midst of all the wedding planning a couple months ago, Meagan called to tell us that she and Nathan had decided that the whole wedding party would travel from the church to the reception in a motorhome.

Yes, a motor home. Not a limo, not a vintage car, not a fancy convertible—a motorhome!




Some of you who are new readers might wonder why in the world a newly married couple would choose such an unorthodox mode of transport.

The reason? Nathan spent twelve years of his life living in a recreational vehicle and Meagan spent five years of her life doing the same. (Both sets of parents were involved in full time traveling/preaching/singing ministries that included their entire families.)

In fact, Nathan picked up Meagan for their first “date” from a fifth wheel travel trailer. (They were just good friends at that point.)

Picnik formal

And so with their combined history . . .

Heartsong Days

. . . the Unorthodox Getaway Vehicle Idea was just too great to pass up.


Fun fact: Speaking of families in the ministry, I did an informal tally of all the ministers Nathan and Meagan have in their lives. Between them, they have two grandpas, two dads, two moms, two uncles and one brother-in-law who are all ministers. Just one of the many wonderful things they have in common!

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becky m said...

that is just awesome and creative. they will have tons of memories since a lot of it had significance.

Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

What a perfect idea!! I LOVE it.

I'm so enjoying your posts. Keep em coming.

Hope you are catching up on your rest!?!


Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful! I LOVE Megan.. how great is it that God put her in Nathan's life (and vice versa)? talk about being evenly yoked... THIS is what it looks like, folks! Even if you're yoked to a motorhome.. lol! Thanks, Becky... you brightened my day yet again!

Anonymous said...

Have been out in the wilderness and out of touch for a bit - how wonderful to get back into the "electronic world" and get to see all of the beautiful wedding pictures! How lovely everything was...and how happy Nathan and Megan look <3

Look forward to many more updates!

Sue G said...

You know, it has occurred to me that there is not one person in your family about whom I don't feel warm and fuzzies, about whom I don't like to read, about whom I don't look forward to learning more about them. You have shared so much over the years that no matter what is going on in their lives, I want to hear more about it. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. I originally thought you started a blog because you wanted write. I now know that you started a blog because you wanted to write about these special people. I am confident that they are wonderful examples of all that God wants for us, and it warms my heart to call them "family" in all the wonderful layers of that word.

Thanks, Becky. It takes a special person to open up her heart, her home, and her family with us. I can't tell you what it means to me that you do that.

Debbie said...

I love the black and white dress Megan is wearing! Was that her reception dress or was that after the reception was over? Her wedding dress was so beautiful I imagine she wanted to stay in that as long as possible. Thanks for the pictures and updates Becky. Has it sunk in yet that Nathan is a married man? It seems like he was just going off to his first year in college. My daughter graduated from college in April. Time just goes by way too fast when it comes to our children!!

Anonymous said...

Debbie-The black dress Meagan is wearing was taken on a different day than the wedding. That was a picture of Nathan and Meagan on their FIRST date, when they were just friends. Cute, huh?


Anonymous said...

Just wondering...did Megan's wedding dress bustle in the back? I've noticed several pictures where it is not..hopefully she didn't have to "hold it up" through the whole reception! :)
Oh, and more pictures please...

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the color combo of pink and yellow that they used. My 15 year old thought it Rocked too. The photo of her train with the flower petals is a favorite.

Normally I don't like strapless dresses because they don't fit. Megan and Sarah's dresses fit perfectly and I loved them.

Everyone looked fabulous and I can't wait to hear the story about the song and see lots more photos!



Anonymous said...

I love this. What a perfect Getaway Vehicle! Loving the stories and pictures. Jill-FL