Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Song Story

Back in March when Meagan and Nathan were visiting us, she took me out to lunch for my birthday. After we’d finished eating and were just sitting and chatting she said, “I have a favor to ask. I would love for you to write a song for our wedding as a surprise for Nathan. Would you be willing to do that?”

Well, you have to understand that I had not written a song in about nine years (ever since Sarah was diagnosed with cancer) and I did not feel at all qualified to write anything as special as a wedding song. But how could I say no to such a precious privilege?

I told her I would be willing to try and she went on to say, “I’m picturing the first verse being written from your perspective, maybe looking back to when he was a boy. The second verse would be written from my perspective as his wife and the chorus would have lyrics that would be appropriate for both a mom and a wife so that we could sing it as a duet.”

A couple weeks after that conversation, Meagan sent me an email with a few sentiments to base her verse on and the songwriting began in earnest. Over the next few weeks, I spent hours at the grand piano in the church, writing down words, scratching out words, reworking melodies and even doing some crying over all the emotion involved. Sometimes I’d get discouraged and say, “I just cannot write this song!” and then other times I’d get excited when things started to coalesce.

Finally, after eight or ten hours of work, I had a rough draft ready for Steve to listen to. As I sang, I was encouraged to see that he also got choked up on the verses, just the way I did. (A songwriter always feels happy when she is able to move a listener emotionally.)

Steve complimented the song and said that he loved the melody and the overall feel of it; however, he added that he didn’t think the chorus was as strong as the verses so we sat down at the piano together and started working on a rewrite. When he had finished with his input, I spent a few more hours on it myself and finally had a semi-finished rough draft ready. (This was about three weeks before the wedding so the deadline was looming large.)

All during the writing process, when I was feeling inadequate and not quite up to accomplishing such an intimidating task, I kept comforting myself with the thought, “Well, this song is not going to be a big feature of the ceremony; it will no doubt be played in the background while they’re doing something else and no one will even notice it very much.”

However. My cell phone rang one day and it was Meagan. She said, “Oh, I have such a great idea about the song you’re writing!”

I tentatively asked what that great idea might be and she said, “I have decided that I am going to have your song playing while I walk down the aisle! Isn’t that just wonderful?”

I closed my eyes. I felt my heart flutter in my chest. I saw my life flash before my eyes.

Did I just hear my son’s future wife say that my song was going to be used as the music for the processional? The Big Important Processional? My song? The song I was so sure would be somewhere way in the background of the ceremony?

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

I didn’t think I should share my chaotic misgivings with the excited bride-to-be so I just said, “Meagan, that’s a great idea. Let me look at the song again before I send it to you and just make sure the lyrics and the melody are suitable for what you’re envisioning.” We chatted a few more minutes about other wedding stuff and then hung up.

I sat there at the kitchen table with my phone in my hand and stared out the front window as an amalgam of anxiety, joy and consternation rippled through my brain. You have to understand that this conversation took place just a couple days after the whole song critic episode when one of my best songs had gotten ripped apart. My confidence level as a songwriter had dipped to an all time low.

That evening, I headed back over to the piano at church to play through what I already had and to my joy, I realized that the words I had written for Meagan’s verse would actually do very nicely as a processional. (Big sigh of relief.)

I spent a couple more hours fine tuning the lyrics to make them even more appropriate and then sent the song off so that Meagan could hear it for the first time. After a little while she texted me and said, “I love the verses; they are just perfect!”

And that was all. Nothing about the chorus. Which meant that I still had some more work to do.

We talked the next morning and she said that she would love the chorus to talk more about love and emotion than it did, so I set off to work some more, looking for words that were evocative, joyful and love-filled but still suitable to be sung by both a mom and a wife. It was a bit challenging and my confidence started drifting even lower. And lower. Just two weeks to the wedding and what I had wasn’t working. And even worse, as much as I pondered various ideas and solutions, I couldn’t seem to make anything work.

One night at about 8:30, I sat alone at the piano in our dark, empty church auditorium and worked for over an hour with no results. I finally lay my head down on the piano and started crying. I was so frustrated and so intimidated by the whole songwriting process, especially after all those years of not writing anything. And in my head, I heard echoes of the online critic telling me I was a horrible writer who wrote disaster pieces instead of masterpieces. The wedding was coming up soon and the song wasn’t working and I had no idea how to fix any of it. I was so incredibly honored to have been given the opportunity and yet I was starting to believe I just wasn’t up to the challenge.

After a few minutes of sinking into a morass of creative self doubt, I quietly prayed, “Help me, Lord.” Almost immediately, a tiny thought stood up and knocked at the edge of my consciousness and I lifted my head from the piano and spoke aloud into the quietness, “Why don’t I just get rid of the chorus altogether?”

In its current permutation, my song was set up in the most common form which is verse, chorus, verse, chorus. That’s fine for most songs. However, by virtue of where it comes in a song, a chorus is almost always bigger than the verses and provides much of the lift and the drama of a song.

I realized that it wouldn’t work to use that formula in a song destined to be a Wedding March because of the roller coaster effect of a quiet verse followed by a big chorus and then back to a quiet verse again. In a song used for a processional, there can only be one Big Moment, and that is when the back doors swing open and the bride enters the sanctuary.

In just half a second, I saw my problem and in another half a second, I found my solution. I suddenly understood what would give the song wings.

I finished the song that night and sent it off to Meagan the next day with a note explaining why I had taken out the choruses. She told me later than when she read the email she couldn’t quite imagine what I was talking about. A song with no chorus? But when she actually heard the recording, she understood the concept. And loved it.

When we got to Florida last week, she told Nathan she was going out to “run an errand.” The errand consisted of meeting me at her parent’s church, along with her brother-in-law, John, who would play the song on keyboard and oversee the recording of it. (John also co-performed the wedding ceremony.) Even though I had written the song at the piano, I told John I would like him to play it on the recording since he is an accomplished keyboardist and could throw in some wonderful musical extras to really make it shine.





On the morning of the wedding, the bridesmaids came down the aisle to music played on the piano. As that musical piece finished up, my "mom verse" of the recorded song began to play while Nathan and his groomsmen walked to the front of the church and the flower girl and ring bearer started down the aisle. Nathan, resplendent in tuxedo-clad handsomeness, looked happy but slightly puzzled as my voice came out of the speakers; he was expecting the Wedding March which had been played for the rehearsal the night before.

However, his puzzlement quickly faded away when the song began its transition into the key change and the grand chords leading into Meagan’s verse burst out of the speakers. The congregation stood, the back doors swung open and Meagan appeared on her Dad’s arm, smiling brighter than any bride I have ever seen--even as her voice came over the speaker pledging her love and her life to the man who was waiting for her.

I reveled in the sight of her loveliness for a moment and then I turned around to catch a glimpse of my son’s sweet face. It is a face I know so very well and up until that moment, I thought I had every single Nathan expression memorized.

I was wrong.

Nathan was trying so hard to smile but he could only cry, his hazel eyes filling with tears and his lips trembling with emotion. The look on his face was as though he had just caught a glimpse of something quite glorious. And he had.

As I watched him I wondered if maybe part of the sweet emotion of that moment was due to the fact that he and Meagan had made and kept vows of purity to each other until marriage. But whatever the reason, there was a holy electricity in the air, a settled peace, a deep joy.

That moment was meaningful to me personally on so many levels. As I stood and watched Meagan walk toward my son to the music I had written, I was grateful to feel my songwriting insecurities fall away.

All I felt was the happiness of two jobs well done—raising a son and writing a song.

Here’s the song; lyrics are below.

1. When you were just a little boy

You brought me flowers, you brought me joy

And I never thought those days would ever end

But here you stand, all grown up now

To take a wife, and make a vow

That you’ll love her as a husband and a friend

I remember younger days, when you would go outside and play

And I’d watch you through the window and I’d smile

Rosy cheeks and skinned up knees, “Will you kiss my owie, mommy, please”

How I love the man, who used to be that child

Yeah, I love the man, who grew up from that child

2. Today I’ll pledge my life to you

Today I’ll stand and say, “I do”

I will take the name of the blessing God has sent

Can’t help but stand in awe of what

The Lord has done to build our love

I have prayed for you, my husband, and my friend

I can still remember when, we first met, you were only ten

And every time we talked, you made me smile

And now a new day has begun, oh what a treasure you’ve become

How I love the man who used to be that child

Yeah, I love the man who grew up from that child

Love is the song, we are the melody

Today we’ll start writing our own memories

ENDING (It was Meagan's idea to slightly re-write the first part of her verse and include it here; it was a perfect way to end the song.)

Today we’ll pledge our love so true

Today we’ll stand and say “I do”

We will thank the Lord for the love that He has sent

Can’t help but stand in awe of what

The Lord has done to grow our love

I have prayed for you, my husband, and my friend.

I won’t have any pictures of Meagan coming down the aisle in her gown until we get the professional photos back, but here is Meagan walking down the aisle to the song when we played it during a “pre-rehearsal” rehearsal. (In other words, Nathan wasn’t present for it.)

decorating church

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Anonymous said...

WOW! Becky! AMAZING! FANTATIC! BEAUTIFUL! TOUCHING! EMOTIONAL! I am lost for words. I listened to it the first time through and SOBBED (stess on the WORD SOBBED). I was getting ready to listen again, because I wanted to listen to it without the added SOBS and the phone rang. And my dad was all, "What's wrong, are you in pain, your stomach, your head, do we need to go to the Hospital? Should I page the doctor? What should I do" It took me ten minutes to convince him that I was fine. I was trying to explain, the story and all I could say was, "The BLOG and the WEDDING and the SONG, BECKY, WROTE it and SANG it for the WEDDING in FLORIDA (he was only getting the BOLDED WORDS). A job well done! I would find it hard to believe that there could possibly have been a dry eye in the Church.

Love and hugs,


Love Being A Nonny said...

Oh my word. I sure hope we get to see video of her walking down the aisle to this. This is the most beautiful, precious thing EVER!!!!

Lisa from Georgia said...

Twice through this wedding, you have had me sobbing through a post! That is the most precious gift a mother could give. You have always used your gift for God and now to use it for such a precious moment can't be put into words. I would say that Megan is a lucky girl to find such a wonderful family to join!

Anonymous said...

Wow! So so beautiful! Truly no words other than beautiful. What a gift you have given them. What a great idea from Meagan but truly what a treasure from you. So glad you hung in there with it. It brought tears from my eyes. When do the newlyweds get back? Have you talked with them? Cant wait to see more pictures!

sheila from st. louis

Jessica Kramasz said...

Oh WOW! That was beyond amazing. i cried through the whole thing. The words, the music, everything was just perfect. What an amzing gift.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, moving, meaningful, and absolutely loving! I can't put into words how I feel as there is true love in that song, both from a mother and a wife to be. I am guessing there was not a dry eye in the church. Simply beautiful!


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable...amazing....tears....sniffles....trying to do so quietly so my hubby doesn't ask what's wrong. Can't talk right now...

Anonymous said...

WOW...WOW...WOW! I know I do not post very often but I have to tell you, you hit that one out of the park! Their entire wedding was so personalized and so sweet! It is so nice when there are personal and sentimental touches~ you have a gift that is rare! That will be treasured forever. I am sure that song will come up many more times in their marriage. Can't wait to see the rest of your posts!

Michelle from MD

Anne said...

That was so beautiful. I can't wait to see the video.


Kim@Seasons of My Heart said...

WOW...words certainly do not come easy after hearing the 2 of you sing such an amazingly, beautiful song that you've written. are SO talented.....and what a special memory for them to cherish for a lifetime.

I still remember...fondly...those days when Nathan and Ashley were little...and they'd chase around the church parking lot. Where does the time go?

And to think..they both are getting married in the same year.

Love ya friend...


Anonymous said...

What an awesome song! What a wonderful song to have as a bride walking down the isle to meet her soon-to-be husband! Brought tears to my eyes. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a lovely song! I'm all choked up reading your description of Nathan's response to seeing his lovely bride and hearing your beautiful song - priceless! I hope that some day not too far away, he'll agree to a guest post to tell us more about the big day from his perspective!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful song, Never, Never, Never let anyone tell you that you cannot write songs. Anyone mother who has a son can find herself in that song. I wept, no wait, I SOBBED like Jodi. Your son will cherish that song for all of his life. Thank you so much for sharing your precious family with all of your online "family"
looking forward to seeing pictures
Gail Puckett

Anonymous said...

And so... God knew how much that stupid, ugly, nasty review hurt your heart and your self-confidence. I can just seem Him shaking His head... a tear at the corner of His eye because His child was hurting. And so, He put this thought in Megan's head, knowing how many wonderful things would come of it. An extra bonding between you and Megan. A special time between you and Steve. A precious gift beyond measure for Nathan... one shared by you and his new wife. But most of all, an affirmation from Him to you that HE is the one who gave you this gift, and no man should be able to take it away. You brought me to tears, yet again (and Adam heard you singing and said "Well, that should be a hit!"). You are amazing, Becky, and please God don't ever let me get within a country mile of that critic or he'll regret it. ;<)

Jan said...

Absolutely amazing! I'd say more, but the tears are making it too hard for me to see. So lovely.

Jan Reuther

JeanC said...

Oh my gosh Becky, I haven't posted in a while but this is so so so perfect on so many levels! What a uniquely personal touch to the wedding, and it will be enjoyed over and over again. I would say it doesn't get any better than this, but I have I feeling it will - enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Oh my...that was just...perfect! I can picture her walking down the aisle to that song with Nathan waiting for her. That is just awesome! What an amazing gift to both of them.

Bless you!
Gayle in AL

ps. Our newlyweds return tomorrow. When will yours be back from the honeymoon?

Reflect said...

Becky, tears rolled down my cheeks as I listened to a mother love her son through this amazing son! You are such an inspiration -as a mother, wife, friend, sister and daughter and I am so thankful I came across your website years ago. Thank you for showing all of us the Lord's love and the strength of walking in his footsteps. I have commented before and asked you to pray for my oldest son Michael - I am asking again. Lisa

Unknown said...

What a beautiful gift you gave your son. That is an awesome song and you have a beautiful voice.

Anonymous said...

I have to come out of lurker mode to say this is WONDERFUL! What an amazing song. You ladies did a great job. I love everything about it :) I can sense how awesome both families are and such have a love and joy for the Lord. Many blessings to you all!


Debbie said...

That was absolutely beautiful, and amazing beyond words. What a precious gift you gave your son and his new wife. You are a wonderful person, Becky. Thank you so much for sharing that.
God Bless~

The Valdez Family said...

That was an amazing song. You both have beautiful voices. That brought tears to my eyes. The newlyweds look so happy. Congrats to the family. Thank you for sharing something so personal and beautiful.

Chris P. said...

The song is beautiful, Becky!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! VERY VERY beautiful!

Anonymous said...

OK, time to chime in. Many of our friends in blog-land aren't aware that Becky has won numerous songwriting awards including one for first place in a nationwide GMA competition. She's been writing since she was six and I have watched many people weep as she sings her songs in concert. One calloused man told her, "I can't stop crying when I listen to your songs." I've experienced tears as well many times in our over 2000 concerts together over the years. From the tears in that sanctuary during the processional, to the tears of the groom, to your tears and gracious comments on this blog, together they speak as one: Becky's music is a gift of God's grace combined with her sweat, suffering and tears. It touches people. It heals. Period.
And to you Mr. Critic who excoriated my lady's music and makes your living not by inspiring and healing people through your writing gift but by penning shocking, outrageous and purposefully offensive critiques in order to sell copy I have a few words of pastoral admonition. You (and those of your ilk in tabloids, TV, radio, ad nauseum) have great intelligence and knowledge of your craft, but I fear you,as a Christian musician, have lost the wonder and awe of it. And sir, since you do write in a "Gospel" publication your attitude sadly may indicate that you have lost the wonder and joy of being a follower of Jesus as well. Your words reflect a sickened spiritual condition in dire need of repentance and healing. Finally, Mr. Critic, I'll give you a piece of my mind not as a pastor but as Becky's husband: "Stick it in your ear pal! And um, I mean that sincerely in Christian love." Ok I feel better. And I hope that Becky doesn't remove these comments from the blog. But if she does, some of you got to read it before she caught me. LOL.

Becky, you've still got it 'cause you never lost it. The song was a grand slam out of the ball park!

All my love,


Anonymous said...

Steve... amen. And we would make a great tag team... i'll go low to knock him down, and you finish him off. He's tone deaf for sure... and I'm pretty sure he's rhythm-impaired. It really shouldn't be that hard...

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely amazing song. I want it for my wedding!!

Ashley in Boston

lesley said...

Steve that was very well said! She not only is blessed with this beautiful gift but she also works hard to refine and share it. Wow, just lovely.
And Becky, what I like also is that most weddings are about the bride, and the groom kinda gets 'lost in the sauce', and this song focuses on the groom, which is very refreshing!

Anonymous said...

Becky I've been reading/lurking for three years now but never posted a comment. Had to break that silence today... I'm sitting in a Starbucks in Australia with tears streaming down my face thanks to your beautiful & touching song!

Anonymous said...

Hey Becky!

I have been reading your blog and Sarah's Caringbridge page forever -but until today I have never commented!

I just wanted to say that I LOVED your song for Nathan. I am getting married in 5 weeks time and whilst different - we are having a civil ceromony as neither of us are religious and we have been together for 9(!!!)years living together for 8 - I had tears rolling down my cheeks as I could strongly identify with the words!! I am at work and think my team finally think I have cracked!!

I don't care what any critic says you have an amazing talent!!

I am another one of your "English" fans and loved your post yesterday about our accents. I have a London accent - and to me it always sounds quite harsh! I grew up with a Mother who was adament we would not sound "common" - I am not sure she suceeded!

Anyway, from never commenting to rambling!


SuperSuz said...

Becky, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this song... You did a marvelous job on the music and the words and you and Meagan sounded so lovely. Beautiful. What a treasure this is! God has blessed you all with such talent.

I hope the newlyweds are doing fabulously - can't wait to see more pictures and hear more stories.

SuperSuz said...

PS - you ought to think about marketing this one :-) I know several brides (and MOGs) would love it!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was beautiful. I read through the words before I listened and started crying...then when I listened, let us just say I had to wait to post a comment:) I have read through all the previous comments and have to say they are all right on. I can't think of a thing to add that others haven't already said. Such a precious gift that was given to all involved on so many levels.

PS Please don't remove Steve's comment, great to see he has your back:)


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful!!! and moving!!!!

Anonymous said...

meant to sign the last post...Anna

Karen C said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa from Georgia said...

I posted last night after first hearing the song. Now, that I have listened several more times, would you consider selling the music? I can imagine many future brides wanting to make this their song. I understand if you want to keep it special for Nate and Megan, but it is seems too pretty to keep hidden. Again, so pretty!!

Karen C said...

Wow. I'm sitting here with misty eyes and chills. What a beautiful song from the two women who love Nathan the most on his wedding day. What a gift -- from a professional standpoint and from a mother to her son and new daughter-in-law. Amazing!

TiffanyH said...

You are a wonderful song writer!! That was one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard!! You and Meagan are great singers as well... I could not help but cry as I listened to this, and am looking forward to hearing lots of stories of Meagan and Nathan in their futue endeavors! Bravo to Meagan for the idea, and Bravo to you on a JOB WELL DONE!!!

Anonymous said...

That is amazing! How beautiful! What a wonderful wedding gift. Jill-FL

Michelle said...

Incredible!! Your song for Meagan and Nathan is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful!!!! I'm amazed that you were able to even sing the song without completely choking up. oh my gosh....loved it!

Dana H. Greenville SC

Sheri Hawley said...

The song was perfect that day and continues to be a testimony of REAL love. Thanks for sticking to the task - your gift of love was the crowning moment of the ceremony. Love you, friend!

Anonymous said...

Ok I just read Steve's comment and can I just say to you Becky, He's a keeper!! Instead of listening to one listen to the majority...You have talent. He is one opinion and just because he writes for some magazine or whatever and gets paid for his opinion really means nothing because it is just that, HIS opinion. Just because he said it doesn't make it fact. Never let the words of others break your spirit or cause you doubt. Who knows what your words may have done for another person in the past. There are times in all of our lives tht we may not realize the impact we have on another person just by the most simple actions or words. Give me or any number of others the job of critic I guarantee there would have been one sad tear run down your face. I'm not going to proofread so if this is a ramble or mistakes everywhere forgive me. Believe in yourself! there will always be negative in our lives but when you get that negative turn around and grab the positive. just as there are those who may not like your writing there are those of us who think it would be a great loss for you to stop. Love and hugs and I feel better now.

Dana H., Greenville SC

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness i should have proofread... I meant there would NOT have been one sad tear run down your face. NO tears!!!
Dana H.

Anonymous said...

SO beautiful. I had to wipe a few tears.

Cindy in Tennessee

Anonymous said...

Yay, Beck! So proud of you! :-) I am so pumped that I got to be in the privileged crowd that heard the song in person at The incredible.

love deb

sharon said...

I have no words just lots of tears about this wonderful song .. wonderful concept... Thank you so much for sharing all his with us

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, I told a friend about the wedding, and what fun it was "watching" Nathan grow up through Sara's Spot and your blog, and that I bet he cried when he heard you and Meagan singing the wedding song.

I will definitely head to the library, and hopefully with it's earphones, I will be able to hear the musical beauty of the beautiful lyrics.

Well done, Becky!

mrs pam

LeeAnne said...

Wow Becky!! Absolutely gorgeous! You are so very talented and what an amazing personal touch to such a special day. :) You should be so very proud!!

Anonymous said...

Wow that was so beautiful- I don't even have words to describe it-

Long time reader, not a frequent commenter

Anonymous said...

I wanted a FB like button to click on all the comments.

You are a gifted song writer and musician. What a precious gift you gave to Megan and Nathan and what a precious gift you helped Megan give to Nathan. What a beautiful story they will always have to tell about their most special day.

Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Started my day with a cry and I don't have a son...I could visualize my daughter singing this and if she did, it would mean that she has the love of God in her heart. She's searching right now.

Prayers and hugs!!

Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

WOW...what an awesome gift you gave to your son and daughter-in-law...very heart-touching. Your song-writing is amazing. That critic needs to find a new job:)

Cindy in VA

Paige said...

I should have known better than to listen at work. A tear streaked face is the result. As a mom of two boys (ages 8 and 12), this song really touched me. What a tribute. Beautiful!

Off to do some more weeping :)

Guerrina said...

Excellently said, Steve Smith! words to describe how deeply this touched me.

Time to submit somewhere 'cause this song written for Nathan & Meagan, will touch thousands and more!



Anonymous said...

I have never left a comment before but have been following your family for a while. That was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! Should not have listened to it at work...sobbing! You did an amazing job, and what a special gift to the couple.

Stacey said...

What a beautiful song! How sweet that your daughter-in-law would involve you in this way.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Amazing Becky. Two incredible young people who would never have turned out the way they are without the most amazing parents on both sides.

Anonymous said...

WOW! The song is AMAZING! You certainly had me in tears. Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

That was so beautiful! I sat here and listened and just cried! What a beautiful thing God has done in your lives!

krueth said...

Absolutley Amazing! What beautiful song! I cried my way through it. What a wonderful song to have as the processional. Wendy

becky m said...

that was wonderful, and other then her voice being louder you two sound so alike....great job and i hope someone got nathans face as the song came on, those shots would be priceless.

Ann Martin said...

Beautiful, Becky! I even turned off the Gaithers to listen to the song! I tried to save it so I can listen over and over but could not figure out how to do so. Need a video of the wedding so I can go back again and again. You are terrific--song critic is for the birds. Meagan had a great idea and the two of you were quite a team. What a wonderful addition to the family.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Becky and Meaghan! What a special gift your song was for everyone: guests, family and especially Bride and Groom! Kudo's Becky! Jojy

whiterecluse said...

What a lovely, heartfelt, precious, gift to give. I don't doubt Nathan cried while it was playing-- it would surprise me if everyone else WASN'T crying. :-) Beautiful job.

Jan said...

OK...if I just don't listen to the song first, I think I can write a decent comment without bawling! Becky, this is such a wonderful song, such a selfless gift to give your children. I love everything about the song. I love the way you and Meagan have similar voices, I love the refrain where you both love the boy who grew into the man, I love it, love it, love it! Bet that critic couldn't give his children the gift of song that you gave Nathan and Meagan!

Jan Reuther

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Beautiful Song, Beautiful Couple, Beautiful Family.............

Catherine said...

It is truly a magnificent gift you were able to give to the couple. And to do it with your new DIL is so wonderful. What a joyous story. I love it.

The pictures so far have just been so lovely. I think the bridesmaid dresses are the prettiest I've ever seen.

I can't wait to see the other pictures. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

Kelly Dunn said...

Can I borrow this in 15 yrs when my children begin marrying?? Love it!!

Anonymous said...

What an incredible gift you have given your son, what a wonderful memory for him and his wife. The words were beautiful, the song was sung amazingly, and the love in it was priceless! AMAZING!


Anonymous said...

Wow!I take one day off from checking Smithellaneous and miss the post of a lifetime! As I dry my tears, I can only say that you are amazing, Becky Smith! Don't ever doubt your songwriting talents again. You have penned a song that is destined to become a wedding standard. Bravo! Bravo!

Much love from Ohio,

LizW said...

Becky, I just now had a chance to read this post and listen to the song. What an incredible gift you gave Meagan and Nathan! There cannot have been a dry eye in the church. Can't wait to see the video, and of course, lots more photos.

Marysienka said...

WOW WOW WOW! What a beautiful song and what a meaningful gift for Nathan! (I secretly hope someone will write a song for me one day)
You are an amazing songwriter (and blogwriter too!) Becky. Keep up your amazing work.
Now excuse me while I go and dry my tears.


Karen said...

I've listened to it three times, and then had my daughter listen too. It gives me chills. I love it!

Kathy Schwanke said...

Kim sent me over via her blog. What a beautiful story and a beautiful song!


Anonymous said...

Amazing. Nothing else but amazing describes this.


Anonymous said...

loved Loved LOVED the song! Thank you so much for sharing it :)
Becky, you are so talented in so many ways and don't let anyone ever put any doubt in your mind. I too have read your blogs for many years, laughed and cried with you and feel like a distant (online)Aunt(hahaha!)excited at seeing Nathan get married, after watching him grow up into such a wonderful young man.
Best wishes to him and Megan for a future full of love, good health and happiness. They both certainly have amazing parents to model their relationship on, and grandparents too I'm sure! :)
Looking forward to reading more stories about the wedding.
Love & hugs too all!
Liz from Australia xoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to Nathan - something he will remember for the rest of his did a wonderful job! Congratulations to the Bride & Groom :)

Judi Mitchell

Sue G said...

I have wanted to write something since yesterday when I read and listened to the song, but words fail me. It is difficult to find words that capture the beauty of your heart and the essence of God's love--both of which are so evident in each word and in every chord. Yet, that's exactly what you did in the song! You captured the beauty of Nathan's heart, Megan's heart, the familial love that ties Steve, Nathan, Sarah and your hearts, and of course your heart as a mother to a very special son. You have written a melodic testimony to the essence of God's love for His children and for the truth of what He wants for all of us.

I can only imagine how daunting this must have been for take something so vast, so deep, so intimate and so special and be able to put it to music...well, as everyone before has said...WOW.

I believe this is only the start. You MUST start writing again. I can see you writing music for children as they grow and prosper in an awareness of God's presence in their lives.I can see you writing music for relationships--for mothers, fathers, sisters, friends, lovers--and for how those relationships must be tethered in God's principles and His love and grace..

Write again, Becky. God doesn't give a gift and then take it away. Don't let a human being take that away from you. I don't think it was an accident that Megan asked you to do this. I think it was a divine idea and another gift from God to you so you could remember what He intended for your life.

Jodi said...


It's amazing to see all the FAB feedback you have received from your beautiful song. I find myself going back and listening to it several times a day and still SOB each and every time. Do you know someone who does Calligraphy that could write the song down on a pretty sheet of paper, so you could mat and frame it for them to hang somewhere in their future home? You could even pick a nice font on the computer. Just a thought.

Steve was RIGHT on, and I am glad you didn't delete his comment.

I said before what I thought of that critic. Even more so, now, I would love to say, "Put that in your pipe and smoke it!"

Again, job well done.



Anonymous said...

Becky, I wore water proof mascara for the first time in years yesterday! I tell you this because yesterday is when I read "A Song Story" and cried so many happy tears while listening to your song (and yours and Megan's beautiful voices) that my eyes burned from the mascara. The words were so beautiful--you did an amzaing job!

deb m

Anonymous said...

Wow! What an amazing song! I cried all the way through. I hope some day my son finds the kind of love that Megan and Nathan obviously have for one another. I just love that you and Megan surprised him. What a beautiful way to start the wedding.

Anonymous said...

Becky I am at a loss for words. I was just able to sit and listen to this beautiful tribute to your son. I can realate in so many ways. My daughter is also Nathan's age. She is heading off to Sweden for several weeks to see her boyfriend (that she met in college) AND I STILL SEE THAT LITTLE GIRL LOOKING UP AT ME WITH THOSE BIG BLUE EYES SAYING I LOVE YOU MOMMY! I can't believe how fast they grow. Your beautiful words have helped me realize that I need to let her grow up and I can love her grown up just as easy as when she was little. It has been a hard transition for me so thank you for helping me come to terms so to speak that she too may very well be walking down that aisle very soon and I can think of your beautiful words and be proud and strong and full of love for her! xoxo Jodie

Anonymous said...

Wow Becky, how beautiful! I can forget working and answering the phone for a while. I could still hear all the emotion in Vernie's voice yesterday when she joyfully told everyone at church about the wedding. I know you all had a wonderful time. Enjoy the memories!

Debbie Taylor

MaryH said...

Becky, I hope you see this comment - I was out of town visiting a certain grandson of mine and didn't get to read and/or hear this post - I am just crying - it is the most touching and heartfelt song and moment I have ever experienced. God bless Meagan and Nathan and your gift of voice and writing - MAGNIFICENT! Oh, if only everyone had the devotion and faith that is present in you and your family - the world would be a peaceful, wonderful, loving and honest place. Thank you for sharing. Still crying - God love Nathan - what a wonderful man you raised. TAKE A BOW!!!!! BRAVO!

Tube Girl said...

I know you have had many comments on this post already, and I am probably just repeating what others have said before, but I simply had to comment. How very beautiful and so touching - and of course it made me cry and think of my wedding last year :-)
Best wishes to happy couple!

Lizz said...

Becky I just got a chance to listen to the song! My goodness that was the PERFECT song!! You should make it available for other couples to use! There are many many couples that met as kids and grew up to get married. Wow! What a beautiful heartfelt emotional amazingly wonderful song! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

520abc said...

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